I got Cowboy Boots and a Broken Heart, Wanna Mess With Me?


Red High Heel Pumps
Heels are Hella Sexy BUT…

Every girl needs a pair of cowboy boots.  I am pretty sure if it were required in life there would be significantly less   girls /women suffering from low self-esteem and door matitis.

Think about it.

Shoes in general seem to have a cathartic effect on women.  a transforming, calming effect.  I am not a shoe person myself, but even I can tell you the power of the right pair of shoes.

And Cowboy Boots are undeniably the top of the shoe chain.  ( similar to food chain if you are wondering.  There is a hierarchy but the shoes don’t eat each other, obviously)

Cowboy style boots
ass ..I mean shitkickers

First of all, they are properly referred to as CowBOY Boots. not cowgirl bootsThat is especially good to remember when you are putting your boots on during a personal crisis such as;

you heart just got broken.

If you put on your cowgirl boots,  well you’re not gonna feel any better.

In fact,  you may feel like crying even more. or hiding.  That just doesn’t cut it.  Make it Cowboy Boots and we have a whole different animal.

You want to argue with me on that?

One of the definitions in the dictionary;

cowboy n. 1.  hired hand    

and here’s the one we like.

2.  a person who is reckless or irresponsible.

It’s  not necessarily good  to be reckless and irresponsible, but reckless and irresponsible people..well they don’t give much of a damn.  Doesn’t mean you don’t give a damn, just ,means you look like you don’t.

Isn’t that kindawhere you wanna be if  someone breaks your heart?

Cowgirl boots are awesome.  You look great in them..dancing.


Need I say more?

Lizzie Cracked (never broken)  my heart isn’t either anymore than it already was…  I just wanted to talk about Cowboy Boots.  Cause they are cool.

these here cowgirl boots..are for dancin…not heartache

35 thoughts on “I got Cowboy Boots and a Broken Heart, Wanna Mess With Me?

  1. My daughters have an assortment of cowGIRL boots. A rainbow of fruit flavors, but I now see the error in my ways. CowBOY boots just made the must purchase list for both of them! It’s the least I can do after making them live in a house full of boys! 🙂

  2. Yep. I have a pair that I’ve worn beyond repair (4 years, almost daily).
    And yeah, if I can;t find the right pair in NYC, I’ll fly back out to Denver and drive 3 hours to replace them.
    As a guy, ain’t no shoes like a good pair of comfortable round toe cowboy boots

      1. I have very wide feet & my hubby buys the pointy toe boots, so once he stretches them out a bit, it works for me because the extra length is taken up with pointy toe!

      1. The place was FM Light and Sons in Steamboat Springs. Dude spent an hour and a half making sure they fit right.
        Great store, great boots!

      2. The holy long drive would be worth it…I would drive even further just to get a pair of boots…they are completely awesome.

      1. Oh, I did! My first pair was an infant’s size 3! My favorite pair was a pair of kangaroos my grandfather bought in Australia, although I have had more than a few American style regular cowhide pairs which have ridden hundred of miles on horseback.

        Reminds me, we need to step up the effort in convincing Bear we need horses. I miss having them around all the time.
        Red. ❤

  3. Any kind of boots normally meant for kicking ass will work in the scenario you describe. Personally, I go for my Doc Martens when I need that bad to bone feeling. Maybe my Cowboy Boots are too girly. Not sure though, they do not lack for shit on them. Hmmm, will ponder this.

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