Flashes of Sanity – Flash Fiction Challenge

Flash fiction is one of my favorite things to do.

And I like a challenge.

flash fiction - rnws, flashes of sanity, flash fiction

Here’s the deal. A month (30) worth of words with word count limits to test your flash fiction muscles.

I am talking the real deal flash fiction with either 100, 150 or 75 words maximum.

Think you got what it takes? Take the Badge above.

Here are the words and word count limits, write a post on your blog and link it back to this post.

Happy Flashing

150 words

  1. object
  2. surprise
  3. cycle
  4. produce
  5. photograph
  6. sketch
  7. wreck
  8. run
  9. jump
  10. chatter

100 Words

  1. drawing
  2. thunder
  3. wake
  4. decay
  5. ruin
  6. painting
  7. whistle
  8. accent
  9. rock
  10. toys

75 words

  1. excuse
  2. coloring
  3. play
  4. exhibit
  5. shock
  6. toast
  7. wear
  8. design
  9. need
  10. brush

You can do them in any order.

For excellent examples of Flash Fiction at low word counts, check out The M3 Blog

To Your Mental State,

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