How to Run Naked With Scissors..getting past who you are expected to be, to who you are meant to be


Running Naked with Scissors – it’s an attitude.

  •  Know your abilities
  • Test your limits
  •  Be brave
  •  Listen to your gut
  • do what feels right
  • take chances
  • don’t quit
  • Don’t apologize for are
  • Think
  • Believe in yourself
  • Let go of propriety
  • Give it all you’ve got
  •  Be accountable
  •  Be kind
  •  Help those in need
  • Don’t judge
  •  Have compassion
  • Entertain new ideas
  • Love with abandon
  • Never look back
  • Feel every step
  • Live in the moment
  • be grateful
  • find joy
  • Create
  • Express
  • Be your own best friend and biggest fan
  • be humble but don’t sell yourself short
  • If you need help..ask
  • Drink lots of water but don’t poopah the whiskey
  • Stretch daily, mind and body
  • Laugh
  • be silly
  • advocate for others and yourself
  • question everything
  • Take only what you can carry and keep only what you treasure.
  • Value people more then things or status
  • know what you mean and mean what you say
  • accept pain and know people will hurt you, you have to decide how much you will take
  • regret nothing
  • finger paint
  • chase butterflies (but don’t  let them see the scissors – they get a little freaked out.)



16 thoughts on “How to Run Naked With Scissors..getting past who you are expected to be, to who you are meant to be

      1. Well it’s just that I’ve done a of living too but when I sit down to actually remember some things that maybe I’ve learned etc…. I can’t remember very much… It’s kind of unsettling at times…. Diane

      2. I understand.. and ive been building on this for a couple weeks.adding to it…and thought of things I forgot im sure..I get to forgetting the names of everyday things I get unsettled ..

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