An Unexpected Turn of Events

One Nation, and it says Indivisible

Today is my son Joshua’s Birthday – again.  It seems like not so long ago I wrote him a letter for his 18th birthdayand I guess, in fact it was merely a year, which may seem like forever when you are younger but I have noticed go by ever so much faster as we get older.

A lot can happen in a year, but still it happens fast.  So last year he was starting out life as an (chronologically) adult and just kinda of getting the hang of being a man and finding out where his particular path would start.

This year he has chosen a path which, I admit, kinda snuck up and bit me on the ass, I did not expect but, deep down I think it is not unexpected at all.

Without getting all wordy and stuff, I will just say he joined the Army.  I was in the Army, his father is in the Army, my dad was in the Army his dad’s dad is a Navy vet, his aunt is a Navy vet as well

so yea, see why it isn’t really that unexpected?

I suppose it is unexpected because I thought that ship had sailed, that he had left the idea of joining the Army behind him.  I really think the unexpected is more in his choice to jump out of airplanes and the job he is taking, at least for me.

I won’t lie and say I jumped up and down and cheered him on when I heard the news.  I cried like a baby – sorry Josh.  It’s a mom thing.

I struggled mightily for a while feeling like a big hypocrite for my well-known (i think) beliefs all of our youth should do military service and my sudden overwhelming desire to wish my son would not choose to.

Then I went back and read what I said to him last year, and it again dawned on me my son is grown and making his way in the world.

I believed in him then, and I believe in him now.

Sure there is a bit more at stake watching him go off to serve his country then taking him to college but on a basic level it’s all about letting go to let them grow.

Looking on it now that the shock has worn off, I can relate to what he is doing, and see it for what it is.  I did it too. Not quite the same but then again, so very much.

His path is no longer my choice, but his, and I respect that.  It’s not my place to change his mind or talk him out of it, but to do what I said and always let him know I am his biggest fan, and support him.

Happy 19th Birthday to my (soon to be) US Army Soldier son – I am proud of you.


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22 thoughts on “An Unexpected Turn of Events

    1. I am all over the place Diane.. But mostly when I really reflect and look at it from many different angles I am super proud of him. And I have thought there is a bit of karma ..wait til your kids ..working here.. I did the same thing out of the complete blue at the age of 20 ..and I can assure you one expected it. I just stopped short of going airbourne although it was all gung ho for women back then…came close but …yea why jump out of a perfectly good airplane..hindsite I wish I had done it.. But I just really worry about the way things are and want him to be safe. I have made peace with believing in his ability to choose his life.. I am truly proud and blessed ..he is a great kid.

  1. I’ve only recently started reading your blog so I don’t know you all that well. But, there is one thing I learned from reading this post and that is that Josh has a great mom.

  2. It is so very difficult to send them out into the world untied from our belts and say, ‘go forth, be strong, be brave and I love you’.

    This was lovely, you are doing great and Josh will do great having you in his corner.

  3. Lizzie, my dear… First, I saw you came by my site, & wanted to say thanks, & howdy… so, thanks, and, howdy…. It was good to see you there…

    A very nice post; I think tradition is important, especially family traditions, as yours obviously does as well…. So, it’s nice to hear your son choosing a traditional path…

    I was an Army brat, raised on base until my Dad, a Master Sergeant, retired when I was 10, so I was well aware of all the stuff the Army teaches…. the concept of duty, service to family & country, discipline, competence, etc… (not to mention how to make bed so a quarter bounces two feet….) However, during the time I might have conceivably gone in, the country was deep into the Vietnam War, and I was NOT going to go fight people who hadn’t attacked us, just to protect the drug kingpins’ money trail…. My father, once I’d showed him some of the evidence I’d seen in Berkeley, also opposed the war, so he supported me in my opposition, and refusal to serve….

    But, the service itself is a tradition in my family, as it was in yours, so, I congratulate you, and look forward to hearing you write of how your son grows tall and strong during his time….

    Also, I wanted to tell you I was happy to see you at my hangout, & wish I could get here more often… Pain’s been a big issue for some months, but, it’s getting better, I think, so, I’ll be back…

    Ned, aka gigoid, the dubious


  4. The fact he joined the Army indicates not only love of country but love of family. I cannot imagine how you must feel inside having your son join, but we wouldn’t be what we are without patriots like your good family. I wish your family well.

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