Dear Vodka

alcohol bar beverage celebration
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You’re my best friend

We need to have a talk
You are a lying sack of shit
It’s time you take a walk

Sorry, that was sudden
You and I have been thru a lot
I’m realizing I shouldn’t have trusted you
Or let you call the shots

The beginning of our friendship
Nearly the best I ever had
Lately it’s been toxic
It’s really going bad

I’ll never forget the fun times
Ok, well maybe I’ve forgotten a
I’ll probably miss you Vodka
But goodbye I gotta do.

Don’t whisper in my ear or play me
Trying to get another chance
I know now and accept the truth
You lied about me being able to dance

So leave me alone Vodka
I’m breaking up with you
Go play with someone else’s head
I’m sure you already do

You take advantage of trusting innocence
You lie and you’re a cheater
But you made a mistake coming to me
And thinking I was weaker

So goodbye vodka,
I did love you so
You told me I wasn’t good enough the way I was
So It’s time for you to go

All good things must come to an end
What we had was great
Except that one thing, shit maybe two
Nevermind it’s too late

No Vodka I won’t change my mind
I’m blocking your number at last
Please don’t come back anymore
Cause then I’ll have to kick your ass.

Bye, my lovely vodka.
My heart adored you, my liver abhorred you

No longer yours,
lizziec, signature,

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