Flash in the Pan; Aroused

This week’s Flash in the Pan  – Flash Fiction Challenge ;


Red from The M3 Blog  is offering up the challenge and anyone can join the fun,  Just link your offering to the post on M3 with the same word and be sure and check out the maximum word counts –

Also if you want to be included in the Quarterly publishing for this go around, it closes 31 March 2013  Head over to M3 Flash in the Pan page to check out all the details.

Wondering what the Flash in The Pan book will look like or read like with all the combined flashes of the quarter?  Head over to Redmundpro.com and hit the bookstore for Flash in the Pan 1 & 2 available in Kindle, ePub, PDF and Paperback, with the ebook of the first Flash in the Pan from the fall season 2012 still available free for download.


aroused– 100 is the limit  and this one comes in at exactly 100 –

This was the strangest job she had ever been hired to do. She was to engage the target but not interact with him, the hope being his suspicions would turn his attention away from what was going on right under his nose.  In theory it was brilliant, she thought with more than a little admiration for her employer’s tactics.  The problem she realized, cheeks flushing as he walked in the room with his characteristic good looks and look-at-me attitude, was she wanted more than just his suspicions aroused by her efforts. Catching his eye, she wondered if he could tell. 

FLash in the Pan
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FTP Flash Fiction Fresh frosty fiery fiesty
FTP 2 Frosty, Fiery, Fresh and Feisty



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