A-Z Challenge; B is for Botox Mental Moment

B is for Botox Continuing on with the A-Z April Blogging challenge, today we are on the letter B.  B stands for Botox, a good idea in theory but I won’t need many words to show where this one went wrong. Today’s Mental Moment … is about Botox and how once again too much of… Read More A-Z Challenge; B is for Botox Mental Moment

Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows

The Windows of the car…. make seeing the world’s beauty at  high speed an expectation. through the window  what was a brief  impression , a suggestion of spectacular,  went from 80 mph to 0 mph in a split second and revealed its true magnifigance. Related articles The Opera House in Oslo (Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows) (cardinalguzman.wordpress.com) Weekly… Read More Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows