Fudgesicles for Breakfast.

My kids are on fall break this week..and last week.  Seems like they have been out of school awhile. The older I get , the more it seems like they get entirely too much vacation time.  Just saying……

My youngest is almost 5 .  He is still in Preschool and only has one week off for fall break.  Being the baby and although he is spoiled endlessly, he gets the short end of the stick with a a lot of things.

He was born the day after Christmas.  Of course it was a joyful day and a huge relief for me to not be pregnant anymore.  This kid kicked like a champ.  But as he gets older, having a birthday the day after Christmas is not the funnest thing.

He gets all the hand me downs, toys and clothes. He is the target of endless teasing and harassment if the older kids are bored.   Not quite able to get himself a bowl of cereal by himself, he has to stand by while the older kids help themselves until one of them takes pity on him and pours him a bowl and oh well if it’s gone by the time that happens.   Usually y his 7 yo sister looks out for him but even she loses patience. Oh it goes on but I think you get my point..

The kid is smart as hell.  I know every mother says that about her kids but I have learned to be more realistic as they kept coming.  All the usual things of course but the real kicker is his vocabulary.  He uses big words and correctly too.  But what is the coolest thing is that the kid has the quite a list of cuss words that he also uses correctly and knows when they are not appropriate.  When my mother tells me we need to discuss his language and then informs me he uttered one foul word used appropriately I might add just not at the right time, I promise to fix it then can only laugh.  He is capable of strings of up to five words at a time.  Not once has he been in trouble in school and only twice with my mother.  Since I know what he is capable of I can safely say the kid is smart.

He is an old soul who seems to just understand.  I watch him and I think the biggest thing this child of mine is shortchanged on is me.   The difference in the type of mother I am between my first child and last is remarkable.  And while I still have endless patience and love for all of my kids, I am tired.   I come from the 42 is too old for a preschooler camp.  The concept that my older children have a completely different impression of me then my younger children will, that when they are adults if someone asks them to describe their mother, they may well be describing 2 different women is strange and scary to me.

So this morning, I open my eyes to his beautiful almost 5-year-old face right in front of me and I immediately notice the chocolate ring around his mouth.  I look at the half melted fudgesicle and start to form a stern -What the HELL.  But I look back at his silly grin all chocolatey and toothless (his front two teeth got knocked out last year) and my heart melts more than the remainder of the popsicle in his hands.  I say ” fudgesicles for breakfast love…why?”   to which he replied;

“Because it makes my tummy happy and they are all sleeping so they can’t take it away from me.”

Who can argue with that?


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