Detour Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Oh my Gosh look what day it is AGAIN!!  

Friday, Sparkly Friday

Yes folks, we made it to another Friday and guess what?  Today’s  

Mental Moment

isn’t here…BUT is is somewhere else.

Let’s go on a detour…no wait!  


A Field Trip!  YAY!  What better way to end the week than  a Friday Mental Moment Field Trip.  

The Mental Moment for today is parked over at Momma’s place…  Momma, or Red as she is also known around here. is an amazing woman and friend.  She is over there ———>  on my list of blogs.  She has done me a great honor by letting me guest post on her blog.  Let’s go look.

Well…what are you waiting for..get on the bus.  NO licking windows and keep your paws to yourselves…no monkey business.  I mean it.  Unless it has a tail…

English: A 2010 Girardin MB-II school bus belo...
keep your tongues and hands to yourselves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a picture of my kitten George.   True story.  

When we get there take all the time you want after the Mental Moment (which is epic I must say) to look around there is lots of fun stuff going on at M3 

Momma’s Money Matters  


And thank you Red for having me as your guest poster today.  It was a pleasure, and fun.    🙂  

Lizzie Cracked (never broken) 


10 thoughts on “Detour Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

      1. then it’s not a monkey’s an ape. even if it has a monkey kind of shape… I think we.need.instructional illustrations…. this is.such a hard.concept

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