Remember the Name! (please?) Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Today’s Mental Moment is….well it’s late for one.  I mean technically it’s still mid-afternoon where I am but for a lot of you – it’s not.  Anymore.

Government debt as percentage of GDP globally....
as you can see most of you are in what is actually late afternoon - or early evening...still good for a mental moment...yep!

I have been a little busy.  🙂  ok a LOT busy.  But a good kind of busy.

So on with the moment….

It has no real relation to anything just a cool blurb with a little formula of what we are all about.  They…. uh…

It’s actually a good formula for success.  So I thought I would share.  Cause I am like that you know – happy to share.  Always  🙂

10 percent luck
20 percent skill
15 percent concentrated power of will
5 percent pleasure
50 percent pain

Equals   = 

100 percent reason to remember the name  (Lizzie Cracked if you forgot already  🙂    that’s 2 z’s and ie not y  )  


TO your Mental State, Whatever it may be…….

Lizzie Cracked (not broken)  also a lot of repetition works in that remember the name part – just saying…


19 thoughts on “Remember the Name! (please?) Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. I love this mid afternoon break! Even if it is 7 am the following morning. But my day always starts out better with a Li two z’s and ie instead of y moment. Do you don’t your i with a heart? You should!

    1. cause cracked is another way of saying a little crazy – off, mental….bipolar… and that doesn;t mean I am broken. Sometimes they get confused – like with dishes. If it;s cracked well, it is usually broken or considered broken – like a glass or bowl..and gets thrown away…broken also is sometimes unfixable and I well ok I am unfixable to a point but not to the point of being unusable – no wait that sounded so wrong….

      just cracked… not broken. keepable. 🙂 and unique.

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