Take Only What You can Carry Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Yes…(cue dramatic music why?  I dunno sounds cool)

it is…da da da dummmmm…

What day is it again?  I keep thiking its THAT one day but its not –

hmmmmmm well,

ok forget the drama,

Let’s just be getting to it shall we?

Today’s Mental Moment….

is about baggage.

Hey you ever been to the airport and seen someone going on vacation and they have  too many pieces of luggage?

No guys I am not talking about your wives extra shoe bag, I am talking about they have everything but the kitchen sink packed in 15 pieces of various sized luggage, a set or mismatched whatever and they are all nearly bursting at the seams.  Heck who knows maybe the kitchen sink is im there.

The kitchen sink
Noooo..not …The kitchen sink (Photo credit: Alan Cleaver)

Maybe you overhear whoever’s bags they are telling someone else that they are going on a 2 week or gosh maybe even less long vacation and you think wow,  that must be their whole closet and dresser drawer and every pair of shoes they own.

Maybe it’s about status, someone traveling with a complete set of luggage in every size shape and form and an entourage to carry it looks important, or maybe they  think that if they ike it there, where ever they are going then they can stay, or maybe their luggage is full of books and pictures and mementos to put in their hotel or beach house or island villa to make it seem the same as home, although aren;t vacations to get away from it all?

Maybe they are just being difficult to get some attention.  No Guys NOT your wives with the one extra shoe bag.

The amount of baggage some people carry around can get to the point that it impedes the persons enjoyment of the vacation, won’t allow them to live in the moment and there isn;t a lot of room to try new things or new shoes.  The person with only a given amount of room to pack and the ability to take only a certain number at a time does not leave much room for a change if their bags are always packed full.

Consider This:

It’s kind of like life.  I mean, we all have baggage on this trip, it accumulates from each experience and some people will keep packing and keep packing or adding new bags until they are so caught up in the baggage they have, they forget to live in the present, or they attach more meaning than is reasonable or they just can;t let it go and forgive or it caused them to be mistrustful , or rigid in their thinking.

The older we get the more opportunity we have to collect this baggage no doubt.  And certain groups of people have more than others, for example I bet that a large portion of the people who are around my age and are single, have been divorced,  probably have children and it is pretty safe to say, except in rare cases, the suitcase for that set of problems right there is most likely the deluxe large biggy bag and some maybe on wheels because of the weight.

Oh and since their divorce maybe they have had more than one girlfriend or boyfriend and even had some more kids , well add bags for all.  I do not think you can find many people who are my age who have no baggage, and more than likely they will have more.

The problem then is to occasionally sort and sift through the baggage and get rid of things that are not pertinent to life as you know it, and just taking up room that could be used for new things.  If we are hanging on to the same things all the time and never dealing with what is in our bags we have no room for growth and run the risk of being stuck at our last rest stop, or of meeting new people but because we have surrounded ourselves with too much baggage, there is no room or them.

lots of luggage
you don;t need a bag for every year of your life – I swear !

What do you have in that suitcase?  The one from it looks like the mid 70’s?  That grudge you have against your best friend and you can;t remember why? Or how about right here the guy who pushed you around a bit with a list of all the bruises both physically and mentally he cause d you over 15 years ago?

Hey here is a little secret, adding that to your bag is letting him still have power over you.  It’s an excuse to be a victim, or on th reverse side an excuse to become a cold-hearted ball busting bitch and then when some nice guy looks at you cross-eyed you feel completely justified ripping him a new asshole because you have proof, right here, somewhere in your bags…  that you have carried around for too long….   let it go.

At the very least we need to weed out the things that are no longer of use to us.  If we learn from every experience we have eventually the lesson will be something that is ingrained in us.  Get rid of all the old lists and past hurts and well..stuff.

I have kind of learned a lesson in the how much baggage should I take area that I think is a pretty good rule of thumb.

If you can’t carry it yourself, then leave it.

It’s no fair to expect someone new in your life to pay for the past.  If there isn;t anyone new in your life, you can still move on because you can carry your own bags.  Think of all the new experiences and new people out there if you aren’t bogged down by your baggage.

Let the past be in the past.  Make sure your carry on fits the requirements, don’t pack your other suitcases full so you have plenty of room, yes there is ALWAYS room for the extra shoe bag, and let’s go!

Life awaits.

To you Mental State, Whatever it May Be,


17 thoughts on “Take Only What You can Carry Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. This was very well thought out Lizzie, very few people think of the consequences of hanging on to all their baggage & how you cannot have room for new things when your bags are already full.

    1. Im not quite sure how I thought of it. Sometimes things just pop in my head..an idea..and I write. Its actually been quite therapeutic. And then its a concrete thought and I know what I think. 🙂

  2. But don’t forget you are going to need a bag to carry all of the “souvenirs” from the current trip.. We have to unpack the old bags sometimes,(No guys not your wives, or their extra shoe bags) to make room for the new…

  3. What an accomplished writing. You must realize that no 2 people will treat you the same. Taking negative baggage with you can extinguish your current or future relationship(s). If you were in one or more inadequate relationships, and you cannot get beyond the distress, I recommend you seek therapy to help you cope and aid in your recovery. You will overcome the tumultuous feelings you harbor. You will get beyond the hurt. Once you have packed the bag of pain, take it and toss it on top of the heap of trash. Take all the negative and toss that bag along side it. If you have children from a past relationship, you are forced to have some involvement with your ex-spouse. However, limit it, and get rid of the “excess” baggage. No good can come of it. If you don’t have children, you are blessed. So are they. Always remember, “if it didn’t work the first time, it won’t work the second or the third or the fourth”. If the relationship was volatile, the violence will progressively take over AGAIN. When taking out the trash, take that extra baggage right to the incinerator, burn it and never look back. You both need different relationships, and NOT with each other. I was that “victim”. I destroyed my ex’s new relationship. I got back together with him several times. Each time started out with more passion than the last. But, each time ended with more abuse than the last. We each walked away from the person we should have been with to go back to the baggage that didn’t work before. Of course, the person I should have been with wouldn’t have me back. Why should he have? He treated me like a princess and I made others think he treated me like Cinderella. Why? Because if my excess baggage thought I was miserable, he would be there. We had history. Thank you for this wonderful apologue and for letting me vent. Begin your new relationship with a clear mind. Get rid of ALL your excess baggage, for your own sanity and that of your current partner. This response is as long as your blog, but if what I experienced can make a difference in one person’s life, it will save many from an extensive amount of pain and suffering. I live with the hurt every day. I live with the turmoil of knowing that I destroyed the life of my significant other and my ex’s significant other. All because I thought my passion would be enough to change things. Get rid of the baggage, burn it in the incinerator and live your life without destroying yours and others! Have respect for yourself and everybody else.

    1. AN excellent philosophy in theory but the problem being, I imagine, is that people on autopilot are not even aware of the baggage they take with them. ANd truly, its going with you and part of who you are no matter how you look at, the difference being, is it a small compact box or is it 15 trunks full of crap that isn;t necessary to dwell on…..

      1. Indeed you are right, too many people just “live on” without reflecting on what they do. Living in the here and now imposes on you a constant reflection and it takes a lot of training to let the past be the past and not worry about the future.

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