Of Causes, Conundrums and… Cue Tips

Conundrum NOT eardrum.Try a Q-tip

I was wracking my brain.  causes, conundrums and crazies? no…

collections?  nu uh…

capers?  mmm maayybe no!

Well really that’s how I got conundrums– I was in one, having one and there it leads to another because now I have to look it up –  is it in one or having one?

I am for sure having a conniption over it all – that may be a little strong of a word although I like it.  It’s a cool way of saying hissy fit and I am not quite to the hissy part yet.

In fact, I am kind of calming down while I am trying to figure this out because I am cleaning my ears while I think.  With a Q-Tip which is the best invention since… well I just have to put it in my top 5 coolest and most useful inventions.  I like to clean my ears and sometimes I think I may poke my brain which sends me in another direction if I am stuck.  Like in a conundrum.

If I were a dog  I would be kicking my leg a hundred miles an hour when I clean my ears and come to think of it…I sometimes do anyways but ENOUGH about my ears and the Q-Tips..WAIT!  Cue Tips…

Maybe I should explain a conundrum.  We all know how I like my words (shaken not stirred) and to share the wealth with you all.  I know Happy Talk isn’t til tomorrow and I just can’t wait until then.  Don’t worry this word is purely for your enjoyment and my point.  What you do with it is your choice entirely.

Conundrum is a noun that means a problem or riddle that the answer is a pun.

🙂  See? get it?  Ok

A PUN is a noun that means a play on words, word play, quirk,   🙂 🙂

I am so shiny when I am brilliant!

Are you happy with the content so far?

Is Sofa King a pun?  And is that a conundrum?

When it comes to conundrums I will call a spade a spade, dig myself out of this hole and let’s all get back on the same page

I have completely lost the direction the post was going and I want to be sure I encompass everything the title suggests it addresses.

I see the signs, I should stop right? I left my thoughts out there, not that they mind but I need to get back to the matter at hand if I could only put my finger on it…and make my damn point.

Which of course, while I may veer off course I usually arrive at my destination of concluding my rambles. It’s just sometimes a long strange trip.  And I refuse to fall flat on my face; Like a pancake.

Why is this dog in the middle of my post?

There is no real depth or meaning to that statementt – fall flat on my face.  It goes toward the ridiculous.  I am really trying to get out of this silly mess, Please don’t judge me I can’t help it.  Trial and error…I don’t judge even while I court the inane.

Of late, I have been procrastinating.  The answer to my conundrum, the one that had me playing right into this heap of silliness, is to be more timely.

What originally got me thinking, and at first it all made sense was the need for a cause.  That is the original thought, the cause of  my conundrum that got me cleaning my ears and playing with my words.

So now I am back on track but it hardly seems like talking about that will be fitting in this forum, the topic having grown more serious than the silliness suggests.

So I am off to finish what I should have started long before the conundrum presented itself with a big red bow and we can chat later about causes and soap boxes.  I promise I will come clean and you won’t be left hanging in the middle of a conundrum of your own that I gave to you.

Think nothing more of it for now..

Q-Tips are great and the perfect go to tool for getting out of a rut.

 (that was a tip – cued by my imminent departure and the false promise in the title that there may be tips included – which is now a paradox because indeed, there is a tip. ) 

8 thoughts on “Of Causes, Conundrums and… Cue Tips

  1. That was great – a ramble over hill, under dale, through the woods, and a short pause for a delightful snack.
    As always, lizziecracked, you identify the issue and sort it out in your own inimitable, wonderful way!

    Just one question – is the dog in the middle of your post wearing a bonnet?!?

  2. Lizzie! Lizzie! Lizzie! I remember reading awhile back, I think it was when you were telling seven things we might not have known about you for the Versitile Blogger award, about your penchant for Q-tips and every single time I have cleaned out my ears since then I have thought of you, I kid you not! See what a difference you are making in my life BBFF? I love the way you were careening around sharp curves with this post but managed to stay on the road and bring on home safely. LOL! 🙂

    1. Ha HA HA you remember that? That’s awesome! I wondered if anyone remembered – I barely did lol although I was pretty sure I had to have mentioned it somewhere since I ma such a big fan. I am kinda bummed because I have an ear infection and I can’t clean my ear for awhile – it so goes against my nature. THanks 🙂

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