Weekly Photo Challenge; Free Spirit

This week’s Word Press Photo Challenge intrigued me  – well they all do and I usually have just run out of tine to get them in this  year.  Last Year I did them every week, ok yeah starting in November but hey.. Anyways the challenge , as I understand it,  is  to use the camera in different ways than normal and capture something that means Free Spirit..

I got up real early 

it was still dark of night
I waited to catch you
when you brought in the light
I know you come with morning
here and gone really quick
Normally invisible,
But i need a good pic
I adjusted my camera
I did a test run
so I could capture the free spirit
that welcomes the sun
No not to keep you
I just want to see
and it was  a challenge
given to me
to see the free spirit
where none’s normally seen
and get a great picture
You’re pretty are you Queen?
of the fairies or something
you ‘re so very small
to bring in the sun
I’ thought you’d be tall
The night guy is bigger?
Oh those moonbeams have weight
and the sun rays aren’t  heavy?
No I won;t make you late

Photo Challene Free Spirit

How did I find you?
I saw you one day
as you brought in the sun
then flitted away
To guide it’s journey
and wake up the land
I’d love to go with you
and give you a hand
To be a free spirit
well yes, I am it is true
but alas I can;t fly
not like you do

Goodbye little free spirit
go ahead with your flight
Sorry what’s that you say?

oh!  My bad you’re a SPRITE!


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