Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

This weeks photo challenge is Together.  

A photo that represents together.



I have no clever rhymes or much to say.  The together that this represents is deeper than just me and my dog  Lucky together.  I raised him from a pup.  We aren’t together anymore..and I haven’t seen him since this photo was taken.  But he knows who loves him and we will always be together in my heart.


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

  1. I love him. He’s special I can tell just from the picture. This reminds me of when I was on Bart a couple days ago and a blind man got on and his seeing eye dog kept looking at me. When the blind guy went to get off, the seeing eye dog put his head in my lap and I gave him a good pet before he lead the guy off the train! I was so touched by that. And that seeing eye dog was so sincere just like the look on your dog’s face. I love the picture Lizzie.

    1. thanks… he is such a loving little goof and so in tune with the feelings of people around him. We had a trip up to Montana year and a half ago and he was riding with me following the truck – and the weather was bad. He would be just fine but as soon as the roads got al ittle icy and I got nervous it was like he could sense it and he would crawl over to me and offer comfort. Mind you, draping himself over my head from the back seat wasn’t all that comforting but he was trying. And if I left him for any amount of time as soon as you came home and got anywhere near a bed he would jump up and put his front paws on my shoulders and lay his head on my shoulder or press it against mine. Last time I saw him he damn near knocked me over and just loved on me like he had missed me everyday we had been apart..well not like… that was how he loved on me. After I left, when I would see him on the computer and he would hear my voice for the longest time he would sit there and not look at me as if to say…what happened..where are you?

      1. What a sweet story! It’s unbelieveble how much we can bond with some animals. And that dog is definitely a once in a lifetime kind of bond. He sounds like Cifford the Big Red Dog! How big is he? I hope you’re not both standing on the floor in that picture! Ha!

  2. We have had many pets but one dog T.J. who we adopted when he was abandoned…..comforted me soooo much when I was in my depression state..he would just lay with me whenever and wherever I went and just let me pat him or be with him in silence …your picture and comment reminded me of him.. I loved all of our pets but he was very special to me ..I have tears in my eyes as I write…..Diane

      1. hunting rabbits….shhhhhhh…
        he actually likes rabbits.. and birds..and small children ..no wait! he is good with kids… he likes birds and rabbits..ohhhh and he thinks he can take on a cat….sigh.. 😦

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