Back to Basics; Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment


Look at that!

Tuesday,  Again and how did we get here?

Oh never mind.  That could take more than a moment.

and we only have one you know.  One a day.

Today’s Mental Moment..    

We are going back to basics.  Well I am.

I guess if you are here for the Mental Moment, then you are too.  how about that?

What do I mean by basics?  Well for those of you who have been here since the beginning of time,

I mean the Mental Moments,

We started out with silliness and videos.   Stuff that got a giggle and got us thinking too right?

I mean the very first one was surely something that got you saying huh?  I think that might have been the title of it, in fact it may be that the title of more than one is or contains the word, huh..

huh..wonder why?

Anyways so today let’s do a quick personality test.

It is only a minute or to be exact 1:27.  You have time?

tell me in the comments what your personality is.  🙂


To Your Mental State, Whatever it may be…

Lizzie Cracked


and just fyi..  my hands were above my head and below my waist…   go figure 🙂


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