It’s a TP Problem – I Swear! Mid Afternoon Mental Moment

Today’s Mental Moment – well first of all is the FRIDAY MENTAL MOMENT!!  Don’t you think that deserves a special name?  hmmmm…..  but anyhow

Today’s Mental Moment…

Tuna the toilet trained cat

It's NOT cause of the Cat! (not my cat either although...) (Photo credit: trainedcat)

is just pure clean fun.

OK Pure Potty Fun.

I can’t help it.  I am troubled by use of TP at my house and why the boys to girls ratio of TP use is 3:1.

I asked a few weeks ago – and I am so bothered by it (and that we mysteriously ran out of TP again last night.  I mean c’mon we JUST moved and had all this TP.)

There really aren’t  any answers in the this video for me.

Just Potty Time for you.

Enjoy!  (and don’t forget to flush)

Have a wonderful Weekend!

Lizzie Cracked (not broken) and I have my own stash thank you cause I have learned…  sharing TP is never a good idea with children who don’t realize it doesn’t grow on trees and just expect it to always be there because they will use every last square then sit there and expect you to go pick more.

Ok well it does grow on trees then but it isn’t in usable roll form.  hurumph!

Sharing TP is not a good idea period.  With kids, adults or your cat.  Just saying.


21 responses to “It’s a TP Problem – I Swear! Mid Afternoon Mental Moment

    • really? oh thank goodness I was beginning to think it was just me and I was crazy or something…. no answers though huh? I’m not sure if that is more or less frustrating..

    • I do too..I had actually forgotten about him but he was a favorite of my now 11 yo – watched it everyday – had the videos and the stuffed animals…I remembered him again one deay looking for a goodbye song.. and of course I still know the words.

  1. Very cool post…. but should you really be discussing chocolate and potty training in the same post?…. just sayin’….. 🙂 Loved the song….

    • well my 11 yo loved Bear in the big Blue house when he was 2-4..and he was relatively new then… me either, lol…sometimes I think if my kids weren’t around to mark the years for me… yea 🙂 glad you liked it

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