Three Superheros, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Monday…  once every 7 days whether you need it or not.  

Hal Jordan in Justice League Unlimited, with T...
no no not exactly these three.... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s Mental Moment is a favorite of mine.

I mean it comes from a favorite series – the Justice League Unlimited.

What? Yes I can watch Justice League without kids and admit it.

See? I just did.

This particular moment is one of my favorites as a moment besides in context with the whole story.  That would take too long anyways, and then it wouldn;t be a moment, it would be ……    nevermind.

Three Superheros walk into a bar…

and what so they find?

A bunch of Supervillans who – beat feet.
A bunch of Mobsters who wisely do the same.
A guy, oblivious of their approach lamenting about not being a “Captain Whoever He Is”

Now, he is obviously on the villionous side, but clearly not too into it. Basically, harmless. more danger to himself than anyone else .

The Batman, thinks roughing the guy up will get their answers.   Judging by the location they find him and the fact he tries to snot all over them, I can’t blame him.  He is a  Superhero after all – trying to save the world.  Nothing like a little – persuasion of the painful nature to get the guy talking

I would like to think, Batman, being the logical and not so reasonable but always practical guy he is, ( and HOT)  would have not have chosen that route so fast had he had time for pleasantries and to assess the mental state of the villian.  ( I just have to give him the benefit of the doubt.  He’s a pretty solid guy…and HOT)

Flash however,  knows this particular guy, James, and reasons with him to obtain the required information.  In fact, with Flash;s friendly nature and caring attitude, James is downright cooperative.

There’s a little moment for us all to reflect on.


To your Mental State, whatever it may be…

Lizzie Cracked, (never broken) and for what it’s worth, if I saw three superheros come into my bar…  I wouldn’t run.  Hell I’d  probably be bad on purpose just to get their attention.  Batman and Flash – Hot…  Jussstt saying….

Fire on Justice League Unlimited.
Oh! Batman...(what ELSE could she be thinking - look at her!) . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

30 thoughts on “Three Superheros, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. ah it;s one of the things I truly enjoy about the whole series – the interactions between the heroes is witty and very entertaining… Batman and Flash are my 2 favorites not just becaue they are HOT ;-)..

  1. As I recall from one of the movies, I believe the Green Villainess (forgot her nom de guerre) DID make a serious play for Bat Fellow; and of course, got righteously pissed when he dissed her.. (ah remembered…. Poison Ivy is her name….) Any who, nice little mental moment…. though to us guys, Batman isn’t as hot as say, oh, Thor, or Spiderman… (who was always my favorite…. fifth strongest super-hero in the entire pantheon, after Superman, Thor (well, he IS a god..), the Hulk, and Ben Grimm, the Ever-lovin’ Thing.)

    Good memories…. I spent a lot of time in the DC and Marvel universes in my younger days…. nowadays I prefer a nice hour of Sesame Street…. call me weird, don’t care… gotta have my dose of Oscar and Ernie….. 🙂

    1. Yes – Poison Ivy..such an ignorant slut,. The picture above is a heroine though – it;s Fire. Of the Justice League as well. There are a whole slew of new characters – and hey even if it;s weird, I would never knock Oscar and Ernie….Super Grover is a favorite of mine as well and I believe he hangs out with them… Sesame Street is the best 🙂 nothing weird about it…to me anyways. I actually – like Underdog and Secret Squirrel – yes i know Secret Squirrel is not a superhero – but you got to put a God on your list 🙂

  2. Of course, if 3 superheros came into your bar, my first question would be YOU HAVE A BAR?!?
    Excellent mental moment. I couldn’t help wondering how the same scene would have played out on The Tick.
    Where a snot gun would have fit right in…

    1. I love the TIck! hmmmm…how would it happen.,.,and yes if they did come in I would have a bat and you would know about it,,,probably have already danced naked on the actual bar….. so you would;t have to ask 🙂

    2. No, the question, Guapo is where are you and I sitting at the bar when the three super heroes walk in? Do we have a good view? And where did our waitress go?

      1. I’m pretty sure our waitress is in the back drawing up as schedule for dividing up the heroes with the other waitresses and (mostly) female patrons .
        Fortunately, as you and I are regulars, no one minds if we go behind the bar and draw our own pints/glasses while they deal with more…important things…

        Oh, and we’re sitting at the rear curve of the bar with a full view of the entire room in front of us. Of course.

      2. who says they won’t be waiters? I may just have to make it a … how did this get to this? we are talking about Superheroes coming in my bar..there will be no …

        ok yes you are right. Very likely scenario and mostly female patrons becasue that’s where the superheroes hangout. But there will be no divvying up Batman or Flash. Mine. And yes.. Both.. Unless Ginger wants one of them. that’t It.

      3. I would serve you myself that’s what the special, regular patrons get. 🙂 Sorry, I get distracted sometimes but I won;t keep you waiting longand the first round on me! 🙂

  3. Boy this is when I know I’m definitely old…my generation only had Superman….faster than a locomotive, leaps over tall buildings with a single bound etc etc…….actually though I never did see him leap over one single tall building…lol

  4. I have never watched that series… I have to admit I loved The Tick and The Animaniacs are always right up my alley. Then there’s all the other Prime Time Toons… Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, South Park that I love too.
    But now, I’m gonna have to check into this more. Thanks for the hot tip!

    1. the Tick is great lol… I started watching this when my ex bought the whole series for my now 11 yo on DVD on EBAY… I rolled my eyes and stuff but yeah I was watching them secretly at night within 2 weeks…less.. lol… the interactions between Batman and any of the other Big Guys is always evtertaining… and HOT lol let me know what you think….

  5. Justice League was my late husband’s gig and the little ones are gaga for Spidey. Me? Give me John Brain or Wile E. Coyote, and I am a happy camper. Does having more than 200 hours of Looney Tunes count for anything in a super hero discussion?


    1. I like Underdog and Secret Squirrel – as my top favorites so I am open to allowing whatever. Looney Toons 200 hours? yes that makes you a superhero 🙂 When I was a little girl, Saturday Morning cartoons were of course, still something special and Road Runner was one that I loved not only for the silliness and Wile E Coyote – oh boy just never saw it coming… loved it! but becasuse my dad would sometimes watch with us. Wow.. a little bit of a poignant memory …

      1. Stop by my place. The Looney Tunes make regular appearances. Especially, Wile E. (my all time fave). Yes, I love the slapstick, but the social commentary is so hard to resist 😉 Friz Frelig was a genius.
        Glad you remembered ❤

      2. I noticed the appearance of WC in the Saturday Post… I may have to feature him in a mental moment, the problem would be choosing only one. Or rather, choosing which one to do first. I tend to have my favorites that I have in que for future Mental Moments.. so he could definitely be a regular..

      3. I am working on it 🙂 and I added you over there ——-> but it doesn;t work….will you give me the correct link to put.. I meant to ask you yesterday.. and also to tell you you dont come up on my blogs I follow on my read blogs…I have to go through email…. to see myself I put in under add one of the tags that is pretty uniquely mine … course I can only see the ones tht are tagged that but running with scissors is what I used… you probably know all of this… but I forgot cause I got lost in the circular diversion (which is often what happens – to confuse others I get lost myself – what the hell was I doing trying to confuse you anyways? it wasnt you I am sure you are much too clever for that – must be so Iappeared…mush owr isfiosfks… of those days …YES ORDER THE BAR STOOLS _ WHICHEVER ONES YOU GUYS LIKE>>> 🙂

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