Why are the Friggin BIRDS Angry??!!?? –


Laying in bed this morning thinking about the day ahead I had a random thought.

It is not really the birds that are angry.

While I am not sure what wayward thoughts led me in this direction, I knew what it meant as soon as I thought it.

Angry Birds

I resisted it as long as I could. Being a former Farmville junky – yes I have actually used my debit card to purchase farm cash  –  I am wary of any game that easily becomes a topic of discussion.  I also have a  frustratingly short attention span.   I tend to get absorbed in these types of things and one of two things happens;,  I either stumble upon something else that captures my attention and become all absorbed in that or I just stop being interested.  Like someone turned off the switch.  Depending  on where,  in the ever changing landscape of bipolar mood
swings I happen to be hanging out.   The attention span and jumping from one thing to another, disorganization……all ways that I am affected by bipolar disorder.  Except some of it might be ADHD,  which is beside the point today.

I figured it would pass into the night as so many other fads had recently.  I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  But I couldn’t get away from it.  My kids play it, my friends play it.  There is an app for it.  A free App.  The final straw was the stuffed birds and pigs in the grocery store.

….  Peer Pressure, bend to it!!!

Well if there is an App….and it is free

Against my better judgement, ( the voice that reminds me that I am “special” that I can’t do the things the other kids can do because my
brain processes things differently) I downloaded the original version.  I understand there are variations now.  I suppose on the bright side, I was fully aware of the pitfalls my own weakness and the probable outcome.

 So I am playing Angry Birds responsibly………

—–I will take a moment here to let you get your self together.  If the above statement hasn’t got you damn near to peeing yourself then you do not yet grasp the complete idiocy of that statement.  If it is because you have not played angry birds yet…..I urge you to download it and
join me in this freaky form of hell where pigs where helmets and the friggin birds have eyebrows.…………

The first few levels I found myself amused, captivated if you will.  My favorite birds are the blue ones.  They are small enough that on my
phone I can[t see if they have eyebrows and when you tap the screen, they multiply.  Neat trick.

It’s all good until you get stuck on a level.  That’s when it becomes apparent that the damn birds are the definition of insanity.  Or that they cause insanity….How many times am I going to shoot the fucking birds the exact same way and expect a different result? Well I tell you , I did it 23 time s on one level and now I am stuck on another level, no I won’t divulge just how inadequate I am by telling you which level that is…..  I WANT to do something different. I want to reorder the birds.  I want to  get a free bird – a life line if you will.  I want to go back to when I didn’t even know these stupid feathered freaks existed.

..the pigs , the birds……the pigs…!!

Immmmmm   Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs!!!.

I hate this game.  Yes HATE.  It isn’t the birds that are angry.  It’s me.   I’m agitated, irritated and flubbergusted (I KNOW sounds good just go with it for now).  I know I need to delete it for my own well being, to preserve my precious ever dwindling sanity.   And I will get rid of it

As soon as I get past this stupid level. !


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