I Love the Smell of Huh? in the Morning

Who knew? Β 1946 Disney Video…

I was looking for a movie .. and look at this little treasure.

105 Million kids saw it..and now you can to

Because share the wealth I always say and I really had to share this.

No really.



17 thoughts on “I Love the Smell of Huh? in the Morning

  1. That was not near as disturbing as I expected.
    But very educational – I didn’t know that my pituitary gland was in the tip of my nose!
    Why is there no monthly record for guys? I feel cheated…

    1. Learn something new everyday! There seems to be a genera; consensus the the pituitary gland has been drastically misunderstood. Linda thought it was from aliens and I thought it was uh..Im not sure I ever really thought about it but I now know it is all the fault of the pituitary gland and not just for the girls – as you may have already seen the informational and educational post I put up in the afternoon – no monthly record for the guys but still lots of …anyways being a benevolent Lizzie, I made sure that the boys were included too πŸ™‚ I get such tremendous satisfaction out of imparting unsolicited and cracked advice..almost enough to get over the embarrassment of watching the mid-afternoon intermission so soon after the morning duh…
      I almost felt like an awkward weirdo preteen again. ug.. Friday Foolishness shall clear the air and we can leave this all behind us.
      What did you expect just out of curiousity? πŸ™‚

      1. Does this blog make my butt look like Spam?
        Ohhhh nooooo now I cant be shared?? Im about to …say a bad word… Maybe I should send wp a gazillion stupid emails…lol..yea they’d really believe it huh….. Oh ~sigh~
        Im sad.

      2. I DO!

        Thanks – FB been blocking my stuff too – I am about this close / / to getting off fb anyways anbd going +1 all the way…but thanks I appreciate you cussing for me πŸ™‚

        did you drop an f-bomb? ok ok sorry

  2. Disney? Who would have guessed? And how could it have been better presented? Maybe we should petition ‘The World Of Disney’ to produce a complete online ‘Introduction to Anatomy.’ Imagine the number of people (and not just kids) who would be drawn to watch and learn from it? And to get it started, Imagine a new (Occupy?) movement beginning to swell, chanting: Disney! Disney! Disney!

    Despite the ‘smiley,’ I’m not kidding! πŸ˜‰

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