Gotta Believe in Something – a mental moment

Ever been walking around in your life, not messing with anyone else’s, you know nonchalant, under the radar, just going about your business and you are in the middle of doing something or saying or even thinking something and for some reason you are perplexed and confused?

education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Specifically about what you are doing, saying, or thinking – I probably should just add that to be sure we are all together…

See I am looking out for you all, because I was taught to be nice, and helpful and more so  because I believe being nice and helpful are the right things to do.

Which, incidentally and more than coincidentally, is the topic for

Today’s Mental Moment

which is about knowing what you believe in and the difference between standing for something because you believe and because you were taught.

I know you are thinking…  ok no I don;t know what you are thinking, sorry.

I …ME…MYSELF,, I was thinking …

Which is why you have Mental Moments, because I think a lot.  In spurts.  I happen to be in an artistic phase right now – that doesn;t seem to include words.  I hate it when that happens but I have learned to just go with it, to ride it out and not beat myself up over not being in the right place.  It is what it will be.

It looks as if they may be long and meandering, or not, but we will get there.  Always do.  Mostly.

That is not something I thought about growing up.  Expectations were expectations and I did not give myself a break for just being me  – I expected perfection from myself and was quite self-destructive.

Consider This: 

I guess what I am getting at is have you ever realized that you have no idea why you supposedly believe in any such given thing, or do things a certain way, and when you stop to put some thought into it, you realize that you don’t agree with whatever it is.  At all.

Then it kind of snowballs and you st

art to examine all the things you thought you stood for, the things you believed were true and discover, Holy … autopilot Batman,

(Yes – it was necessary.  I believe in Batman.  )

That’s how this blog came to be did you know?  It’s a snowball.  The result of discovering that I didn’t really want to fit in because I didn;t believe in all it entailed and …all that I  strived for my entire life.  I needed a place to express what I felt thought believed and find out who I am – not just who I am supposed to be.

And don;t get me wrong there is nothing at all wrong with doing things the way your family has done them or the same church or political party or tolerance levels. as long as you understand what they all mean and that you truly believe them yourself.  – think how much better a life – your life will be if you live and stand by your beliefs.

I don;t know if anyone really realizes that if we don;t take the time to re-examine our beliefs values and goals periodically, to make sure it is our own heart desire, and not something …expected or that our parents wanted for us,  autopilot is a common occurrence.

We do what we know and it is easy enough and comfortable to carry on in the same system of beliefs and values as our family, friends and culture.

Some examples that are really good ones to make the point, are things like religion and politics. Sometimes its you feeling like you don;t have to do things the same certain way but everyone else  in the family sticks to tradition without any wavering or your opinion of highly controversial issues  – you maybe spout typical pass it along rhetoric without thinking why you are saying something.  Bigotry is a good example, a learned set of beliefs for the most part passed down for generations but if you cornered a prejudiced person the wouldn”t offer valid thoughtful reasons

Until maybe someone says – Why?

Then you realize you haven’t a clue – that you just know that way and that’s what you did.

See what I am getting at here?  You know what I think one of the key things for having a better life and being a better person, for others as much as ourselves?  Self awareness.  We can;t help and certainly have no place to judge your fellow man if you can’t even stand up for what you believe, as your beliefs… don’t you think?

Well I do – I believe I made my point.

What is the point  – the purpose  – of living if we are going to stay on autopilot?

Anyways, think about what you are saying doing or thinking when you say do or think and ask yourself, why?

Then answer yourself.  Know what you believe,, and say it.  With authority.

Like Bull Durham.  Enjoy!

To Your Mental State, Whatever it may be,



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