The Way Kids Think, (or is it just Bubbsy?)

The other day during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, sometime during a frantic morning meal, I was telling the kids the plan for the day,

  1. go to the store
  2. drop off something at somewhere
  3. get such and such for so and so
  4. come home and clean up the shit holes they call  rooms

Bubbsy, who is in first grade and only recently a 7 yo (he had a birthday the  day after Christmas 🙂  ) looks at me for a quick second asks if I will help him clean up his “S-H-I-T-H-O-L-E”  (saying each letter)

creative french fry uses
Bubbsy gets creative

Many of you know Bubbsy and his excellence with words,  not using cuss words in school, church, in front of his grandparents and other adults.  I am not overly concerned with slipping in an explicative or few  in front of him because he has never been in trouble for it. But the spelling of it is new to me.  I am not sure if he thinks he spells it out loud, no one knows or if spelling it isn’t the same as saying.  Whichever, My mom and I both turned and admonished him at the same time to which he replied

Hey, you ought to be happy, I can spell shit hole.

Well yea, I guess he has a point



10 thoughts on “The Way Kids Think, (or is it just Bubbsy?)

    1. Haha! I think I used green beans..but I cant even fathom having cussed in front of my parents at such a tender age.. but I realize I have a different attitude then they do ..and sometimes have a mouth like a sailor.. If french fries up your nose are to blame..then im not gonna worry so much bout turned out ok i’d say 😉

  1. I would have had to leave the room so I could burst into gales of laughter. He is right though, just think being able to spell that word at that age. I wonder, will he ever get it in a spelling bee?

    1. Bwahaha..that would be good. You wouldbe amazed at the words he uses.. and the way he thinks is so beyond 7 yo..its funny if he had paused between letters like he was struggling to spell it..tbe enormity of the effort would have been sil said the other day..him being. The baby and as smart as he is we sometimes dont realize we are expecting him to do things that 7 yos generally dont.. it took a while for me to really process this..he amazes and amuses me everyday. Im very lucky.

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