MaNaMaNa Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

It’s Hump Day Again!

It seems like it was just hump day last week, doesn’t it?

Ah well we know how time flies.


Wednesday Morning
MaNaMa Huh?  (Photo credit: Bunnyrel)

Oh well yea I said Hump Day and  you knew it was Wednesday huh?  Kinda redundant.

Anyways moving on

to our

Mental Moment

It’s a MaNaMaNa.   What is a MaNaMaNa?

Don’t ask me.  I’m just the messenger.

Or wait, is that …  well don’t shoot me either.  Please.

Not that there is any reason to, except the possibility that this will go over and over in your head.

For quite some time.

At least it’s happy.  And upbeat.

The perfect Mental Moment Break for a fine Wednesday afternoon.

that will carry over into a fine Wednesday evening,  and possibly all the way to  Thursday Morning.

Kinda a bonus I’d say.


To your MaNaMaNa Mental State, Whatever it MaNaMaNa

Lizzie Cracked (never broken) MaNaMaNa dee dee dee dee dee


12 thoughts on “MaNaMaNa Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Hey, I noticed the tags. I’m bipolar, too! A fun little manic post. Funny, when I saw “Ma Na Ma Na,” I went straight to the song in my mind. Perhaps it’s because I’m a musician and I do things on the “2 and the 4,” so it came out, “ma NA ma NA,’ thus leading to the tune.

    I used to watch Sesame Street when I was a teenager! Grover was my favorite. I love your openness about the whole mental thing, and I do the same on my blog, so let’s keep in touch, OK? Peace, Amy (a good example here:)

    1. awesome 🙂 I like Grover too.. especially when he was Super Grover.. but I had a Cookie MOnster when I was like 3 that I loved I was going to put it the way you wrote it maNAmaNA… should have lol.. I stumbled onto the mental moment.. it started out as mental health moment but by definition.. I do not and will not ever have mental health.. so its not really for mental health awareness and its not about mental illness awareness its just mental… I guess I get too literal sometimes.. but mostly just trying to bring some awareness to what we got.. and the gifts that come from it.. , popping over to take a look at your link.. thanks 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, I’m too old to have enjoyed the Muppets myself, I had to enjoy them second hand with kids. I don’t remember this one, but I sure enjoyed it!

    1. this was a Sesame Street Original I believe… I found a clip on You Tube that said MaNaMaNA original from Sesame Street and I actually remember it from Sesame Street not Muppets. its just that the video quality was better on this…. Where that all stands with the test of time..I haven;t a clue

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