The Grass is Always Greener Where You Spread the Most Manure. Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Lately I have been thinking.  Oh no look out!

Well it IS a Mental Moment you think I just pull these out  of my?,..,, never mind..,    

I have considered going back to the way the Mental Moments used to be when they first started..back in the day.  I wonder exactly what day that was …day of the week.

They were pretty easy then, both to post and I ma sure to read as it would center around the video I had picked for the day.  I used to think wow – I wish I could come up with something more profound.

Then one day when looking for something on one of the Mental Moments, I noticed that a few were missing the videos as whoever had posted them had done whatever and I thought well that stinks because now there is nothing much there at all.

So I started being a little more profound and wordy.  To fill in for the video in case the Moment needed to stand on its own.

Just the other day when I was trying to come up with a good topic for mentaling… something that with both ways is a sometimes small annoyance, –  and I came up with one within minutes.  Except I can’t do them in minutes anymore.

And I thought wow, remember when they were just a little funny bit – I wish I could go back to that.

Not really – I think the moments have purpose and are pretty good but the ones then were just plain silliness.. maybe a happy medium.  Either way, there is good and bad about both and wishing to do it one or the other ways is spinning my wheels, which brings us to

Today’s Mental Moment.

ha ha funny I said spinning my wheels and look we got some place anyways…  see how I did that?  What?  ok well it is something….  ok, ok you think its easy over here on this side of the fence?..  hrmph.    

Having lived on both sides of the fence on many different areas of my life I can tell you the grass usually isn’t greener on the other side.

At least not by itself.  The grass is greener where ever you spread the most manure, and if you understand that the brass ring to happiness is not something that you can touch or find out there  – in the grass,  but something that you find within, then it doesn matter what patch of grass you are on, you can make it as green as you want.

greener here or there?  The grass is greener on the other side.  the other sde is greener

Ok, lt;s look at it like this.

The biggest problem The Grass is Always greener way of thinking is that people who are sitting in their little  patch of grass and looking over the fence at the lush green grass on the other side, are making their judgement based on one thing.

The color of the grass.

How it looks, how they perceive it in relation to the grass they are on.  They assume that because it is greener it is better, and with grass, greener is the ideal so that makes sense.

What they  don’t consider because once they decide that it is better than what they have, is how it got that way, and more importantly, how it stays that way.  Grass, like most things in life take a little to a lot of effort to grow, depending on the climate, and if you are lucky enough to get a rich green soft mat of grass,  there is no resting on your laurels.  There is disease to combat. and bugs and it needs the right amount of water and sun, and the grass doesn’t clip itself.

The real kicker of that is, the grass that isn;t as green requires the same things, same hard work and care, maybe different bugs or diseases but for the most part it’s the same.  So why is the greener grass always considered to be the key to happiness?

And another little known fact about grass is ..depending on the light and the angle at which you observe it, it can look lighter or darker than at other time from other angles.  What this means is, at any given time while you are looking over the fence thinking if you could only get to that side, someone somewhere is looking at your grass and it may even be the folks on the grass you are coveting

My thought on the grass is always greener on the other side?  Nah.  The grass is greenest when you  stop thinking that what someone else has is the key to your happiness.

Consider This:

See, it’s not really about the grass, it;s about the manure.

How many times has someone you know – or even you, been convinced that if they (or you) were rich you’d finally be happy?  Or that if you had a boyfriend or girlfriend  – or marriage or whatever ..  or maybe you are in an unhappy relationship and it seems like your single friends are living the good life whooping it up, not having to answer to anyone…

I don;t know if this is something that can just be believed  – as in take my word for it or if it is  one of those gee wow now I get it moments that you learn by actually living on both sides of the fence and realizing its all the same grass,different climate or growing season maybe – but it’s still about what you do with it.

The grass that is the best  is the grass you are working with.  The deciding factor to how green it is and how happy it makes you, is you.

So next time you look over the fence and see the green grass and think If only you had that, try changing the type of manure you are using.  If you can learn to work with whatever patch of grass you are on by changing something that you have control over – like the manure, then you can be happy anywhere with anything.

A good thick layer of manure works wonders   and you should never discount or take it for granted.

Just saying.

To Your Mental State, Whatever it may be,


16 thoughts on “The Grass is Always Greener Where You Spread the Most Manure. Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. I love this post, your beginning thoughts, your train of thought, the writing of it and the end point………all leading me to the same conclusion. I’d rather sit in my own manure than someone else’s haha. In other words, the me I live with is much better than trying to be someone I’m not.

    1. Yay! I LOVE the way you put that Gail – rather be sitting in my own manure then someone else’s Laughing out LOUD .. I wish I thought to put it that way cause that is perfect.. this is one that I started for a specific reason – I can’t remember now what it was but when they come like that its almost an aha moment.. not that I feel that way because I think i would have to understand it to think it – but finding a way to put it in to words.. I used to just do them and post them and then later think ah darn that would have been perfect to include… lately I have really tried to cover it.. how you said it just wraps it perfectly… 🙂 I can tell you so get me 😀

  2. I am new to WordPress and I am enjoying reading your blog. It sounds as though you have dealt with a situation similar to one I endured. Your message is loud and clear. “The thicker the manure, the greener the grass” is bonafide. It took me a coon’s age to actuate just how tall my boots had to be to walk through it. Hopefully, in the end, everybody’s grass isn’t burnt to a crisp. All the manure in the world couldn’t fix that. I look forward to following you.

    1. Thank you and welcome 🙂 how long exactly is a coon’s age? 😛 I am teasing I hope your boots were at least below the knee – although those thigh high ones are hella sexy.. but not so great for the manure.. glad you found my little corner of the blogosphere…

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