Superheroes, Dogs and Shockwaves

Musings on Super Heroes and Manic Stuff

The power of the manic mind is that it moves so fast that it leaves societies’ restrictions, eating dust, breaking the barriers of inhibition, and laughing at the shockwave in its wake…the possibilities are astounding.


Imagine it a dog free of its leash..running away without care until it is either caught or tires of all the strange smells and other stimuli and finds its way home.
Caught and pulled in they may be scolded shamed for running away and disobeying..
Finding their way home they are welcomed, then lay down. exhausted. to recover.

There is no other high that is other time of uncensored thought and potential unmatched. It is powerful, a bit like immortality might feel.. and how it plays out depends on how it ends..
Caught and reeled in
Or able to find your way home.

I believe in superheroes..
I just think we emphasized physical strength over mental..and made them aliens for the same reason an overly critical person condemns another person…to shift the focus off the truth.

Have you ever noticed how the good guys are physically superior while the villainous are more on the mental side? Β Just a slightly cracked observation.
BATMAN is the truth in the middle of the smoke and mirrors. But each of the superfriends in the Hall of Justice have some identifiable truth to them..and if you put them all together into one super super hero (ine) you.know who would get?
Me either but I do know one thing..
All the super powers of the heroes combined into one super super being would surely result in the Hero or Heroine being..


having, or however you want to talk about it, bipolar.

One Badass Bipolar Superfriend

bipolar power
ohhhh pretty

What? Β It could happen.

Lizzie Cracked never broken


13 thoughts on “Superheroes, Dogs and Shockwaves

    1. we are Prenin – you are so right. Think of it though.. what about if our super hero was schitzophrenic? the voice in his head the all knwing voice of reason? just throwing it out there .
      good to see you ❀

    1. hmmmm -I suppose the Superfriends are all about super strength huh? let me think about that for awhile because I think our Superdyduper Hero or Heroine would definitely have the intuitive ability to heal the heart as well. Maybe like one of the xmen.. orrrrr hmmmgood point Diane ..(dammit lol)

    1. lol – that is not boring conservative – it is closer to realism – because the superheroes we see in comics movies and such are so out of the realm of reality – and at extremes with who we see ourselves to be – its hard to think about maybe there is a middle ground – even if its closer to how we are then it is to Superman – that’s why I said Batman is truth because he is human and fallible and he can be killed – whoa ..he is almost believable ..yes? his super powers are his wits and he uses technology to his advantage.. and his environment if he was bipolar he would be even hotter – i mean stronger i – now take the mental abilities of the villainous and think middle ground on them – turn them good and make them heroes – VOILA! what do you think? πŸ˜‰

      1. *purses lips and scratches head*
        OK, you make a reasonable point. My problem is I’m still too conservative. πŸ˜€ Or I’m lacking because I didn’t have exposure to these comic characters. As well, I can’t get my head around fantasy… 😦

      2. Not even Batman ? Thats ok – he didnt start off so hot – neither did Wonder Woman – they were a bit dorky and unbelievable lol.. and I think its is a matter of seeing them on tv every day after school – and the comic books – there is a tv series – or was about people who were different and could do superhero power kinda things – i never saw it but it is kinda how i went from Superfriends to reality – i threw bipolar in there cause its fun! lol πŸ™‚

  1. Some day, my dear Lizzie, you, or some other Bipolar Person, will find a way to harness that mental energy, to control it as you might any other skill you possess… That event WILL create a superhero, for we are all legends in our own minds, and can be whatever we wish, if we only have the self-control…. I remember, one time, in college at UC Berkeley, in 1969, when I took some mescaline (made by Owlsley himself, don’t y’know?…), then spent about 6 hours playing bridge… I played the best defense I’ve ever played, but couldn’t for the life of me win a single contract…. It just goes to show we are all Bozos on this Bus, so, we may as well enjoy it when the NOSE SHOWS… I know I do…

    This may all seem somewhat disconnected to your post, but, look closely, and you can see yourself in the background, smiling, and nodding in agreement, can’t you?…. If not, well, never mind….

    πŸ˜† Love you, milady, wish I could get by more often…. Take care, & Blessed Be…..

    1. Ned I am convinced that harnessing and learning to use the mental energy – to focus it instead of being allowed to run amok is a key in helping people with Bipolar overtake the world – hahahaah ok..just be able to be accepted and live in a way that they do not every day feel less than because they are different than.. I go back and forth on the good and bad but I am sure..and I have done it to with help from my friend and collegue – and boss πŸ™‚ Red – I am sure it is a more drawn out process then just expecting everyone to work the same but she works with my energy and moods and when I have the energy and creativity and FOCUS.. I have achieved great things with her.. then on the down swings – yes even ones where its so sudden I drop the ball in all kids of ways – she gives me the space and time I need and I get the urge to go back to work instead of feeling as if I am a failure – has changed my ability and my belief of doom and gloom as I saw it soon after being diagnosed. I cope through my own brain coping techniques for the most part – at the moment i am not taking is uncomfortable at times and I am not anti-med – but it is easier knowing I don’t have to pretend to be not me..that I am accepted and my work is good – that I don’t feel the need to “check out ” with med as much as I used to and certainly not because of any self loathing-taking a way the hatred we turn on ourselves because of the failures compared to thers – just having someone patient enough to work with me – understand and be supportive and who is also adaptable enough to work with my highs and lows.. has made the biggest difference ever – I am convinced the mind of the bipolar person – is capable of great things – anyone actually but the high energy of the manic – that is the hardest part to lose by the accounts of most of the people who have bipolar I have asked or been friends with or dealt with – because it is energy and creativity and the thing I am noticing that the destruction comes when it is left to roam free too long – like a young Paddewan with no Jedi Master to teach.. I have these thoughts – i feel like I can touch them – then they go away for awhile – sometimes I think someone somewhere purposely said – these people who have this – are so beyond average capabilities – we mustn’t let them know – keep them down – and that sounds so paranoid and um…crazy πŸ˜‰ lol but I have seen the good – and I can’t find much about it – but it is strarting I think – another thing positive of the internet – I have friends who accept – are curious and willing to learn and meet me halfway – and many people who are like me – where as without it – I am one here with not a single soul in the immediate vicinity who ..gets me..accepts me.. that is the most lonely feeling ya know? I have a lot to say – no great need to say it all the time – I am amused but worried about the future of mankind – the ones who will change it are those who can go beyond what we are told and accept to see what is possible and have the energy and expansiveness to do it – maybe not me.. but I think sometimes – I had to remind myself for quite sometime that I am on a level of intelligence most people ..can not reach.. I never strove to go there because it was another thing to single me out.. and in not striving to stand out I forgot one of my own biggest strengths besides the levels of energy and productivity.. intelligence .. in the immortal words of Uncle Ben – “with great power comes great responsibility” I think there is great power to be had by teaching rather then medicating and dismissing is exhausting being in control of oneself all the time in order to at least see whats coming – and there are times I want to just – be evil lol – but I was given this gift for good – and I am curious as hell to see what I can do..
      Now my friend – I read that and laugh thinking – if that isn’t classic full of myself manic speak – lol – and most will read it and if they know anything about the manic phase will assume that i am there and talking crazy shit – but I am not – im having a smoke break actually and there is much truth in between the words lines and thoughts… one day.. one day… the mountains shall be moved with the mind.. they only think its crazy because they can not see it. i bet you can though.
      I was born in 1969 dear Sir.. sucks too there is no fun with substances anymore because the weaker minded ………..oh gosh nevermind πŸ˜‰ I think I feel a book coming on Love back to you see you soon Bright blessing my friend πŸ™‚

  2. Lizzie-luv…..

    Power, indeed…. Yes, I can see it, and you…. I could spend a long time responding to all of the above, and, over time, I probably will… Suffice it to say, for now, yes, I see you, and like Red, know that what I see is more than what most people can even perceive, more’s the pity for them…. Take care, my sweet, and feel free to write me, anytime you need a verbal hug… I only wish I lived close enough to supply you with the real thing…. πŸ™‚

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