Wreck This Journal – This Page is a Sign

Last year, my daughter Lauren and I started on a project together

to see how each of us would interpret the same creative prompts in Wreck This Journal.

you can read what this is about HERE.

Cover of "Wreck This Journal"
Cover of Wreck This Journal

It has been an interesting task to say the least, full of stops and starts and Lauren has so much going on in her life now, she has not even been blogging for a long time, however we both have continued to take out our journals and complete the pages. I have a drawer full of oodles ot things for mine and really want to finish it. Art Therapy and art journaling has become an interest I am exploring and you may quite possibly see some of the results of that later. There is a true healing power in art and creative expression, an inner connection to yourself and revelations to be had by studying what your creative voice expresses.

Ok, I know you came here for Wreck This Journal to see the next page …at least I would think so since it is the title. 🙂

Without further ado, or too much anyways,

no… yea no further ado;

This Page is a Sign. What do you want it to say?

There are signs everywhere, some are spelled out very clearly, some are graphic with simplistic pictures, easy to interpret, such as these;

Woman Restroom Sign
Woman Restroom Sign (Photo credit: Sam Howzit)
Men Restroom Sign
Men Restroom Sign (Photo credit: Sam Howzit)

Even without the words, the signs above are fairly easy to read, in fact I am willing to bet most people having to determine which door to go in would easily decide correctly without the words.

Not all signs are obvious.  There are signs with nothing tangible, you may not see them especially not on the side of the road or posted somewhere with either graphics or words on them.  Some signs are a feeling we get about the right choice to make, or what direction your life is going and the next step to get where you want it to be. that gut feeling trying to point us the right way.

Some come out of nowhere, are visual but still not a board and post, letter and graphic sign in front of our face, a good example, the man who was going to drown in a flood and prayed to god to save him and soon after a row-boat came by and the man in the boat asked the drowning man if needed to get in the boat.  The drowning man barely hanging on waved the row-boat off and soon after could not hang on any longer and drowned.  When questioned later in heaven about how he managed to drown the man said, I was waiting for the Lord to save me, to which St Peter replied, we sent you a boat…  That is little bit shortened just to illustrate the point, the sign was right in front of the man but because he was looking for a sign from God, which he did not perceive would be as simple as a rowboat – he totally missed the sign..

There are signs everywhere.  So, here’s my sign on the right side and just some extra stuff I was thinking about on the left…  a sign of my brain in motion.

Heere’s your sign… click to enlarge

I started with the thought of a caution sign ..maybe caution falling rocks?  and the end result, is;

Caution, Invisible signs may appear suddenly out of nowhere…   read it how you will.

So…what do you think? What might you have done with this page?


14 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal – This Page is a Sign

  1. I think the combination of the words you chose with the color is a sign. It screams at me your brain is cooperating with both sides in tact for the common goal of awareness of your surroundings.

    I may have to post something on where I would go with signs…I already have the image in mind. xxx

    1. they really re falling out of the sky.. or something…they have most likely been around awhile and either were misunderstood , overlooked or missed all together.. they are very clear now.. and i wonder why i couldnt read them before. I am looking forward to see which direction your signs point.. ♥

    1. thanks for coming to check out my interpretation, I think journals like this with specific directions open to creative interpretation are most fun to share.. I will come take a look and thanks for the follow 😉

  2. Invisible signs guide me every day. I don’t get premonitions, but I get vibes from people telling me how they are doing in their lives. It helps me have compassion beyond what words might be said. I get invisible signs for myself, guiding me in the direction toward healthy choices, I love your journal page. I do art therapy, too, but now I think I want a journal like this. I’ll look into Wreck this Journal Thanks Lizzie.

  3. Lizzie,
    I just checked it out, your image of the journal leads to the page to buy it. I ordered one for myself! I couldn’t help myself, destruction becomes me

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