Slightly Cracked Observations – Respect and Patriotism

freedom, US FlagYesterday was Patriot Day in remembrance of 9/11 and my kid’s school held an assembly to honor the veterans and those currently serving in the military.

Incidentally, the school is K-5 grade.  Not one of these kids honoring their flag, veteran’s and the victims of 9/11 was even alive when it happened. To them, it’s a history lesson.

It was quite an affair.  Relatives of kids, who served or are serving in the armed forces were recognized by walking across the stage with their associated child.

The kids have been practicing, Magpie was one of the narrators and Bubbsy’s class sang with the first graders.  It was a well thought out and well put on show but I have a few things that stuck in my craw about the attitude regarding the flag of the USA.   Some slightly cracked observations if you will.

They may be dead on and I may not be the only one who thinks so, making them less slightly cracked than I imagine, but I don’t typically single people out for assessment or ridicule unless I just don;t get it.

Not that I am planning on ridiculing anyone today, much anyways but here goes:wpid-20140126195318_wm.jpg

When I was a kid, we said the pledge of allegiance every day to begin class.  They still do as far as I know but I had to sign a consent form to allow my children to do so.

I am assuming (oh I know I shouldn;t but really) this may be so that the immigrants are not forced to do something that offends them as many of them are not even citizens or even speak the language that well.

That in itself astounds me, they live here and we are afraid of offending them?  Because why? They might go home?  Gee that would be a bummer.

We were also taught that during presentation of colors you stood, and remained quiet, in respect for a flag that stands for a country that enjoys freedoms most others do not and then to put your hand over your heart while singing the Star Spangled Banner.

A side thought here, How many of you know the lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner without singing them?  It’s a tough thing to do.  Try it. I was asked once as a tie breaker in a soldier of the month board to speak or sing the lyrics, and I had to sing because trying to speak them I could not think of them.  Just a little challenge for you, maybe it’s just me but apparently it’s not.

Anyways, this respect to our flag and country was taught and modeled by the adults and not questioned.  If anyone was offended, well, don’t say it.

It’s part of living in America, you have the freedom to choose.

We however learned it, everyone (generalization based on my observations and memories of that time) said it and did what they were supposed to during the national anthem and by doing so, learned what the flag stood for and how to show respect for what it stands for.

Now I have to sign a consent form?  Really?

What if I didn’t consent?  Nevermind speculating on that.  I not only consented but insisted my kids recite it three times a day.

Just kidding on the three times a day thing… just saying.

I am a little curious about what would have happened if when the colors were presented, we had been asked to stand and recite the pledge.  A riot?  Geez.

The colors were presented by the Chandler High School Jr. ROTC Color Guard, who began marching into the room and people started standing and the teachers signaled the children who were seated on the floor in front of the assembly, to stand as well.  You would have thought it was social hour and the flags made it all the way to the stage before the hub bub died.

Need I really say anything?

Ok something, kids will be kids and of course, a few can be expected to act out but it was out of the realm of a few and completely detached from what was going on.

The music for the Star Spangled Banner began and most everybody dutifully put their hand over their heart and faced the flag and sang.

Except the guy next to me who stood there sullen and quiet with his arms crossed over his chest.

I wanted to smack him

Is this some disgruntled citizen whom mistakes patriotism for support of current policy and politics, probably.  Don;t get me started on that again

However, I see how because we live in this country and have freedoms to express ourselves as we wish we can choose to disrespect the flag symbolizing everything we have and are about.

Go ahead sir, show your ignorance and complete utter idiocy.  Be thankful you can and at least uncross your damn arms.  Don’t be a douche.

The rest of the show went well, the kids did great and the 4th graders closed with Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American”

And I am proud.

You don’t have to be but you should realize, especially if you immigrated here (technically, we all immigrated here)

You are lucky.

We were also there to remember those who died in 9/11, all of them.

Show some respect.






6 thoughts on “Slightly Cracked Observations – Respect and Patriotism

  1. All our school could muster was “wear patriotic colors”. My children do that anyway about once a week. They say the pledge here every day after the second bell. I did not consent to it and would have been offended if they had asked me to do so.

    Mr. Massengill is one of the many deluded who think patriotism is a partisan project whereby you endorse the buffoons on Capitol Hill. Shame on him for showing how much our education system sucks in this country. Want to lay odds he was a tax-payer-funded graduate? Chances are good the country he is disrespecting granted him all manner of freedoms he thinks are Constitutional (as in based on the original document and the original bill of rights… all ten of them).

    OFFS I want to slap him from here.

    Patriotism needs to be the textbook definition and taught to all Americans. Sadly for all the immigrants to whom we are showing all this deference… THEY have to not only learn it but also swear allegiance to it. Funny we feel the need to coddle them until they get around to swearing the oath.

    I say let them all be the next induction class at LeJeune, especially Mr. Massengill. *evil grins*

  2. Lizzie,

    Grand craic! Good eye, and good call…

    While I agree for the most part with your take on people who have no respect for the flag, I have to add to Red’s comment, to mention that this ignorance about what the flag means, and is legally supposed to be treated starts at the very top of our society… Remember when the younger Shrub, GB Jr., was signing flags for people? I wanted to slap HIM for having never read the US Flag Code, to see that such commercialism is never to be applied to the flag, nor anything EVER to be written on it… (US Flag Code, Section 8, Respect for flag, part (g) “The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.”) One would think a President of this country would know that, especially one who had actually been in the service (makes you wonder all over again, just how much time he actually had to spend as a real soldier, or, in his case, pilot in the air force…)

    So, it is clear, the ignorance that creates such lack of respect begins with our beloved ruling class, who, in truth, haven’t a clue as to the real meaning of any of the basic principles upon which the government they run was founded, which is why our modern government looks very little like it did when it began…and extends to the very base of society….

    It also occurs to me that much of the controversy over the pledge stems from the one phrase, “under God”, added in the 50’s during McCarthyism, to help identify “godless communists” as those who wouldn’t say the pledge… and, now, those who don’t believe in God, or Allah, or Buddha, or any other churches philosophy, insist it is out of place for a country that Tom Jefferson, and his cohorts, wanted no more interference in the nation’s affairs by churches, or, by industrial interests, or bankers and corporations… both of which now infest all levels of the federal, state, and local governments we live with….

    Sorry for ranting, but, the disrespect for the flag also pushes my buttons, as I learned that Flag Code by heart before the age of ten, at the insistence of my dad, an Army Master Sergeant for twenty years…

    Any who, excellent post, and good call on those ___ blank___ (fill in your own epithet…) who dis the flag when it is being officially displayed…. boneheads….

    Thanks fer listenin’

    Ned, aka, gigoid the dubious, following TJ’s advice from above….


  3. So many find their freedom in US and Canada and other countries and that is how it should be…. However I really don’t think enough is asked of them regarding respect of our traditions and even laws. They chose ‘us’ and so there should be at least some recognition of respect for what we hold dear. Diane

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