I ran across this on one of the blogs I follow.. it says it pretty clearly.. this is the kind of thing we need to change this month.. don’t you agree?

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    1. YES! Exactly that;s what I meant..how’d you know that’s what I meant?

      Ya know..I have heard a lot of these things before.. i mean in relation to my illness.. it;s really sad..and hurtful..this is where there is lack of validation and the feeling begins that…no one cares.,

      thanks for caring Guap – it;s people like you that will make the difference.

      1. You’re changing the world, Lizzie. Every time someone comes by and likes one of your posts, finding out that your bipolar is nowhere near the sum of you.
        One day (hopefully in our lifetimes), we’ll tell stories of the now to kids and they’ll look at us with disbelieving eyes.

  1. YES! YES! YES! YES!

    The amount of ignorant people I deal with on a regular basis regarding my ADHD and my sons ADHD is disgusting. “He just needs more discipline”. “You/He just need to try harder”. “Why can’t you just get stuff done”.

    People actually *laugh* at me when I decide to tell tham that I have ADHD because they think it isn’t real.

    It causes problems for me, for my marriage, for my kids, for my mothering, for my extended family, for my business, etc., yet ‘it’s not real’. I am honestly sick and fucking tired of those closest to me being disappointed with me. Since I cannot fit into their mold, that must mean I am a failure.

    Good thing my Neurologist disagrees with all of them.

    Yes, things need to change.

    1. Always makes me happy when I hear that someones doctor takes a mental condition seriously, without being condescending or patronizing.
      And “failure” is not one of the words I’d ever use to describe you.
      Especially since I have so many other more appropriate words.

      1. And while I am venting I will say this also- I don’t ever want to fit into someone else’s mold for me. And how dare they try to make me. Assholes.

        As for GuapTart, he didn’t even share the beer Lizzie.

      2. And while I my exhaustion and general confusion is in very good company with two wonderful women, I have no idea what we’re talking about either.
        Oh yeah, let us know when your head gets the better of you Ginger. We specialize in silly non sequiters.

    2. I agree .. and you are never a failure.. don;t let anyone tel you you are.. its real..you live with it.. you know it..your friends here know it..and I for one will never tell you are less of a person because of it.. I wish that I could give my life to one jerk face nonbeliever for just one day.. they would be flat on their face in less than 10 mins… and BEGGING for some meds ….then I could say ..oh these you don;t need them…snap out of it… HA

      1. I’m am working on not believing the failure part- but when you hear that for 38 years, it’s a difficult tape to stop playing in your mind.

        Family members are the most cruel, sadly. ALL.OF.THEM. Conditional love is something that makes me quite ill.


      2. Let us know when the tape starts playing, Ginger. I’ve got some Barry Manilow and a little Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (Banjo!) that’ll give you something else to listen to.

        Hell, I might even say nice things too! And be sincere about it!

      3. yep – we will help you remember the real deal.. not sure about Barry Maniow? but anyways.. I have been treated like that my whole life..and up until I was 38… I couldn’t even say it was real… its time to start playing by your rules Ginger.. it will get worse before it gets better..but it will get better….

  2. Wow! That’s really powerful! People would never dream of treating any illness other than mental illness like that. And Guap’s right. We need education every day of the year!

    1. its a great illustration of how it is for some of us… I mean.. I couldnt have written it better to try and explain it.. and it packs a punch.. hopefully enough… every day ..!! yea! it is everyday for me.. every damn day

      1. I can only imagine how hard that would be Lizzie. I mean, I’ve never felt what you must be living with but I did have migraine headaches everyday for two years and I know that after awhile people got weary of my headaches and I felt so alone and isolated. It wasn’t that people didn’t care what I was going through, they just didn’t understand. Is it kind of like that?

      2. just like that.. I can;t be upset that people dont understand..how could they.. although just like you relating your migraines..maybe they have something that would make it easier.. but there are some that just dont try. Many that think it is all a matter of positive thinking. There are some ways that changing thinking ..thoughts and beliefs.. can help but it helps me manage it ..helps me not fall apart as much, but there is also a point of no return that if I can’t reason through my feelings.. I have the most trouble in the depressions.. I don’t want to feel the way I do I am aware that my thoughts are dark and I am not feeling well .. I dont want to feel this way.. but I cant just wake up in the morning ans say.. I am fine today.. ok I can and I can fake it but I have found it easier to just ride it out. And rationally I know I have nothing to be depressed about, nothing to be angry about or irritable..I can’t find a good reason to be in such a crappy mood but I can’t find a way out of it at the moment. If someone says..well why are you depressed,,,what is going on and I got ..nothin.. that makes any sense.. it is rather hard to believe, much less understand.

      3. It looks like you are getting my comments! Yay! I know you were having trouble with your comments going to spam – the same thing is happening to me but only on some blogs (my replies to comments on my own blog go to spam) How did you finally fix it?

      4. and ironically..this one was in the spam box.. I haven’t been keeping up so I guess I didn’t fix it.. I know how frustrated you probably are.. Remember when it happened to m? I will make it a point to check everyday now until you don;t end up there for a good amount of time. Yea..I used to have my own replies and pingbacks go straight to the spam box.. Wonder what put you on the radar but you aren’t the only one..

      5. That is ironic!! HA! I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but when I got my migraines it was like an electrical storm in my brain which made the brain chemicals malfunction. I even saw the storm when I closed my eyes – it looked kind of like a thunder storm. — and I for the life of me couldn’t figure out what was triggering them. I never did– they just went away eventurally! When you go into depression something that happens maybe a food or emotion can trigger it, but then the chemicals get out of balance which causes a depression storm of sorts.. Do you think that’s what happens? Like having diabetes is chemical and bipolar sounds like dibetes only it happens in the brain which affects thinking. OK, maybe I’m just rambling now!!!

      6. you pretty much got it.. I mean like ..right on.. the last few bouts I had with depression.. I had issues that affected my emotional well being.. triggers I guess.. If you said to me ..well why are you depressed? I would say it was something in my life.. this time? No clue.. and there was a little voice of reason saying ..(all the things they say not to say to a depressed person lol) snap out of it..you have no reason to be depressed.. blah blah blah and so forth.. but I could not change it.. something chemical..hormones..meds..I havent a clue.. cause I know my triggers..and I don;t think there were any..mental triggers I mean.. but like you said people were tired of hearing about your headaches..sorry for that 😦 but I am so glad they went away πŸ™‚ I guess if I can;t even explain why I feel the way I do..then how can I expect them to understand? Understand or not though.. I dont disregard the pain and discomfort or unbalance and disorder of others.. dismiss it as ..
        unimportant..or histionics for attention..or annoyances making my life harder..and on purpose!
        well.. I have no idea where that was going.. but yes.. you have a really good example to relate it to form your life.. and you know the people that seem to be the most understanding, empathetic, and outraged.. are the ones that can look into their own lives and instead of disregarding it simply because they don;t have what I have.. or becasue they never had a migraine.. try to relate it and understand it. thanks.. I am truly lucky.. I think this has been a month..year of awareness for me… I didn;t have to convince you and the others that I count on.. that I have something to offer.. you all showed me that I have something to live for and that I matter..as a person.. and that is what made it easier to talk about my illness..its kinda circular diversion. or something.. .. that .. *ahem.. ok.. I guess I posted a post on my own post.. under the post on my post that you posted…which is fine btw.. sigh. Love you ❀

      7. oh wait.. I know.. you mentioned diabetes.. and the chemicals etc.. Ithink having your blood sugar go wonky def would have an effect on mood.. in fact..I am almost positive of it. .on darn good authority actually…it may appear as I am trying to find a way off the crazy train.or make .room for everyone to jump on it πŸ™‚ but more than that.. I want to know why…somebody give me a darn good explanation.. and I will ..still get bent.. but maybe about something else.. like.. i dunno ..take it as it comes I guess

  3. What a perfect illustration. It amazes me how little people think someone’s mental state should impact their lives. People constantly want to just wish stuff. Like mental illness away, but you can’t. It’s the marriage from hell in a land where there is no divorce. It will either kill you or change your life forever, and people that don’t realize that are idiots. It’s like being annoyed that a person born with no legs can’t run. Sorry for ranting…

    1. don’t be sorry.. it’s true. I don;t know why they don’t say ..for instance,,bipolar is a brain illness instead of Mental Illness.. and I wonder if they did..how much different it would be seen.. people with brain illness..brain trauma..have sever mood swings.. no one “blames” them or thinks then can control it do they? I didn;t ask to be sick…why do I have to be treated like its all my fault.. or that I deserve it.. or…..

      1. be left ..and told i am not worthy of love… nobody would do that to someone with cancer would they? I’m sorry you have cancer… you aren;t worthy of love….. yea..don;t think anybody would…. πŸ˜•

      2. No kidding, but whoever told you that is an ignorant asshole or something similar. Maybe you should run around with a knife or something so people will take you serious. Okay, so maybe not, but at least, keep talking about it.

  4. That certainly puts an interesting perspective on it. It’s much easier to deal with things when we can physically see them or quantify them.

  5. Lizzie–this is too wonderful. It’s exactly what goes on–think this needs to be forwarded to all the social media (and I wish I’d have found it to go with my piece, today! You’ve got good [and young] eyes).

    1. It really does say it perfectly.. without having to write a word..
      I am actually surprised that there isn’t more attention on the social media sites about Mental Health Awareness Month.. This kind of thing is very powerful…
      and I am so sorry to not have gotten your comment up ..it was in my spam box..
      I have been neglecting things here .. just struggling a bit with the darker side..

      1. I’ve been truly–unpleasantly–surprised by the lack of awareness about mental health awareness days, weeks, and month. It’s disappointing, and doesn’t say much for us as a society. Best wishes for health and recovery during this dark time.

      2. thank you πŸ™‚ I am feeling a little brighter today. It was weird this go around.. nothing mental to trigger it. I guess something knocked my brain chemicals wonky.. but anyhow I am in the up and down swing and not sure if that is better or not but at least its relief from the solid low..or plummeting low.. it’s a mystery.

        a friend wrote a letter to the NMHA.. is that the one that changed to NAMI? asking about the terminology..I was amazed..touched..astounded..inspired.. he doesn;t have a mental illness but he has most definitely been an advocate..and the kind of friend that every mentally ill person should have one of..everybody should have one of actually πŸ™‚ He is one person and took the time to write a letter..to try and make a difference.. to learn and to care.

        I was hoping to get WP attention with the Being Difficult Post.. I guess it didn’t work. I find that odd, since I started, that when you go to topics it says..these are what the most blogged about topics are and there is not one..not one single one that relates to mental health….awareness.. illness…psychology. I have a hard time believing that they aren’t – one of them at least in the top 100 or whatever topics that are blogged about. I have seen blogs about those things on FP.. mine was..but not a post that had anything to do with it. I want to storm into someone’s..office..or something and demand recognition for the simple fact that ..their denial..cause that is how I see it.. sends a subtle..blaring message that ..this issue doesn’t matter. Maybe I’l just do a blatant hey! WP post today πŸ™‚ . feeling a little mischievous on top of bent..

        How about starting a foundation..like the Susan Korman one? The Lizzie Foundation for the Cracked and Disordered.. hahahahahaha.. except for the name.. I am not kidding. That’s what got people to step up about breast cancer..isn’t it? Ok.. I am going to stop.. cause I have a bunch of ideas now..not all of them really appropriate..lol..

    1. Hi Hobbsy.. I been thinking about you too.. I have just been ..low lately..can’t shake it. I am starting to feel better.. I’ll be back soon..love you too πŸ™‚
      thanks.. ❀

  6. My favorite line is: ‘I don’t believe in depression.’ Like it’s a religion, or something. Like if you don’t believe it, it doesn’t exist.

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