Missing: Donut, Hole-less with Sprinkles. Reward for its Return (preferably unlicked)

Jessie Willcox Smith's illustration of Alice s...

This is not cool.

donut, donut hole
it didn’t run away on its own.. or..

I think I fell through  a wormhole and into a parallel universe.   I don’t even know  what a

wormhole is yet, I think fell through one?  It must be true then.  Right?  You can’t make stuff up and know what you are talking about.  That’s just plain crazy.

Things aren’t right..  Everything is wonky, slightly askew.  Not enough to be alarming at first but it’s snowballing.   A big round ball of snow flying down the hill, getting bigger by the moment and its July.  

I feel like Alice in Wonderland.  Well like she must have felt.   I mean, how would I know how she felt, it’s not like I am she, or can read her mind.  What do cartoons feel like anyway?  Are they solid, or are they wispy and smoke like when you try to touch them.

Wormhole (Photo credit: Paco CT)

It all looks ok, but it’s not.  Not at all.  I did not request a trip from my world to whatever the hell is going on here.  I like my world just fine thank you, can I leave now please?

Someone took my donut.  As if the fact the holes are already missing isn’t bad enough…  my donut is gone.  No one would dare take my donut in my world.

Then there is the people…  they aren’t acting right.  Saying things they wouldn’t say, ever, doing things they wouldn’t do, never ever.  Not where they normally are but where they normally aren’t.

I can only take so much at one time before I lose control of the tenuous grasp I have on…whatever the heck I am holding on to.  Air,  it seems to be only air.  And air can’t hold you..  or me.

signs, confusion
which way?

Is someone messing with me?  Changed my settings, messed with my rocks and my anchors and compasses.  Everything is different, but the same enough that I should not even notice, but I do.  I don’t like it.  I am too sensitive and under attack.  What did I do?  Who do I talk to make this mess right?

Who is in charge of this messed up crap I call …  nothing.   I don’t call it.  This is not my world and I don’t know the number here.  Or the address.   So how did I tell the wormhole where to stop?

Monkey Bar
But..does it have a tail?

I am lost with no direction, no point, no destination.  The one I had in mind, is out of my mind with confusion.

If you click on a link they are supposed to be here.  They aren’t supposed to say farewell.  Not in the middle of the night..or maybe it was day here.   I didn’t get the memo.  I never get the memos and I feel memoless.

It’s a green thing.   I signed up for paperless memos but they have the wrong address.  I didn’t give them the wrong address, they just have the wrong address.  That’s what happens in a parallel universe.  The other plane of existence.  WHERE IS MY MEMO?

I can never fit in forever.  Happily ever after comes never before I get to the end of the road to nowhere.

People aren’t where they should be, and people are disappearing.  You can’t just disappear, you can’t just leave.  When you click the link….

I feel like an outsider back in my life.  except it isn’t my life,  I don’t know whose it is.  Or maybe it is mine and the person that was minding it for me while I went away in my head, didn’t water the plants.

There is this ..ball in my throat, almost down to my chest.  It is palpable but there is nothing there.  At once, I want to vomit and scream but you can’t do both or it would come out your nose.  The scream would sound nasally and I don’t want to talk about the other in my nose on the way out.

People aren’t doing what they do and aren’t where they are.  Were.  Or is it me?  Am I gone?  Or am I here and I am not where I was.  Am.

signs, huh? railroad

I want to cry but my tears would fill the ocean and overflow to the bathtub and down the drain and still not stop.  Do you hear me?  Am I even speaking your language?  Take me to the one in charge.

I want to go home

Except I have no home.   I am between them.  I have an ad but no one answered.


Needs Home.  Full on crazy; with papers.  Very well-behaved, good with kids and pets.  Eats little and is quiet and unobtrusive.  Usually.  

No one has answered it.  I am in limbo in an alternate existence.  I can’t take it all at once.  It hurts and I am sensitive.  I keep believing the damn scorpion wont sting me..  like the toad..  I fall for it every time.  Every.  Single.  Time.

I was in the middle of it then went to my own place for a while.  I came back and am standing outside with my hands on the windows saying

Open Open Open     

But no one does cause it seems here or there, where ever, is closed.  And they don’t like my fingerprints on the glass.

This ball in my throat that is almost in my chest, if I let it out will it bounce?  Who cares if my tears fill the ocean and the bathtub and down the drain, except that they would not stop and soon the whole world would be flooded.

It won’t help, it never stops.  It goes, as once I said before, on and on.  So I guess I should keep it in.  No ball games, no bouncing.  No relief.

I am confused.  And not in my world.  I just want my donut back, the one with the missing hole,  preferably unlicked.

I would say just leave it.

But I have been left enough.


Blessed Light Bringer, Blessed are the Cracked


15 thoughts on “Missing: Donut, Hole-less with Sprinkles. Reward for its Return (preferably unlicked)

  1. Well said. Lizzie darling!

    Somebody is holding that donut for ransom and trying to wash off the icing and sprinkles!

    Oh, and? I am answering your ad- I’ll take you!

  2. I could go all zen and say “You are the donut, Lizzie C.”
    But I have no idea what the hell that means.

    You’re welcome to hang out whenever you need a break. And I think the world should adapt to you for a bit.
    (Just sayin).
    I’ll lay in some fresh donuts and even spring for some good coffee for when you come around.

  3. Hey Lizzie…I love you. Maybe the donut hole is still there, it is just a plain one. Maybe the sprinkles are gone, but I think it has a little glaze left, and it might have a yummy filling inside that you just can’t see right now. Regardless, donut holes love you as much as you love them and maybe the donut hole cried a lot too, but even though it may have been dunked in a bunch of black coffee and its soggy, it hasn’t completely fallen apart, and you can’t either… It needs you.

  4. You are such a darling. The alternate universe is mine. Just remind me not to leave the tele off the hook. Fave line? Happily ever after comes never before I get to the end of the road to nowhere.

    I have been on the road to nowhere. The funny thing? There are a ton of rest stops with built in, bring your own happiness. You drop in, and it flows right out of your heart. ❤ And you have a huge one.

    Much love,

    1. 😀 I didn;t know about the rest stops.. and if the alternate universe is yours next time I won;t be so confuddled 😉 but I did always think that the road to nowhere ended up somewhere… it does right?

  5. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! LOL! (serious note) I really hate it when someone steals my donut, then licks it, knowing that if that person offers it back I won’t take it because that person got his/her saliva all over my donut!!! LOLOLOL!

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