Best T.V. Turkey Ever – WKRP in Cincinnati; Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Well Folks, as hard as it is to believe, we are winding down to the end of another year.

It seems to me they fly by so much quicker as I get older.  It is easy to lose time not just in hours but days, weeks heck I have lost a few years.  I just can’t seem to remember where I put them.

WKRP in Cincinnati

I mean when you can rattle of the events of every single holiday season of your life starting with who came to visit, how many presents you got, what kind of cookies you left Santa and the exact amount of snow from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, never mind the awesome bargains you got on Black Friday, if you go shopping then,  as well as every single agonizing moment it took to get to sleep while you waited for Santa, it is pretty hard to imagine time going by so quickly you barely have time to register it.  You may remember looking oddly at the people who are complaining of how fast time went or trying to remember what they ate for Christmas dinner and think  – no doubt a little smugly…

you were too smug!.  We are always smug when we think we are not going to have those kinds of problems when we get older.  Ha.

Anyways I am saying smugly so just cool your heels for  second and you can deny it in the comments..  or try to anyways.  I mean you won’t have any problems leaving a comment, just convincing me you never thought smugly…

So where were we?  Oh yes SMUGLY looking at  someone in obvious time distress and thinking it won;t happen to you not realizing you failed to take into consideration that you are 10 and they are 35.

Which is normal pretty much for a 10-year-old.  The fun thing about that is 25 years later the then 35 now 60-year-old can look smugly on former 10-year-old when they can;t remember what they did for Christmas the year before….

Yes they have waited for that moment of payback, hoping they would be there to dish out the comeuppance, after all at that age 25 years is the blink of an eye I would think so it;s not like they had to wait forEVer, right?

Today’s Mental Moment….

ok it ha kind of gotten away from me, but it’s about time flying by and how turkeys can’t fly.

And that is it.

This is one of the best moments in tv sitcom history and it will probably, hopefully take some of you to back when.

See how that works?  You get to have a little bit of time back.  You are very welcome.

Its is also dedicated to my dad, because he laughs so hard when we talk about it and he mentioned at the table the other night he would love to get his hands on a clip.  And I can do stuff like that cause it;s my world over here. So here’ to you Dad …

And to all the rest of you, we will be seeing each other before the big day but I might as well ay Happy Thanksgiving to you all now, just to make sure I do it before the day after.  Here’s a fun Lizzie fact too, I have never, not once in all my fortysome years been out shopping on Black Friday.

At least not that I remember.


To your Mental State, whatever it may be.

Lizzie Cracked neer broken


33 thoughts on “Best T.V. Turkey Ever – WKRP in Cincinnati; Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. yes – its enough to have to deal with the turkeys in everyday life – then they get a big head like this holiday is all about them..can you imagine thinking we all held them up as some kind of standard of excellence – I mean ..there is one every least. well ya knwo what they say – dlon;t let the turkeys get you down.. and don;t stand underneath a helicopter throwing them out the door either.. 😉

      1. *snort* Cannot fly with the eagles when you are hanging with the turkeys. ROFL! I would like to see one of my smug ones take that like something other than a character indictment. 😛

      1. It did. I knew I was getting FP’d on Wednesday, so I put links in the post. I linked the word August to your blog, so people would come over and see you. I hope a bunch did!

      2. ohhhhh I get it! Thank you! I did have a lot more traffic on this post and yea… I got lnew followers.. I have been sick so I was kinda out of it.. that is so cool.. I did see the link for the ..littel girl with cancer – I’m sorry I know but I can;t remember what its called… and I thought that was a extra bonus to have time to prepare… and add things like that. i got the email in the middle of about 100 comment and like emails… did they just tell you you got it and it would be up sometime soon or you knew what day? Crazy right? I went to your zazzle store and then went to mine this morning and it said my address was uk.. are you sure there isn;t gonna be some sort of upheaval or something on the 12th?

      3. Yeah, I got the e-mail on Wednesday that said I had been Freshly Pressed, and my post would appear sometime in the next couple of days. It ended up being Saturday. Some of the links I had already put in there from the original post, but I went back in and added some – just to share the wealth.

      4. that’s what I always say 😉
        Well ya did a great job and thanks for the link secret code word thingy – it did boost my numbers and it was very secret squirrel – which is better than ninja even 🙂

  1. Bahahahahahahahahahaha! I remember when that aired! I loved Les. And i had a poster of Lonnie in a bathing suit right next to my bed in the barracks. Oh, how this brings back mammories! Bahaha! 😉

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