Drum Roll, Lights.. and The Bestowing

Ok, a few boring minor details before we get to it…

Haha just kidding

but I do want to note that several of the people I deemed to be on this list of the ABC Award recipients are not because  they already have it…  so without further Adieu

Dim the lights

cue the band

and turn off your cell phones please.  Also please hold your applause until all the recipients have been announced.  Otherwise we could be here all night.  Just courtesy things, you know…

The Blogs with AWESOME BLOG CONTENT as determined by Lizziecracked are:


Awesome by any other name is El Guapo.  I call him The Dude (not to be confused with just dude) Poems, stories, limericks and the most awesome the Friday Foolishness – no wait the cool adventures and antics that as told by him make you feel as if you are right there experiencing it too. Oh and music – Everyday.  Good music 🙂

Linda Vernon Humor

Linda my BBFF – rocks the Awesome because she has such an interesting and funny as all get out way of looking at things.  She can take a a little pamphlet from 1957 or silly slang from the 30s and have you rolling on the floor.  Pottery Barn gets a whole new angle and her husband 37 is always awesome for her to write about. I like when her brain peanuts gets random and goofy – but that’s me. ( a lot of others too!) 🙂

Break it Down Pete

If you don’t already know Pete – you should get over there and check him out.  He talks about everything from football (oh my don’t get him started he’s a Giants Patriots fan) Awesome for the info and the trash talk that makes you feel like he could be your friend – which if I read right he could and would.  He is awesome for breaking it down for us and noone else can do it like him – he reads my shit too, just sk him 🙂

Amor’s Thoughts

Amor24 is a funny, intelligent and mostly and often insprirational blogger.   He says what he wants and how he wants and while every once in awhile he may have you blushing, he doesn’t apologize and I have laughed so hard at some of his thoughts that I have nearly peed myself.  I may have once or twice.  He covers a wide range of topics and lately has been sharing photography and  food.  He also lets me post really goofy and long comments on his blog  and taught me how to spell verklempt. He needs to check his SPAM box though so if someone could PLEASE TELL HIM!!!  🙂                                                      Awesome Blog Content


I love visiting this blog as it always teaches me something or at the very least gives me a sense of peace about the rightness of the world.  It is the awesome equivalent of listening to a wind chime or having a little fountain bubbling water.  Stories that have a point valid to life and you can tell he puts alot in to finding the content and presenting it for our reading enjoyment.  My thoughts always are much more serene on this blog and sometimes I go there to read just to be peaceful.  Awesome for the wisdom as well as he wonder.  🙂

Miss Mental Health’s Rant Space

This young lady and her blog  are awesome in her courage and desire to get the message out about bipolar disorder and Borderline personality disorder.  She tells you what is going on and how she feels and coming from one who can relate I can tell you it can be really hard to put it out there for anybody to read with all the stigma and misinformation.  She does a great job of telling her story and I think she is awesome because I like her little doodles on the top of her blog too. 🙂

The Future of Hope 

Here’s a Crazy Chick I am just getting acquainted with but I think she, and her blog are quite awesome and most deserving of this award.  She has really cool color hair – and 4 (that I counted boy they are an active bunch  😀 ) little boys and oh well 5 boys total counting hubby – and still finds the time to write great stories and cool stuff.  I knew she was awesome when I read about the smelly thing – the good smelly things in the house  – the air freshener.. cause I am the same way  – so hopeful over  a smelly thing and so disappointed when it fails.  Anyways – awesome blog – awesome crazy chick and I think awesome Mom too cause her boys have mohawks – cool awesome beans…  🙂

Flickr Comments by Frizz Text

I can’t believe someone hasn’t give this blog this award yet.  The photography is breath taking and the content is always interesting and informative. It is a feast for the eyes and he started his own photo challenge when it didn’t look like WordPress was going to continue the Weekly Photo Challenge.  I have a hard time getting away from this blog when I visit unless I just read what the new post is and go…  I could and have been lost for long stretches just looking at all the wonderful photos and stuff.  🙂

The Redneck Princess

This blog is just good redneck fun.  The Redneck Princess is a fun and funny and down to earth tell it like it is or like she sees it and that’s that. And the way she sees it is pretty awesome and she has all kinds of fun things and  recipes and how tos and questionaire’s and don’t go til yo have al ittle time if you have never been before – also she is a Crazy Chick! 🙂

Now the next three are fairly new to me so I am not as well aquainted but what I have seen I think is pretty Awesome.

Just a Happy Blonde – She had a recipe for baked stuffed squid – Awesome? Yes! I had her on my blogs I like and bloggers that blog them a few weeks ago.

The Better Man Project – A man on a mission to be a better man.  How much more awesome can it get?  Ok really, he writes really well and about things that make you think about life.  And all that stuff.

Black Door Press  – Whereas this blog is about things that make you go hmmmmm?  Gillian has a great writing style and her blog is informative and well put together and well written and  – oh it has an adult content warning – and there is  –  but not hard porn or any porn unless I didn’t get that far… but the word Vagina does jump out at you when you get there so if you get that heated cheek expression and ritch in your chair at that kind of stuff – you are forewarned.  But do check this one out…

Well there you have it folks – Thanks for your patience.

NOW you can clap!

Happy Reading and please be safe as you exit ….. 🙂

~Lizzie Cracked


17 thoughts on “Drum Roll, Lights.. and The Bestowing

    1. Hey did you get here before or after the descriptions? I added them later because someone was wanting me to post the winners…. 🙂 that’s cool though cause I was dwelling and I may have taken another day or two…. 🙄 So yeah.. and you are on the Awesome list too… maybe I should do an awesome but already awarded or maybe I should go write about my own awesome stuff… wow I am tired. :

      🙂 Peace

      1. UM – yeah well look again you do TOO have this award..OH snap!

        Sorry – you were on my short list and I somehow got you mistaken for someone who had it…I m a little off der but THAT is the list as it should be you earned it you deserve it and I simply got you and another blog confused – it was the haircut i am sure – I checked hers she had it and i then thought I had looked for it on yours – i am gong to stop explaining now cause wow….COngrats and enjoy 🙂

  1. Ah lizziecracked. You humble me, and I bask in your reflected glory.
    And yes, I will do my damnedest to actually do a post recognizing your virtuosity and fantastitude!

    Off to check out the rest of the blogs on your list!

    1. 😳 aw shucks, -toe scuffing –
      My light is shining – I feel like it burns brighter when I get all full of warm fuzziness – I would not mind if you wanted to just take your award and display it and ..if you never said a word about it I would still be satisfied that I gave it to someone as deserving as you. The one thing that would make it perfect, but I don’t carry any special authority to make the change – perfect for you and your blog – is if it was the Awesomesauce BLog(er) of Character (and music) All you! All Day 🙂

  2. Ah BBFF! You are always so good to me! I haven’t got this award but it’s awesome and all words in the thesauras that are synonyms thereof! Let me talk about your blog for a minute! You have such an easy, flowing conversational way of writing. I really do feel like I know you in person. Your posts always make me fee like we just sat down with our coffee (even on days when you’re not posting to Happy Talk and the Coffee Spot!). It’s just been such a pleasure following your thoughts. Bi polar or not, there’s never a dull moment my dear Lizzie! You are Awesome! Awsome! Awsome! Period. End of Story!

    1. awwwww – I am …speechless – thank you so much. I got a big warm fuzzy – a bunch and I am sending them your way –
      I am at a place where I am – alone and I have found such warmth and acceptance and friendship here that I don’t feel so alone…
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤
      I would not have been here long enough if not for you finding me and then coming back..
      I am all choked up
      But the cracks although they will never be gone – the ones right here in my heart are beginning to heal and I am becoming Lizzie whole-enough by the grace of all that I have been given here…

    1. Just seein if you are payin attention Lol I knew that would get a rise outta ya 😉 Ok how bout this…..


      that my friends doesn’t happen very often but I did indeed tread on the sacred. NEW YORK GIANTS FOR LIFE!!

      we good? Koo.

  3. We are always good for life my dear! Ha, Ha two things you don’t ever never ever mess with 1. My Giants! 2. Barry White! 3. My Yankees. My Marine Corps. And My Lizzie!!! Cause we kool like that! And yes i failed Math so what? I KILL YOU TILL YOU DEAD!

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