Good Intentions Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Thursday Afternoon
Thursday Afternoon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, how many of you are totally thrown off by the fact that there was a holiday that gave us a day off right in middle of the week?  I mean really…  It seems like it should be some other day then Thursday.

Thursday is good though.. it;s the day before Friday after all. And we all love our Fridays don’t we?  We live for Fridays…We eat sleep and Po…

ok nevermind lets just get on with

Today’s Mental Moment

Have you ever heard the saying;

The road to hell is paved with good intentions


If you come here often I am sure you have read it somewhere or other …  I say it or part of it a lot.

That isn;t exactly what we are talking about today.  I intended it to be but its taken a little different spin.  I think we should talk about

When good intentions have bad outcomes.

Its kinda the same thing but the point of the idiom is that having good intentions isn’t enough.

But I would hate to think that everyone that has good intentions but doesn;t follow through, gets to hell that way.  That’s harsh.

Just like thinking that if something bad happens from someones trying to do good, they are a bad person.

Consider this:

We all have had times where we try to make something work for the betterment of everyone that is involved.  Right?

And I will bet that no matter how much we tried, or how bad we wanted it to be a good thing, it ended up bad.

Then we end up beating ourselves up, and if the undesirable outcome involves others, often being berated, maybe called stupid and worst of all (to me for sure)  is to try so hard to have a good outcome, to put my all into it, have it tank, then get told I just don’t care.

You had really good intentions.  If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t have tried at all and the bad outcome does not make you a bad person.

Bad people have bad intentions.

Film poster for Cruel Intentions - Copyright 1...
These are bad people..  

So next time something bad happens that is the direct cause of someone else;s actions, before you call them some weird name, stop to think about what their intentions were,  DId they really mean for it to go bad?  Did they try to hurt anyone,.

Or if it happens to you..  if you hurt someone unintentionally..  of course you should let them know you didn’t mean it but don’t

Good Intentions (2010 film)
probably not bad people

beat yourself up over it.  You aren’t a bad person because you know what?

Shit happens and we can;t control everything.  We can only control ourselves.  And if your good intentions included things that aren’t in your power…


There also those who unintentionally hurt someone because they didn’t  think things through enough.  Maybe they weren’t able to foresee the bad outcome because they are genuinely good people who think good things.

That happens to me a lot.  I don’t think of the bad things that can happen or the hurt something might cause because I am pretty naive sometimes.

Has that ever happened to you?

Here we have a little clip to illustrate my point.

Good people don;t have bad intentions

Just saying.

Next time you are the hapless victim of a bad outcome caused by someone’s actions, or you are the one who causes it. stop and think about this.


To your Mental State, Whatever it may be…

Lizzie Cracked


6 thoughts on “Good Intentions Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. DAmn! I was tryihg to think of that one – except I don;t get it… yet.. or may be I really do and just dont know I do… there’s a weird thought.. I bet you didn’t intend for me to stay up all night pondering that? just kidding… only half 😉

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