Slightly Cracked Observations on… – Let’s go to the Gym

Can I talk a little about the gym for a minute?


I joined a gym. No, not bandwagon resolution for the New Year I am going to get in shape join the gym. Back in October, when I decided to start managing the whole Bipolar thing.

It’s a good outlet for the extra energy when you are going up and supposedly helpful in staving of deep depression when you are going down.

Something about those little endorphin thingys making you feel all happy and fuzzy and stuff.

I actually can attest to this, I can manage myself a lot better when I am exercising regularly and definitely see a difference in the state of my moodiness when I don’t.

grumpy, angry, mad
angry eyebrows 

I knew this but never really put it with the other management tools of bipolar; nutrition, therapy, meds, lobotomy etc.

At least until I really cracked down on trying to manage in a “normal” world instead of the fun filled amusement park of flying by the seat of my pants.

Besides all that feel good stuff, I actually joined, because it was a great deal, ( $1 to join, for real)  it’s a nice gym with lots of cool equipment and, according to their tagline, judgement free.

Who wouldn;t want to work out in a place where you can do and look and workout as hard, or as not so much, as you want without the cloud of someone watching your every move and singling you our for ridicule or envy..

It goes both ways right? No judgement.

Ok well, we all know we are human and that’s crap.

Unless you really truly don’t give a shit about how other people look, act or affect your life, or if they can see your panty lines, in your awesome workout leggings that maybe you shouldn’t wear because your ass is about to get it’s own zip code.

Like me.

But just because that’s me, doesn’t mean I don’t notice things, and yes things bug me and I am judgemental a little (never said I was perfect), but not about those things.

I think anyone who gets their butt to the gym, regardless of what they do or wear or what they think of my ass, is doing pretty good with at least making an effort to take care of themselves.

So many benefits to staying active.

Not the point however. Neither is my ass.2014-10-26 19.53.23

I am a people watcher and the gym is a great place to do this with the added benefit of getting in shape. Or staying in shape I guess if you are already there.

As I said before I don’t watch people to judge or make fun of them, I am interested in them, sometimes wondering what they do when they aren’t at the gym, if they are happy, why they are there, etc.

The gym has become my new happy place, more so than the car wash (which is saying a lot) mostly because I am doing something good for myself, and keep occupied with one of my favorite past times.  It’s a win in the multitasking department.  It’s also a great place to let my mind wander aimlessly as I get in the zone of monotonous cardio that bores me to tears but I have surprisingly kept up with for the most part since joining.

Going on 4 months on my own steam (as opposed to forced exercise like in the army for example). It’s a streak for me.

Like any place made to bring together people for an activity of any kind, there are certain rules that aren’t really set in stone rules but more about paying attention to the people around you and being polite and in this case, helping make everyone’s non-judgemental workout enjoyable and relatively pain free (mentally).


I am all for breaking rules as you know, or maybe not so much if you haven’t been with me a while here, but I am also all for manners.  Politeness, kindness, courtesy, whatever you want to call it.

With Scissors!

When I am people watching it is the things people do while walking around with their heads so far up thier butts, that they don;t realize how they are affecting the other people, who may well have their heads up their butts too.  I find it humorous, yet oddly disturbing the lack of consideration we give each other everyday and in so many places.

Let’s take the gym for instance.

We are talking about it after all and this is Slightly Cracked Observations on…

Right.  Moving on then.

My gym is very nice and clean, no sweaty gym sock smell when you walk in.  The machines are all lined up in rows, each row staggered so the row behind it is off a bit so nobody is blocking anyone’s tv time.  You’d be surprised how many people watch the news or football or soap operas while plugging away on their choice of torture machine.  Or maybe not.

I am all about headphones and loud music but hey, to each their own I say.

donut, donut hole
now why is this here?

Then there are the weight machines and the free weights and a section of weight machines and little steps called the cardio circuit…place…thingy.  Whatever.

All around the gym, conveniently placed are stations with trash cans, and on top of them are bottles of disinfectant or maybe just water( but I am betting disinfectant), and rolls of paper towels.  The purpose of which is to wipe down a machine you just used and remove the sweat from it so the next person doesn;t have to wallow in it.

I don’t really get the heebies much and truly when I walk over to a machine that has not been used during my observation time, I don’t dwell on whether it has cooties on it, but it’s kinda irks me to see someone all dripping with sweat and using the machine just get up and walk away, without so much as look back to see if they left it all wet and gross.

It takes twenty seconds, and if you do it after then everyone is assured of not picking up some weird bug or germs or just …well the ookiness.

Oh sure, you can do it before you use the machine but it’s meant to be done after, and whether you do it before or after shows whether you are one of those head up butt people who only think of themselves, or someone who is considerate of others.  Really, think about it.

huhYou would think too that people would be much more conscientious of these things with Ebola and the Flu and all the other crap going around… I mean, right?

What about shower shoes?  Showering in the locker room is a handy thing but do you know how many weird things you can pass along from your feet?  Shower shoes protect your feet and those of others too.

I admit I wear them solely for selfish reasons.  I don;t have any foot fungus to pass along, mostly because I know better than to shower in a public shower with no shower shoes. Ew.

Also somewhere in the back of my mind is the thought, well what if I did have a fungus and someone slipped in the shower and got fungus in unmentionable places because of my lack of consideration in wearing my shower shoes.

It could happen.

feet in the water, fungus free feet
no fungus among us

The cardio circuit is my favorite form of cardio because it mixes it up a little.  There are stations that you work around, a step then a weight machine, going a minute at each station and then 30 seconds to get to the next station and catch your breath a little. (oh, and wipe down the machine.)

They are ordered 1-20 and while this can be flexible, there is one thing that bugs me more than anything when I am at the gym and that is doing the circuit and being zoned out and totally into my workout, and in the last 15 seconds of the step station, someone just walks in and sits down to use the weight station that is the next station.

Without even bothering to see where I am in the circuit, and despite the fact there are plenty of other of the same machine in the front of the gym that are not part of the circuit.

I mean, really?

It’s not that hard to do for yourself and still think of others, people.

Wipe your sweat off the machine, Use shower shoes and pay attention to what others are doing before you just walk into the middle of their routine to fart around and pretend like you are doing something.

Oh and wear deodorant.  It makes the world a nicer place for everyone.


No judgement though.

Although I wouldn’t be at all offended if someone whistled at me, you know cause my ass is shaping up so nice.

Just saying 😉


9 thoughts on “Slightly Cracked Observations on… – Let’s go to the Gym

  1. I guess the gym is just another place where people have the opportunity to show their consideration or their rudeness…. but when it comes to germeees…. you’d think they’d know automatically what to do… They likely do and just don’t care!

  2. I do a very loose workout, so I usually have options for what machine I hit next if someone else is on one.
    But I do love zoning out and not paying attention to anyone or anything while I’m at the gym.

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