Stigma Sucks Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Hello Dear Readers..

It is Monday once again.

Sorry didn’t mean to rub it in.

I have been having a mental moment that just won’t quit.  And the state of my mental is..questionable.

Lime-lighting mental health awareness
Lime-lighting mental health awareness (Photo credit: faxpilot)

But I have neglected sharing with you all these  little tidbits and moments and attitude adjustments.   🙂

The little moment break we take during the day to be mental.

And I missed it.

Ok, well apparently I am rambling so let’s get on with today’s…  

Mental Moment

(every time I write it that way I hear that part of Finding Nemo ..the Ring of Fire..! )  Call me crazy..  no wait, don’t

That is what today’s Mental Moment is about.

No.. not the Ring of Fire

or me being crazy.  Kinda

OK maybe it kinda is but we have one more week left of Mental Health Awareness Month.

NO matter how I feel about the terminology and stuff.. it is supposed to be bringing awareness to Mental Health I’s really about Mental Illness and understanding it and stopping the stigma.

Stigma SUCKS!  It does.  And it is hurtful and unnecessary.  So let’s try to stomp it out shall we?

It would make our world a better place…  it would make my world..   kinder.

To your Mental State, Whatever it May Be…

Lizzie Cracked  (never broken..just appearing that way sometimes.  It’s ok though cause remember?  I am rubber..  I bounce back.



58 thoughts on “Stigma Sucks Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Um, so I was unable to read your last sentence. As soon as I saw “I am rubber…” my brain re-wrote it to be – I’m the rubber you’re the glue whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. So, I guess that’s where my mental is for the moment. :-/

    1. that;s actually where it came from ..I talk about it a lot and say when I get zinged or something that I am going to put on my rubber body suit that I half rock and make you glue 🙂 ..well not you..personally .. 😉

      I think it came from My Mean Streak and the Sarcastic Retort? …which is just a higher level of I am rubber you are glue… (no..not you..)

  2. This is awesome Lizzie- when you are ready, me thinks it’s getting closer for a certain ‘side project’ to launch. What say you about that?

    I miss your shiny and perfect face!

  3. You don’t know me (yet) I hold your written honesty as words of “Truth” U write well. I am in the same field of Life… as it were and is. alabama says hey…

  4. Stigma is attached sometimes due to the ignorance or arrogance of the healthy. I was once told “You can’t understand depression unless you’ve been depressed” Keep going 🙂

    1. I shall now that I am here.. Isnlt it just a matter of empathy? caring.. forgive me…,I am a little muddled in the brain I may have missed your point… if so please do clarify.. or whatever pther action might need to be taken.. thanks -)

    1. no worries. I just got here today too… dept I think you got here before me..well after but then I didn’t get here.. sigh.. better late than never and your not late and I appreciAte you are here.. 🙂 hope your mental is better and not still in that moment.. that you were havimg before you got here.

  5. This is such a powerful video! A great mental moment for all of us. To stop and think about what we can do to help raise awareness . . . LIzzie you are making a difference my wonderful Cyber Daughter!!! 😀

      1. thanks Hobbsy.:-) I love you too., sorry my computer frozen up and I’m typing from my phone. I just had the weirdest feeling for real. like I don’t remember how I got here..

      2. nothing. I got depressed. but I don’t remember if I tripped and fell or saw it coming. I couldn’t shake it tho. but I feel .. it was weird like up until that moment I remembered it all.. and then,poof.. wow.. I might be crazy.. shhh. don’t tell

      3. it.. feels like it. course I thought that two days ago and I was really super mad.. then I felt better for a bit .. then I felt worse… but I’m not all over the place… just waking up..

      4. Lilly, I have to type fast this is the third try to reply. They get deleted if anyone else. Read the mental posts on my blog. They will make you smile.

    1. It is a well done video – I looked at quite a few. Many of them made it too much like it was about being PC. Hope you are feeling better.. I am going to tackle my inbox soon..sigh Love back 🙂

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