Of Causes – (for real, I got it this time)

As far as causes, which I did not address earlier because I decided that when I got a handle on my purpose once again, it was already too silly for anything to be taken seriously.  I am not a serious person by any means but there are some things that would just get lost if I put them out there when I was in a… conundrum.

Now don’t start that again….  (picture the vultures in Jungle Book with the English accent trying to figure out what to do…ya with me? )


All righty then, I threw that in there just to make sure I didn’t lose you this time – and by that I don’t mean to suggest you got lost, I did. The clip doesn’t do that particular part justice but at least you know what I am referring to.

What started me off was the blackout the other day to protest SOPA /PIPA which by the way has been thrown out due to the overwhelming outpouring from the people against the loss of  one of our very basic freedoms.  Is it basic  only because we take it for granted?  Ah that is a discussion for another day and way more time.  Needless to say I am feeling all kinds of warm fuzzy patriotic right now and proud as hell that we got it done.  And proud as hell to say that I helped.  Cause I did.  (get it? )

I am pretty chill when it comes to not making a stink. What I mean is there aren’t many issues that I feel strong enough about to get all hot and heated.  I don’t pretend to think I KNOW what is best for anybody, I don’t think I am better than anybody and I am not about to tell you how to live your life when I am flying by the seat of my pants in my own.

English: 3D Cover Art created by me, Evelyn Ca...
Pick a side already

But Lizzie  – I can hear you now you tell us all the time how to do shit.  Yes good point, but it’s merely a suggestion, if I ever come across as some kind of authority well then I am obviously getting full of myself.  I do that sometimes anyways but it’s more of a self-esteem builder.  If I feel like I am a little down on myself I act like I am all that and a bag of chips.  It’s a good wake up call because if I get to the point of not being able to stand my own grandiosity, I quickly come back to the middle. Its easier than climbing up. And until I get unbearably conceited, I am probably a lot more fun than if I was on the downside.

A little reverse psychology  – I learned it in my psychological warfare training in the Army


And we are moving on – I was saying… um…

 As a parent, it is my job to get my kids to adulthood with the skills to be productive human beings  – they are not extensions of me, they are human beings in their own right, each very individual and if I give them a broad view of the world and make sure they have the skills to make their own decisions, they can form their own opinions and beliefs.  I do not believe I have the right to force my opinion of anything on them, whether it be my intense dislike of peas,

which I admit to probably failing in not imparting my not too high opinion on them by the fact I refuse to ever, not once even, buy them much less cook them.  We do use them for ice packs though and that was a bag I got from the food bank – so I still can say I have never bought them.

 to any opinion I may have about other races or political views or countries or the price of tea in China.  I can’t take them many places or do a lot of things to expose their growing minds to a wide variety so I try to embrace the wide variety on my outlook.  I can’t give them the world per se but I sure as hell am not going to let them go into it with narrow minds.

I do not like and try not to make generalizations, especially when it comes to people or how they want to live their lives. We all have free will for a reason.  I don’t need to bend your will to my way of living.  I guess it is probably necessary for me to say, after going through what I have been through, I will fight, tooth and nail, anyone who tries to bend my will to theirs so there is a paradox in the statement that I have no strong opinion that I will stand up for.

I will never lose myself again in somebody else’s view of the world if I don’t agree with it.  Don’t tell me the sky is blue when I know good and damn well it’s big.  🙂  Ok sorry, just having a little fun.  You perceive the world your way I will perceive it mine and if the two should meet well then yipee-skippy! let’s be pals.  That’s all it is anyways is perception – your reality is how you perceive it.  So don’t try to tell me what mine is

If you have two people in an argument and a third watching, if you ask all three later what happened, you will get three different versions – none incorrect just tilted towards their own perception.  The one that would most likely be the closest to what , if it were witnessed by a mass of people, would be the agreed upon version would be the onlooker because they are not personally involved therefore not spinning the tale with their own thoughts and beliefs affecting the facts.  More to the point, their beliefs and thoughts would not have bearing in that there is no payoff to them to make one or the other look better or worse.

In going against my normal nature of middle of the road, not making waves, keeping my opinions to myself – the more I think about the last though I am most definitely not on that boat anymore.  That’s part of the beauty of finding yourself I guess.  Instead of diving in the deeper end of this discussion I will leave it at keeping my opinions to myself  for the most part and let’s move on without going down the side path.

Are we all still together?  Don’t be afraid to hold hands so we don’t lose anyone.  Isn’t that the cutest thing how little kids in a line at preschool  – usually on a field trip or something of the nature they need to stay together, hold hands while they walk?

Causes – It has occurred to me, more than once that I have a golden opportunity to stand for something here.  To make this blog my soapbox if you will, about some cause or something.  Lots of people do it and I admire them for it but, I don’t know if I can.  If I should.

I know that standing up and DOING something to show where I stand on censorship felt really really good but would having a focus of awareness be the same thing?   There are many things, causes, I could easily take up the banner for – and I do know that I subtlety do it for awareness for Bipolar disorder because I am trying to make a point.  Without saying it so much.  So I do have my causes and my soap boxes, I just wonder if I should be louder about them.

Is what I am doing enough?  Am I doing any justice by not doing more?

I want awareness and acceptance for bipolar people yet, I do not do too much to educate or support that except be me.

I want to bring attention to the destructiveness of emotional, mental and physical abuse and domestic violence and having lived it, to correct some misconceptions that annoy me as well as harm the victims more still yet, I don’t really want to talk about it.

I want to exclaimthat stupid people need love too but… yea not a good example let’s skip that one.

English: A man wearing a tin foil hat
Um..yea I could say a lot about this but ..I won't

I am against a lot of things, I am for a lot of things and I am still a middle grounder in the way I approach life, choosing to humor my extremist thoughts  – and yes i do have them – simply by limiting my exposure to the things that get me hot.   As in mad.

I don’t hate anybody really unless it is on a very personal level – as in you personally destroyed any chance of me having any good feelings by hurting me or my family, not because of the color of your skin, or your religion or your sexual orientation or mental health issues or any other general label you might fit under.

Can someone like me really make a stand and make a difference and still live on the fence?

And that is my conundrum.

Now don’t start that again eh?

(Happy Talk will be returning Sunday Jan 22 – Roll with the change – See you then! )


7 thoughts on “Of Causes – (for real, I got it this time)

  1. I have these same thoughts sometimes…okay, maybe not in as much details, but I do.

    I often take stands and then find myself feeling lower than…well, low because nobody is standing with me. I often wonder if it is the emotional upheaval caused by the myriad of oddly names “syndromes” I have, or perhaps even though I feel good about myself (now) do I have some kind of lingering inner lack of confidence that what I say or think matters? Having been beaten down (literally) on so many previous occasions, one must seriously consider if they are actually worthy of making a decision regarding anything of importance.

    I get fired up about something, and then within a very short time, someone has knocked me back down (in one way or another) and I take the Pooh (and that is PooH with an H – obviously and not the poo often found on one’s shoe) stance and settle in a corner on my own with an “Oh bother,” cloud hanging over my head.

    I have recently taken on the role of rabble rouser. I have things I want to be heard (or read) and I don’t give a flying lizard’s limp leg if anyone wants to hear it or not. If not, then move on little people. I don’t know if what I say or do will make a difference, but as far as causes go, if you don’t do anything, you will never know what might have been changed.


    1. Rabble rouser 🙂 I like that – you go girl! It is a liberating experience to be able to say how you feel and not apologize for it.
      It is a healing process for those of us that feel like what we say has not been important and have handicaps in dealing emotionally. It means understanding that you are no less of a person – no less important because you are…cracked 🙂 you are you and beautiful and are important – you know – smart enough pretty enough and gosh darn it!!! People like you…
      Good to see you 🙂

  2. “Can someone like me really make a stand and make a difference and still live on the fence?”

    Absolutely. By being tolerant and accepting of others, by not accepting what is in front of you but digging deeper to examine it, you set an example that most would do well to follow. Just by being you.

    Rock on, lizziecracked!

  3. You can take a stand just by letting your mind go and seeing what comes out in the way that only you can do! Just being Lizziecracked — as naturally as things flow out –is exactly what you are and should be doing!! 🙂 Don’t questions it, just go with it. You are already everything you need to be!

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