why getting in a car with some one who irritates me, for the purpose of a favor they don’t deserve is good use of my time, and other fish (mouse) stories

Well?  Is anyone gonna give me a hint?  You think I was gonna tell you why?

Hahahahaha..  no no no I need a good reason why I should.

And to be clear for those of you who are getting a little chuckle thinking what you are thinking… not THAT kind of favor.., I mean there is more than one favor you can …, do.. in a … car yea

and if you weren;t thinking that then never mind and no asking the neighbor.

Can we get through this please I am desperate… no no… wait..

I am agitated.

Totally put out that I am in a position to have to do this favor when I get nothing.  No, not that I want payment of some kind, or gratitude or acknowledgement, at least not for the favor.

Ok here is the story, my daughter is going away this weekend to see her father in another state and taking my grand baby with her.  I mean that makes sense and no problem.  Although I will kinda miss the little bugger.  He is stinky and funny looking and his mother dresses him funny.  I tolerate him at best…   usually  just ignore him.  although he has been giving me these drooly kisses cause for some reason he like me.

I am not sure if it is because we have at least an hour and a half of play time on the floor with music and dancing before dinner everyday..  and because Graham’s does some souper duper sound effects for trains and planes to get him to open his mouth. and because when he smiles at you his whole damn face lights up and it is the most beautiful…wait..  oh sorry.  I don’t like to brag on him.  He drools.  A lot.

Where was I .. little monkey got me off on a tangent.  Last week she had asked me if I would go with the boy to drop her off at the airport… the boy being the guy she had the baby with.

Which is weird to say cause he didn’t do anything but knock her up.  Anyways..

FOr a lot of reasons that I am not going to get in to here, this boy has found himself, no, put himself on my bad side.  What?  It happens.  I do have one.

Now, do I have to explain that I gave him more than a fair chance to pull his head out of his ass before firmly placing him on the bad side?  DO I really need to go into that whole thing about how I give people a million chances etc etc etc?  DO i need to explain in detail how he mistook my kindness for weakness and took advantage of me, how I gave the boy and inch and he took a friggin cross country trip?  Do you want to know how it’s not even all about the shitty false sense of self entitlement and devil could care about anyone but him attitude but what he has done to my daughter ?  Well, of course you do but it would take too long.  Just take my word for it, have I ever really steered you wrong?

It’s not like I woke up yesterday and decided he irritates me for no good reason and if I was so inclined or had time, I would tell you why and you would, I am sure quite agree with me.

But i don;t so let’s move on.  My daughter asked if I would go to the airport and I agreed but it then came out that the only reason that she needed me to go was so that the boy would not et lost on the way home.

Um well gee, let me think about that for a minute.  No?

Let us consider the good Dr Phil’s life law number… i can;t remember.  People do what works and there is always a payoff.  See, this isn;t working for me and there is absolutely no payoff, in fact the opposite is true. I would consider it a huge payoff if the boy got lost.  Even for a few hours.  I would have to laugh.  That is good enough payoff for me to do a lot of things.

So how shall I turn this scenario around and make it work to my advantage?  as much as he annoys the daylights out of me.  I mean, he’s trying to be a father to his son and I have to give him credit for that.  His father didn’t stick around and where he grew up, that is the norm.  I have to give him credit for wanting to be better at some of the the things he needs to be better at.

But does he really need his girlfriend’s mom to hold his hand and guide him home?  I mean let;s consider this;

  • He is grown – or so he likes to say, like when he said he is grown he can come and go as he pleases he don;t need to tell no one where and when – including it seems the babysitter that watches (for free) his son.   If said babvsitter doesn’t want to watch him when Mr. Grown goes out then don;t.  Yea.
  • Lots of grown people find their way home from the airport everyday.
  • If he came across my burning body, he probably wouldn;t even pee on me to put the fire out.
  • He probably wouldn;t listen and would turn right f I said left because he is grown and doesn;t need anyone telling him where to go.  I am just getting that from the first one.  it’s an assumption.  Not fair I know.  If that were the case then he would be lost anyways and I would just be there with him.  No

Have you ever heard the saying

When the cat’s away the mouse will play?

Yea well that doesn;t apply here.  FOr this particular situation it is when the mouse is away the cat will find another mouse to play with.  That is if there is a mouse idiotic enough to try it.  Not saying the original mouse is idiotic just that the mouse made sure that any other mouse within distance knows that the cat is not to be playing with other mice and a mouse that doesn;t pay attention will face the first mouse’s wrath…  yes mouses have wrath, can be wrathful.

And trust me the mouse will know cause the cat isn;t as clever as it thinks it is and gives itself away …  or I would be happy to fill the mouse in either way..

Oh. Wait.  They jut left without me.



13 thoughts on “why getting in a car with some one who irritates me, for the purpose of a favor they don’t deserve is good use of my time, and other fish (mouse) stories

      1. Hugs. It happens all the time. No matter how irritable and annoyed you are with the baby’s dad, your heart melts at the sight and thought of your grandchild. Sending the tot off at the airport worsens the feeling. 🙂

      2. See? you are smiling already. Going soft and mushy and forgetting your irritability. LOL. So calm down, pretty mumsie, breathe deeply, because you are starting to miss the little tyke. And it really is even more difficult than missing the daughter. Go out and have fun for now. 🙂

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