Flashes of Sanity – Flash Fiction Challenge: Wreck

Welcome to the flash fiction challenge put out here at Running Naked with Scissors.

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Moving on to the next word, WRECK with a maximum word count of  100

Mine comes in at   12 words

It was a train wreck. He had called it and it happened.

Feel free to use the words in any order you like and post your link back to the challenge page when you post it.

Get flashing!

For great examples of flash fiction, head on over to Red’s place, The M3 Blog <——  and check out what she has done with this challenge as well.

To Your Mental State,

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3 thoughts on “Flashes of Sanity – Flash Fiction Challenge: Wreck

  1. love how just two sentences can evoke several storylines. He saw a situation/relationship and knew it was going to fall apart or he was psychic and knew the train would wreck? Or he was a criminal that had threatened the train would blow up if he didn’t get the ransom? could go lots of ways. The imagination plays with the sentences along different pathways. Fun.

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