I Need A Hero! Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

I have always had a thing for Batman..

Batman: The Dark Knight

And ya gotta love how the depiction in the Justice League Unlimited make all the big strong heros so ….well big and strong – I mean just look at the shoulder to waist ration -and the JAW line OMG  – whew.  I am a sucker for the strong manly hands myself so if I was drawing them..the hands would be where I’d take the creative license to exaggerate.

Wonder Woman rocks the strapless thing she’s got going on too.  I mean that’s one hot mama that can wear that to work, not lose it in a fight and still get respect.

SO …I need a hero.

Batman rocks the Dark Knight thing and he is funny in a dark cynical, sarcastic, did you just zing me WTF? kinda way and jaw line and muscular build aside, that’s Hotness (with a capital H) He makes Superman not so untouchable and if you ever get the chance to watch the two of them together it’s just plain good Super Hero fun.

Batman = Hot Badass Hero.  All Day, every day! 

To Your Mental State, whatever it may be

LizzieCracked (not broken)

6 thoughts on “I Need A Hero! Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. I am going to make you soooooo jealous!! My cousin was telling me the other day she found a picture of her and me in the bat mobile with Robin and Batman. For true!! And I know he had the hots for me!!

    Superman who?? I knew Batman was raw sex when I was 9 yrs old.

    And oh yeah! I love a man with big, hard- working strong hands, *sigh* no pudgy soft manicured hands for me thank you! And the strong chiseled jaw line, gotta say I love a good but too.

    Oh damn, got myself all worked up! Haha

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