Romantic Monday Horizon View; The Long Trip




A Long Trip Alone
that was our song
and we decided to make it

We forged out a life
planned to be man & wife
but you left me alone

Pillow talk of being old
the memories we’d make gold
we lived and loved
with fervor

The horizon was where we’d be
together you and me
now its just empty
with no color

I forge on no choice
you no longer hear my voice
you are too far gone
it’s a long trip alone.


This Mondays theme is the Horizon – check out Edward Hotspur by clicking his name or the logo above and read his and all the other Romantic offerings for the day. and all past Romantic Monday posts since he is the mastermind and mushity mush behind it all, but don’t tell him I called him mushy.   😉    Let’s see what you have to offer in the way of Romantic Monday – yes YOU!  the one over there not participating..c’mon whats holding you back?  it can be anything to do with, love lost..

Love to see you next week  🙂



27 thoughts on “Romantic Monday Horizon View; The Long Trip

      1. good point – I wasn;t actually going to contribte today as ..the long term horizon at first spoke to me more of being together.. ya know? I did it on a whim..but it really is a true reflection of what I feel..

      2. thank you for reminding me.. sometimes our perspective can be skewed and your words were the perfect ..adjustment for me today. I would rather look forward and let go .. i have had a few moments lately that put me in a place of reallt missing the person this was about.. but it has been a long time and I have been alone long enough to know I won’t cease to exist.. I think maybe its a thing that one day can be so far away the next almost something you can reach out and touch and then moves back again… or the horizon is always where it is,, its; a matter of … gah! I am in a circle here.. life, love, all that stuff… If I start really thinking we could be in trouble.. 😉

      3. At least that experience fuels your passion to write. Many people are not as lucky and have no outlet to express their true emotion. Ride the wave. If it takes you to the horizon, there will be something waiting on the other side that will be worth the rough journey it took to get there.

      4. I am grateful for that and I have seen that my most moving musings were the ones based on what was or is in my heart, so I am sometimes stuck with it but I realize without the experiences I have had – and if the person this poem is about had not left me, I never would have found that voice. In fact, although I have always been able to write, convey feelings and communicate through writing..if he had stayed I would not have followed the path I have and we would not be having this conversation..

  1. I think you and Poly missed one part… when we write from the broken pieces, we are offering that part of the puzzle to the rest of the world in a search for the piece which fits ours.

  2. Lizzie, this is beautiful, keep writing poetry. I sense the core of your feelings come out when you do, and I wonder if it’s cathartic to write, as it is for me. Stronger in the broken places.

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