A Very Special Birthday Wish Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Today’s Mental Moment …

A birthday cake

Is in honor of a very special person.

(And it’s early for some of us but it is mid-afternoon where she is … so I figured no one would mind. ) 

My Soul Sister, My Friend, My Bird of the Same Feather(s) ..


On the day she was born the world became a brighter place and it has gotten shinier everyday.

My world is a better and shinier and happier place with her in it.

We dance, we sing, we eat butterflies and poop rainbows.

Yeah …it’s that awesome!   SHE’S THAT AWESOME!

There is no doubt in my mind that if geography allowed..  we would be damn near inseparable.  Have no problem taking each other’s kids by the ear and telling them what’s what in the world. Driving down the road with the sunroof open and the tunes blaring – singing at the top of our lungs.  And Mountain Man might be a little jealous.

I am getting all choked up here…

Ok well in honor of  her  Birthday I have a few things for her …

Scissors.  She will  know what to do with them 🙂   (just watch the 10 yo Mama Ok?)

Scissors. Created by myself in Inkscape.

Where we started 🙂

Fireworks because her light is brilliant …

Fireworks #1

A sparkly Tiara..  Every Queen Needs One!  

Diadem of the Duchess of Angoulême. Gold, gilt...

And instead of Cake..  I got her PopTarts…  With Sprinkles!

Pop-Tarts Frosted Strawberry

A Hendrix Happy Birthday Song – Cause everyone needs a little Hendrix in their lives no matter what kind of music you like.

Happy Birthday Rock Style…um cause SHE ROCK’s!  Plus we can all sing-along

And as a special birthday tribute…I found this for her – it’s perfect!  They Dance they Sing… it’s a special birthday and mental moment for ALL !

Happy Birthday, My Friend, My Sister!


To Your Mental State, Whatever it may be…

Lizzie Cracked (never broken)


17 thoughts on “A Very Special Birthday Wish Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. I was going to go for VeggieTales – but 2 things – 1. I could not find the one damn song she asked me too (but I will keep looking until I do) and 2. OMG who could top you ..YOU putting Veggietales on your post… I could not even come close … I am liking the tiara – that is a gift of love right there boy – o cause you know I want one 🙂

  1. Holy crap! Guess who else is a little choked up over here??

    I gotta tell ya, I am LOVING being Queen for the day!

    What else can I say but I love me some Lizzie and I’m afraid that my life was dreadfully boring before you came along.

    When you come visit me this summer, we are going to get into some trouble, I think!! That’s a promise
    I will never eat another Pop Tart again without thinking of you and OF COURSE they will have sprinkles!
    Thank You Lizzie- I love you longtime!

    1. I hope that your day is as special as you are. And that you have many more..and all the love and happiness and peace you deserve in your life. You bring joy – to me…and so many others. You are a wonder my friend I love ya. 🙂

    1. thanks.. ya know with Ginger as a friend.. you always have someone in your corner.. and it is a good example of.. the rewards we reap when we are a good friend and rockin cool person…

      when’s your birthday EH?

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