Why are the Friggin BIRDS Angry??!!?? – take 2

This is another one of my older posts that I just had to bring out for good measure.  There is a new version of Angry Birds out did you know?  I am fighting it…  but I dunno.  Don’t worry though if I succumb to the temptation, I will surely be sharing the experience with you all.  

Enjoy!  🙂

Angry Birds
I wouldn't want to wake up in the middle of the night to those eyebrows. Little Freak! (Photo credit: ilamont.com)

Laying in bed this morning thinking about the day ahead I had a random thought.

It is not really the birds that are angry.

While I am not sure what wayward thoughts led me in this direction, I knew what it meant as soon as I thought it.

Angry Birds

I resisted it as long as I could.

Being a former Farmville junky –  yes I have actually used my debit card to purchase farm cash  –  I am wary of any game that easily becomes a topic of discussion.  I also have a  frustratingly short attention span.   I tend to get absorbed in these types of things and one of two things happens;,  I either stumble upon something else that captures my attention and become all absorbed in that or I just stop being interested. Like someone turned off the switch.

Depending  on where,  in the ever changing landscape of bipolar mood swings I happen to be hanging out.   The attention span and jumping from one thing to another, disorganization……all ways that I am affected by bipolar disorder.  Except some of it might be ADHD,  which is beside the point today.

I figured it would pass into the night as so many other fads had recently.  I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  But I couldn’t get away from it.

My kids play it, my friends play it.  There is an app for it.  A free App.  The final straw was the stuffed birds and pigs in the grocery store.


….  Peer Pressure, bend to it!!!

Well if there is an App….and it is free

Against my better judgement, ( the voice that reminds me that I am “special” that I can’t do the things the other kids can do because my brain processes things differently) I downloaded the original version.  I understand there are variations now.  I suppose on the bright side, I was fully aware of the pitfalls my own weakness and the probable outcome.

 So I am playing Angry Birds responsibly…

—–I will take a moment here to let you get your self together.  If the above statement hasn’t got you damn near to peeing yourself then you do not yet grasp the complete idiocy of what I just said.

If it is because you have not played Angry Birds yet…

I urge you to download it.

Join me in this freaky form of hell where pigs wear helmets and the friggin birds have eyebrow.

The first few levels I found myself amused, captivated if you will.  My favorite birds are the blue ones.  They are small enough that on my phone I can’t see if they have eyebrows and when you tap the screen, they multiply.  Neat trick.

Birds in a row

It’s all good until you get stuck on a level.  That’s when it becomes apparent that the damn birds are the definition of insanity.  Or that they cause insanity….How many times am I going to shoot the fucking birds the exact same way and expect a different result?

Well I tell you , I did it 23 time s on one level and now I am stuck on another level, no I won’t divulge just how inadequate I am by telling you which level that is…..  I WANT to do something different. I want to reorder the birds.  I want to  get a free bird – a life line.  I want to go back to when I didn’t even know these stupid feathered freaks existed.

..the pigs , the birds……the pigs…!!

Immmmmm   Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs!!!.

I hate this game.  Yes HATE.  It isn’t the birds that are angry.  It’s me.   I’m agitated, irritated and flubbergusted.  I know I need to delete it for my own well being, to preserve my precious ever dwindling sanity.

And I will get rid of it.
As soon as I get past this stupid level. !

Angry Birds
Angry Birds they may be but THEY DON'T HAVE EYEBROWS (Photo credit: riczribeiro)

29 thoughts on “Why are the Friggin BIRDS Angry??!!?? – take 2

  1. I had to step away from the Angry Birds App on my tablet. It was doing horrible things to me, Lizzie. I swear Mountain Man started to look like a green pig and all I wanted to do was use the kids sling shot and plant rocks between his eyes.

    I don’t like green pigs Lizzie. They are evil creatures. The inventors of Angry Birds are evil creatures as well.


    1. I hear ya sister! and we can;t get away from them…do you know they make cat toys …actually that’s kinda fun cause I can watch George rip the little freakish nightmares to bits…
      I want to try the Space one… but i won;t ..yet..or never…maybe next week

  2. Sorry. I lasted with it for about 3 hours, then I was bored.
    On the other hand, if it’s a less insanity inducing behavior than blogging, I could be persuaded to try again… 😉

    1. were you bored cause you got stuck on the same god forsaken idiotic freaky bird level…or bored cause you cruised right through it and didn;t see the challenge?

      be very careful how you answer 😕

      not less – different. little more ..um..violent

      1. There was an older game that was the same kind of thing – figure out how to collapse the building with well placed hits. Boulders or Penguins or something.
        I guess when i got over that, I was left with some sort of immunity. Or I just didn;t play it enough this time to get hooked!
        And I feel your pain on the levels – I have a bunch of videogames i’ve gotten partway through then stuck, and no way around it.

  3. Luckily I have never played this game! I have become addicted to FB games (yes, I too used to play Farmville), & still play some of them. I think my current favorite is Words with Friends because I don’t have to rely on other friends to provide me with “stuff” so I can climb levels – I just need friends to actually play with. So far this doesn’t seem to be a problem.
    Hubby was jealous of the time I used to spend on games & now I got him started, he is even worse than I was!

    1. I love Words with Friends! I got entirely too much into Farmville but yea – the same reasoning as you. You get to a point where it’s harder to go up a level and you either have to have lots of friends give you lots of stuff – or have Farm Gold or whatever they called it. I always hated to do the multiple Lizzie needs..posts.. My kids got me into Sims – same issue…Petville Cityville…need I go on? lol I don;t go on FB much anymore though so it isn’t too much of a problem.

      1. So why not friend me on FB & then we can play Words with Friends? I still play Cafe World & Castleville, but not much else. But it does get frustrating when you can do all the tasks, but because you don’t have enough friends you cannot complete the quests or advance levels.

      2. No officer, haven’t seen benze or Lizzie in a while now.
        words with friendz? Can’t say I have…
        into their computers? Oh my…have any pictures?

        Too funny! I’ll send a search party in a month!

      3. Now I have to go back to work, I doubt you’ll lose me in the computer. This morning when I downloaded my email I had over 300 notifications. It takes all day to get through these & I won’t have so much time for commenting, so I can cut this number down some.

      4. why not friend you on FB? there is no reason not to.. ! ok.. cause I just went to your bloggity blog blog and didn’t see a fb like button..you push my like button ..where in the hell did I put that thing….oh yea scroll to the bottom and hit the like..and then I will go to fb and do what needs to be done to be friends and then we can play 🙂 (yes I shamelessly just got you to like my page.;; but really its easier that way)

  4. The piggies stole their eggs!!!! Would you let some pigs steal your eggs and then just let them off the hook while they hide behind their poorly constructed shelters?! I don’t think so. You’d launch everyone around you into their houses to topple their evil pig empire LONG LIVE THE TUCAN! VIVE LA RESISTANCE!!!!

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