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moon rider - mousepad
moon rider – mousepad by NakedWithScissors
Create your own photo mouse pad online at Zazzle.

Team Lizzie – is the team of support I have to get through this thing called life. Now – I think we all need a team with our name on it, because you always have someone rooting for you and someone to help and support and encourage and eat donuts with and talk to and email and…

but my team is a little more involved and has the job of keeping me … well.. yes ..helping me stay well. It takes a village and that is true for people with all kinds of disorder and dysfunction – if more people would be on their team maybe their wouldnt;t be stigma and isolation and loneliness and suicide due to those things… maybe.

So those that are on Team Lizzie presently – some have been since Team Lizzie was formed, some before even, and some are kind of lurking but all important to me. Whether you are a main team player or someone that pops in occasionally, learning to accept that I would need help and support, probably more as I get older, sucked. It is part of the never going to get away from it so make the best of it…

And I have. Almost. Team Lizzie – its hard for anyone to know what to do – especially in the virtual world. Now I could;t really call this page Lizzie is broke – or set it up for Paypal donations, I would not feel right. If you are going to contribute monetarily to my livelihood and care, then you should get something in return besides my goofy words. I want you to have something that shows my thanks and that you enjoy.

In that spirit I have two great places where you can purchase any of my artwork or anything you see on Running Naked with Scissors or Artsy Brain Fartsies you think you like – as in if it’s not offered ask me to set it up for you. I don;t know how much more custom we can get but I tell you it is exciting to see something of your own creation on mass marketing items – even more so to see prints and …stuff..

For example if you see the flower pictures that are all around this page – you can purchase prints of them as cards. Or if you like them you can have them on a mouse pad, or iPhone case or t-shirt or coffee mug.. any image that is my own taking or creation is free game.

First, if you haven;t seen Artsy Brain Fartsies then you don;t have any idea what I have done.. can do and am able to, from there you may purchase prints and greeting cards of nearly everything and some that aren’t on the blog here…. Sell Art Online

I am just getting that website up and going from Fine Art America and would love to hear from you on the site- leave comments, shop right from there, be sure and sign up for email – I will never sell or divulge your info and I am not going to use it for anything but a monthly – maybe once every 2 months newsletter with lots of fun stuff, including book updates, drawings, contests and discounts… I am telling you – you don’t want to miss out. you can also click here and shop and pay directly from this page..

The next thing I have for you is my Zazzle Store... NakedWithScissors

I have more fun with this -just cause I can try all sorts of things out because they are made on demand. so I have monkey coffee mugs just cause I like them and no worries that no one will buy them.. but I hope that maybe you find something to your liking and as I said before – if you have an image or saying from here that you want to see – just let me know. many of the products are customizable that you can personalize and add a picture of your very own – and I will be happy to help anyone who gets stuck..

The prices are a little high but remember you are paying for the art not just the product and I have heard that Zazzle uses high quality products to begin with – there are all kinds of neat things there that I can;t put here because of the code but.. you should go check it out..

Click any of the links – I have put some of the items up on the sidebar and stuff

I am working on a calendar and some Happy Talk Coffee Mugs, Team Lizzie T-Shirts and other fun stuff…

So visit here often to see what’s new – soon there will be a link to buy books and maybe I will put up a game or something.

I appreciate your support and if you do purchase my art of from my Zazzle store, thank you. Just trying to earn my keep and that helps 🙂

In the next few days check back for links to other bloggers stores and art work!


6 thoughts on “Team Lizzie!!

    1. yay! I felt silly putting it on a post but what else should I do? the art site is prints and cards ad the Zazzle store – thank you btw – you and Edward and Ginger and Red.. for the suggestion and nudge.. shove.. drag me kicking and screaming.. ok sorry nudge lol.. – is a lot of fun stuff.. and they are having a sale.. just aying

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