Dear Ignorant Haters- how about you suck eggs?

Dear Ignorant Hater ,

I understand you are afraid of me and know that fear causes you to act a dick, attempting to make me feel less than you think you are.

I’m tired of proving you wrong when you aren’t looking, tired of expending energy to try to help you change your mind and attitude about my illness.

I can’t make you open your mind and learn about me, or see the beauty in me, you being a person who perpetrates the stigma and judgmental bullshit you spread by proclaiming loudly how twisted and scary I am, I have learned from trying too often, I am only spinning my wheels.

You are not my purpose here.

Ignorant haters like you..will hang on to false beliefs because it means (in your own mind)  you are better than someone.

If you find out I’m not the monster, well then you may have to get off your high horse, and face yourself.

So, I’m done trying to show you, dear ignorant hater, how misinformed you are.  If you are afraid of me because I have bipolar disorder, go ahead and hang on to your fear for all you’ve got. I don’t think your fear is anymore than your attempt to preserve your mistaken superiority.

But know this ignorant hater, next time we cross paths, and you start your bs about how my illness makes me  less deserving of love and acceptance, and my life has no meaning or purpose I know the truth of the matter..( because I have taken the time to try to understand you, not just judge you on ..ignorant and archaic attitudes..)
You say those things about me to stop people from looking at you.

Somewhere deep down or maybe even not too far from the surface of your confident persona, those things you say about me..are what you feel, about you.

Your fear is of being under scrutiny so you point the finger at me and say I am crazy ..or a liar..souless, selfish, heartless, or any number if things that have not a thing at all to do with me.

You define yourself by shunning me and I do not care anymore what you say you think of me.
I know you are more afraid of yourself and I am just a convenient diversion

You are persuasive ignorant hater, and some follow along because they really believe you, but the truth always shows.

© LizzieC2014
© LizzieC2014

I have conviction and an open mind, as well as patience to show and teach those who subscribe to your beliefs only through repetition of your words, not understanding. I am not afraid of you anymore. You.can not hurt me with your ugly words and judgements. I know the truth, I live it.

While you are spouting your ignorant bs,  I will already have left you far behind, before you get to the part about being beneath you..not worth your time and forgotten your name, as you continue to give me the time I’m not worth

Please excuse me now ignorant hater, I have a life to live.  I tried to include you in it but you are unable to let go of your ignorant attitude.  I am no longer hurt by you, just sorry for you.

I know who I am and don’t care two wits your opinion of me, especially since it’s all based on you and your desperation, not me at all.  You do not have the ability or permission to make me feel inferior, you can’t make me feel anything.

There will come a day I am sure when you have to face yourself, when you are alone because people will be sick of your condescending critical ignorance and you won’t have the first clue who your are because all you ever worried about was trying to prove who you couldn’t bear to be because of your inability to see people as humans instead of labels.

I will be your friend and help you find what is good and deserving when the day comes you are scared, alone and can’t find yourself, because while you were hating me, I was able to see who you are and what makes you tick, maybe know you better than you will ever know yourself, because you were too afraid of being less than me.

I won’t hold my breath though, as ignorance is so hard to let go of once it is part of the only thing you have to feel ok about who you are.

Just know I will help you, because I am not ignorant nor do I care about how you treat me now.

Until the day you have a revelation of your assholery, how about you suck eggs and leave me alone.

This is your one notice of my dismissal of you from my life.

Thank you sincerely and have a lovely day.



24 thoughts on “Dear Ignorant Haters- how about you suck eggs?

  1. A very strong and well worded letter Lizzie, I hope who ever it is gets the message.
    If its someone coming to your blog and commenting did you know you can stop them.

    1. Hi Harry 🙂 I know you can but not really how but rest assured there is no.need. im not bothered because I see it for what it is. It doesnt change smart funny and self aware ..who cares if I have bipolar, I am also more in control and aware of myself then most mentslly healthy people .. thanks for your support Harry. I have a few things to post on Poets Corner this month, ive been kind of laying low. But im back out! Lol. 🙂

  2. I just came from another post about those biased against people of different skin colour in the same family. Really, I don’t believe we are making progress at all in this 21st century.

    You have spelled this out very well. 🙂

  3. Lizzie If you just don’t want to seen his name or comments again…go to dashboard, settings,discussion, blacklist and put his name and url or ? in the area designated for it… one per line ….. You may not want to but just for your information…. I did it for one person myself… Diane

      1. It is – I haven’t been around much either so getting back to being here.. Ive been thinking – uh oh 😉
        so i think that is something to shoot for – intriguing titles to see you visit often… could make it really interesting lol.

  4. My dear Lizzie, perfectly stated. I hope someone reads it and looks within and learns. I suspect we all have an uphill climb now and then, we all fear now and then. The best we can do is ask, open our hearts, our minds and be willing to learn.

    Thank you for your willingness to teach when we are willing to learn.

    1. Thanks.. I dont know if they will or not..its been a journey ..I used to want to change the world ..I still do but it starts within us and until we accept ourselves..let go of the bullshit that is conditioned and be ourselves.. we are spining our wheels. Ive been angry lost bitter..pulled away from my friends because of my own attitude.. so add lonely..and thats too much to give away for anyone … its effing crazy, but im free 🙂 and suddenly I am willing to give anything of myself to give that kind of another. 🙂

  5. If I have a criticism it’s that you spent too much time articulating this for person or persons unknown who won’t read it and wouldn’t comprehend it if they did.. But this isn’t about them, It’s about you looking at yourself more than at the haters.

    1. actually goes with the post I did October for mental illness awareness.. trying to change the attitudes and minds of the ignorant who.arent listening anyways is going nowhere.. we can.only.control ourselves and changing some asshole’s mind is not the key to a fufilling life..changing my mind..helping those who suffer most at the hands of jackasses change theirs through example and guidance decide it matters not what anyone ..especially some Neanderthal says..when we accept ourselves the ignorant haters lose any power..and become the ones lacking. But I am confident enough in myself and my abilities.. I dont even care what they say.. think…even do. I did think about the fact I was giving them too much ink but as you said..not like they will bask in its glow..cause they wont read it.. 🙂

  6. Hey there, milady…. good to see you over at my site earlier today…. I’m currently without too much pain, so I dropped over to see what you’ve been up to….

    This is a good one, m,dear, well-constructed and executed, all without ever becoming shrill or strident, which only encourages the ignoramuses…. I must say, you’re a lot more polite than me, though… I think I’d just say “Fuck you, and the white horse you think you rode in on…” and leave it at that, because I’m of the firm opinion that, regarding mostly everyone, well, if they can’t take a joke, FUCK ‘EM!…. (The joke, of course, being… I am what I am and that’s all what I am….)

    You, of course, not only can take a joke, you make them, and good ones, too!… because you’re YOU, and nobody else… But, as I said, you’re a nicer person than I am, at least to others…. What I particularly liked about what you wrote here is the fact that you have gotten past the point where you used to be, when you would take the stupid stuff people like this say out on yourself…. I think you used to do that, too much, so, it’s nice to see you aren’t buying it anymore… You are too beautiful to ever feel any other way about yourself, and you should know that…. Sounds like you do…. 🙂

    Take care, milady, and Blessed Be….

    Luv ya,

    gigoid the dubious


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