A Potentially Odoriferous, Definitely Nosy Challenge (with a bonus)

I was thinking….     

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris
I can do that too...look like I am thinking,.  

No no wait...  I know that sometimes leads to weird random streams of consciousness in the form of bumper cars that usually leave you – and me – sitting in stunned silence and completely confused.  It happens I admit it but it wasn’t that kind of thinking.

This was very pointed and focused thinking  – if you would like to mark it on your calendars….  I will wait a minute.

My Grandbaby Mama and I went to the mall today fora short jaunt..  I know you all know her name now so from here on out I will refer to her by her given name but I thought that one up the other day when I was considering the things I call my kids in my posts.  It’s usually just their age but with her I had thought of adjectives as well,  especially during the last weeks of her pregnancy and just wanted to try it out .. once.

Ok,  so Lauren and I went to the mall to go to the bookstore and then, of course we couldn’t  just go home.  It was a mall for gosh sakes and the two of us don’t get out enough, so we go a little nuts when we do.  We brought Little Monkey Man with us and he started the odoriferous part by finally pooping after a day of struggling….  really big and stinky.  But as far as being relevant to the rest of the post – it has nothing to do with it, I just like to share these small joys with all of you     🙂

While heading towards the exit, after getting coffee we decided – ok I decided –  I wanted to go to Bath and Body Works and see what they had new.  It’s not like I had to twist her arm or anything.

I am a creature of….no not habit…well maybe a little but …but…  sensory perceived existence.  That sounds pretty cool huh?  I just made it up.  At least I think I did.  What I mean by it is my perception of the world is very much formed by my senses  as opposed to …. logic..rational thought?  or whatever?

I can see where that might go in a tangential direction so I will just get to the point of what I am saying.

I like Bath and Body works because I like to smell good. For a reasonable amount of money.  Although I am not a creature of habit as much as some are, I do like to wear the same scent everyday because scent is a very identifying sense.  My very favorite perfume… very very favorite is Chanel #5 and I would wear it everyday but I tend to like to try new things and when I just paid $200 for the perfume and lotion, I tend to feel guilty if I want to indulge in some other scent.  I haven’t paid that kind of money for perfume for a long long time.

en: Chanel No.5 parfume
Chanel not Love Potion (that's #9)

I miss my Chanel, but  Bath & Body Works has provided me an affordable outlet for my scenting needs that I can change anytime I want to.  I like to buy the three for $10 minis in any new scent I think I like because I get so overwhelmed with all the smells going on in there, and I have once or twice come home with a full size of something and wondered what the hell I like about it the next day.  I also can carry the spray in my purse and if I like the smell enough that I run out quickly,  I have no problem spending the extra money for the full size.

They have this buy 2 get one free or buy 3 get 2 free promotionthat gets me really confused because when you do the buy 2 get 1 free and they have the 3 in the bag, they say “are you sure you don’t want to go pick out 2 more for free?”  And I am like “oh yeah I got the 3 so now I get 2 free and of course I do”…why wouldn’t I?  But here is the catch…  if you go get the 2 additional ones, the end price is not what the sales lady just rang up because they have to add another item to get the 2 free items.  She only rang up 2 because I was going for the buy 2 get 1 free.  They trick me every time.  I can’t be the only one this happens to …..right?

This is a "thought bubble". It is an...
I got FOREVER SUNSHINE- scratch n sniff and see if you like it

I had a particularly difficult time today because  I  have not been shopping since Christmas and they have a whole slew of new scents.  I could not decide between about 10 of them because each had a note or hint or burst or whatever the words they use for perfume are of something that I liked ,but not one was “just right”  perfectly Lizzie…  and of course that would make sense as they don’t know what would be perfectly Lizzie.  I have been successful in the past with mixing some scents, but then when I hit the right mix – I forgot how I made it.  I am not very scientific on stuff like this I kinda just wing it.

So I had an idea because I was thinking of the different elements I would take from each of the scents  I liked to create my perfect blend and how if I was some sort of celebrity, someone would have already asked me to create it..

and I said to myself,  ” Self what if you were and they did?”

And because now I am curious, I thought I would pose the question to all of you too.  In the form of a challenge… because it is kind of challenging to think up what would constitute a scent that says…..Me.  Or you in this case.

So here are the questions, and you can answer in the comments, or on your own post and link back and there might be a prize for the winner.  Maybe I will compile the top 5 or 10 and let you, the readers, decide.  The winner will be the one with the most appealing sounding scent that matches their perception of themselves and then presents it in a marketable way.  Or the most creative… I haven’t got that far yet but as with any challenge, let’s not take ourselves too seriously and have a little fun, although I am honestly interested in everyone’s answers.

You are not limited to something that already smells (vanilla for example) as an addition to your scent.  In fact if it doesn’t and you can make it… it probably will be a winner.   First the questions and then I will give you my answers.  Guys it would be really fun if you would do this as your manly scent but I will also consider creating the perfect scent for your other half a good entry and while it may be easier to do that as there are less MANLY things  that are smelly….no wait, that smell good… ah you know what I mean right?   I think the really creatively unique answers might be from the men – necessity being the mother of invention or something like that.  Maybe that if there is an equal number of  guys and girls I can do one of each.

  1. What are the traits about yourself that you would like to convey in the Eu de you perfume?
  2. When you think of these traits, what scents come to mind?
  3.  So give us a formula for your perfect scent.
  4. What colors do you associate with it?
  5. What forms would you offer it in?
  6. How would you package it?
  7. And very important what would you name it?
Finally, fill in the blanks.   The smell of                                  reminds me of                                       and this as a good or bad smell memory for me.

The challenge ends Friday at 3 pm.  

And here is my offering:

1.  Playful, deep, earthy, crazy, quixotic, bright, dark,  (kinda covers the bipolar without saying bipolar )  soft,  strong, clean.

2.  Sandlewood, patchouli, sunshine, line dried linens, ivory soap, fire, jasmine, daisies, nutty, citrus

3.  The base note would be a mix of Sandlewood and  hazel Nuts,   Hints of  fire, line dried linens,  a splash each of jasmine and daisies, two bursts of sunshine and a top note of  ….cool beans.. No! a top note of  Zest!  (not the soap the peel)

4. Deep purple, turquoise, light buttery yellow, red. bit of brown.

5.  Body wash, Lotion, Powder (with a puff)  Body spray and shimmery stuff.  And bar soap.  And Laundry detergent.  It;s all about the layering..ayering s important.  Lasts longer and gets in everything and says “Lizzie was here!”  in an understated barely discernible whiff though not the cloud that weighs down.

6.  Mini sizes for travel and easy daytime freshening.  And full size but not in any prepackaged sets.  Mix and match and a cool ass tote bag to put it in when its done.  OH the bottle for the perfume would be tall and curvy with a silver top and a swirly thing on it that;s it.

7.  I would name it:   Eu de Je Ne Sais  Quoi eu LizzieC...  or    Cool Beans,
and yes I meant Eu de NOT Eau de 

And the promised bonus…..  

Any of you wanting to know the answers on the Best Liar Award Post –   Numbers 1, 2 and 3 were true.  Numbers 4 and 5 were acceptable as true or false and number 6 is false.  I hate socks unless my feet are really cold and I sleep with my feet sticking out from under the blankets.

SO if you answered close – which some of you really did in fact there was one that was dead on except in saying true or false….go ahead and do your own Best Liar Post.  🙂

As Always,  🙂
Lizzie Cracked (not broken)

63 thoughts on “A Potentially Odoriferous, Definitely Nosy Challenge (with a bonus)

  1. 1- rugged, adventurous, playfully insane, music
    2- damp dirt, fresh cut grass, tobacco, whiskey, lime (no idea how music smells, but the whiskey and tobacco say “the blues” to me…)
    3- See number 2
    4- The gold of a a perfect dusk. Or teal. Love that color.
    5- It would be available as a laundry detergent
    6 – It would be packaged however the best selling condoms are done.
    7- Going, Going, Gone…

      1. The only thing I’m reading between the lines is your jealousy that you’re man doesn’t smell all rugged like I do.
        And I think I read a hint of LizzieC’s bemused frustration that we’ve hijacked her thread!
        (it’s like twitter in here)

      2. Ginger – I think it’s the dirt, grass and laundry detergent that immediately makes you think awful… get your head outta the laundry room girl – close your eyes and relax and think…fresh grass – no, no don’t see the stains – smell the grass and then the dirt doesn’t smell dirty. Febreeze would be a great way to offer this scent…. I admit on the fly this one could really go either way a a concept but its workable… what say you?

      3. Lizzie- the mud & grass in my yard is laden with dog shit- so now Guap smells even worse than before. Forget the Febreeze, now he needs Purina Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator- for Rugged, or should that be Rabid, Dogs.

      4. Why on earth would I drag myself all the way out there to get your fetid rancid dirt?
        I have Appalachian dirt just a few hours away, thankyouverymuch.

      5. oh – didn;t think of that huh? i’d tell you ofthis great tick remover thingy but that would be free advertising – or I could tell you so you could find the website and then we could make fun of the thing in the picture – did I say thing? I meant …. oh geez it musta been the mention of the ticks – crap sorry 🙂

        It’s sifted by the virgin daughters Alabamian Alpaca herders, revered for their fastidious natures.

        Ticks indeed. Hmph.

      7. i didn;t say ticks – i said i know of a tick remover – just in case ya know – hey we could all tak a look see at the website and have a good hardy har har – that;s mean huh? why would it matter that they are virgins? Commence with the spankings and see what happens…

      8. fetid? rancid? it;s not smelling very good in here- where’s my eu de me? let;s all take a deep breath and just …..* hack hack cough sputter* ok then we got sand out here – moe like dust – just had a dust storm – it smells like – dirt… but not laundry detergent type dirt.

      9. hey just out of curiousity – did you have to fight the urge to put a # in front of the thankyouverymuch? Cause I think I would have – or wanted to so I just wanted to ya know…see and I know you will tell me if I am crazy or not…

      10. oh wow i gotta say that is a bit of a relief. I find myself wanting to make everything a topic … but I was thinking this morning that we should had that kinda stuff when we were younger cause these kids – don;t understand the power … course if we had had it we probably wouldn’t be so imaginative … then again… it might have a tail.. and then it’s not an ape and I think I am gonna post that for mental moment today… orrrr not… wow look at me goin on and on in my own comment box.

        #IHAVETHEPOWER! oh – you do too… 🙂

      11. you have to know I am chuckling mightily at “these kids” comment – i walked to school 18 miles snow up to my … Because I said so! is bad enough I was never gonna do it…

      12. Of course!! & I did it twice a sag cause I went home for lunch .. I couldn’t always catch those damn chickens so slot of times I made the trek back on an empty stomach…. And I only had 20 mibites for lunch anyhow .. And these kids…they get ho ho s and soda. …they don’t know what rough is I tell ya…

      13. I was thinking more along the lines of Scooby Doo’s “You meddling kids”
        though Gran Torino might be nice…

        good thing I don’t actually have a lawn…

      14. Yea yea.. well the one thing that irks me more than anything else…..the big secret of life…ready? They weren’t made for kids…sigh… I wish someone had told me that…. 😉 however…well no however…none…can’t regret but I sure get a lot of mileage out of what. If sometimes 🙂

      15. Even with my stuffed nose, I’m putting in a full day blogging and tweeting from my work desk.
        And coming up with the Spring/Summer Stupidity list of adventures.
        Pretty damn rugged, I’d say

      16. EL Guapo – the condom wrapper packaging scheme – are you thinking like – single use packages that you buy in a super duper size box or – like at the convenience store in packs of three? I’m a little unclear because I don;t know much about con- those kinds of things….

        i forgot to probably add innocence 🙂 or is it ignorance – or bliss? or … walked right into that one … to my scent… ..:-)

    1. Yay ! you went with the manly man man’s man – this is awesome – I do smell rugged – I mean you do and the damp dirt is more enticing than saying mud. yup I can totally see it – smell it lol … you rock!

      1. All this clever banter is making Peanuts confused. After reading these comments, I feel like I just watched 4 episodes of the Golden Girls, 2 episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies and read 14 govement Issued Agricultural Pamphlets with one eye while watching Seinfeld on fast-forward with the other! PHEW! Peanuts is going to go lie down now.

      2. I know what you mean… I came in the middle of the sparring and it wore me out so much I had to take a nap – except I couldn’t and there was his weird Rawr in my head…. all day long – are you gonna do the smelly thing? 😀 I realize I left that one so wide open ….. 😛

      3. Most definitely, I’m going to do the smelly thing! 🙂 Looking forward to the fun! I’m going to let Peanuts stew on it for awhile and see what happens. I’m glad you left it wide open, everybody can just take the odiferous ball and run with it!

  2. What are the traits about yourself that you would like to convey in the Eu de you perfume?
    My Humble Pie, My ability to turn heads, and my ability to scare I mean intimidate people all in one.
    When you think of these traits, what scents come to mind?
    I have yet to find one. I do like Sexy Little Things- Noir
    So give us a formula for your perfect scent.
    Woody, fresh, pheromones…
    What colors do you associate with it?
    What forms would you offer it in?
    It would be illegal. Because it would be like if those AXE commercial were REAL life.
    How would you package it?
    Again, The Man wouldn’t let me…
    And very important what would you name it?
    Area 51 oh wait that would be copyright infringement huh… Area 13
    Finally, fill in the blanks. The smell of bleach reminds me of summer and this as a good smell memory for me.
    The challenge ends Friday at 3 pm.

  3. […] LizzieC, one of my favorite bloggers, posted an interesting blog the other day.  It smelled.  Really.  If you stopped and thought about what she wrote, you could smell her blog!  No scratching needed!  All you need is a good imagination and she’s got a great one. […]

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