Superheroes, Dogs and Shockwaves

Musings on Super Heroes and Manic Stuff The power of the manic mind is that it moves so fast that it leaves societies’ restrictions, eating dust, breaking the barriers of inhibition, and laughing at the shockwave in its wake…the possibilities are astounding. Imagine it a dog free of its leash..running away without care until it… Read More Superheroes, Dogs and Shockwaves

Gotta Believe in Something – a mental moment

Ever been walking around in your life, not messing with anyone else’s, you know nonchalant, under the radar, just going about your business and you are in the middle of doing something or saying or even thinking something and for some reason you are perplexed and confused? Specifically about what you are doing, saying, or thinking… Read More Gotta Believe in Something – a mental moment