The Thing about Ducks, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Today’s Mental Moment..

hump day (8)
Yea, I said Ducks. We could do whale I guess (Photo credit: OMA&D Ethnic Cultural Center)

is brought to you on a Thursday.

This is the other side of the hump.  You know the one from Hump Day on Wednesday.

I get the whole concept but it seems to me if we are shooting for Friday..then that outta be the pinnacle.  The top.  The best.  And then the downhill slide starts from there to hit rock bottom again on Monday.  Just saying.

Anyways,  the mental moment isn’t really about ducks.  I just couldn’t come up with a better name.  It was catchy.

And there is a duck in it.

We can take this Mental Moment as..

A good example of persistence. (the Duck)


A good example of compromise. (the Lemonade Guy)  

Or…and I kinda like this one,

A lesson in how to be a really big pain in the ass.  (again, the Duck or me for putting these ridiculous  little catchy tunes up for the Mental Moments)  


Your choice.


To Your Mental State, Whatever it May Be….

Lizzie Cracked (never broken)  and she waddled away…  waddle waddle waddle.

except it’s not really like that.  I don’t waddle.


48 thoughts on “The Thing about Ducks, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. I have been sitting here trying to picture it. But one of the good points of wheelchairs is don’t waddle. I mean nobody wants to waddle right? Not that you would ever waddle… crap.. ok

    1. lol.. I mean,,,sorry but see its been stuck in my head for..a week since I found it… I can only stand these things for so long before I feel the need to ..share 🙂

      1. did you read my comment about what happened the other day when I saw a dog just like Wonderbutt? I owe that to you I think 🙂 or Wonderbutt.. but you bring Wonderbutt to us so ..yea you.. 😉 i think we are even.

  1. Lizzie, I love your little corner of fantasy land. Ducks or whales… does it really matter? I could not bring myself to open the song, though, because I still have “Ma Na Ma Na” floating in my head. Even blurted it out during rehearsal last night and everyone starting doing Sesame street stuff… one guy does a great Cookie Monster, two of the guys were the balcony old men… and I was Super Grover!!! ha ha Love this! Amy

    1. no it doesn;t really matter.. that;s awesome about getting everyone to get heir Sesame Street on.. my little corner of fantasy land is spreading… you blurted it out..I love it! I get it! ok then,,but come back for the duck song when you are ready cause ..I dunno it;s weird but good.

      I used to play the oboe. In an orchestra. is that important?

  2. Love the duck song – had it stuck in my head for most of the time I was reading the comments & then Ma Na Ma Nam came back to me. Yeah! I like it better!

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