Ugly American?

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When I was a little girl, I traveled quite a bit more than in recent years, lucky enough to go to England at 10 or 11 to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins.

Times were different back then,  as many of us know, and my parents put my brother and I on a transatlantic flight, alone, that summer to give us the chance to experience the world.

We spent a few weeks in England. Then in a station wagon, my aunt, uncle and five of us kids ( between 12 & 5) went gallivanting around Europe.

Crazy I’m sure, (on my aunt and uncle’s part ) but it was magnificent.

In preparing to visit other countries, I remember how we were instructed not to be ugly Americans.  Americans apparently were viewed as obstreperous egomaniacs because many assumed, as taught,  America was the greatest country in the world and who wouldn’t want to live here, and of course everyone speaks English right?

Not being an “ugly American” simply means to respect the culture and diversity of the foreign countries we visited, to not belittle their practices and to make an effort with even the simplest phrases to try to speak the language.

Seems fair enough and even though it really was lost on me, the real reasons behind the muting of patriotism, (or why anyone would be offended by my proclamation of being a citizen of the United States,) I found it quite a rewarding experience, in the countries I traveled to, was stationed in and lived in through the ensuing years, to be open minded and adaptable to the particular countries culture and ways.

To not be an ugly American.

I am not one to get all political, and before I go further, I only want to make that point because it seems anytime we want to talk about what is going on in these troubled times in America it is misconstrued as political.  There is a different between politics and patriotism, we can still love our country and have great pride in this nation, even if we are not happy with where it is going at the moment.

I am sickened by how people of this great country have demeaned and degraded the privilege of being American by first; criticizing the government as a separate entity from we the people, then confusing disgust with what the now separate entity of power  (given only that power by the Peoples misunderstanding of their own), with lack of pride, love and support for the entire American Nation.

Disgusted how people lay blame, point fingers and separate themselves from the government, forgetting that we the people are the government and the only reason they get away with the crap of late, is because we the people do nothing to stop the government that is supposedly by the people and for the serve and protect us not lay down the law for us, nor tax us unfairly, nor take away the rights and privileges afforded us  from a place on high we can not touch, nor have control over.

Police are public servants..they serve and protect the people, they are not meant to hound us, ask us for papers, and facilitate the unconstitutional step by step repeal of our freedoms. Politicians, judges etc are elected officials, given their place by the people, to work for the people.

We the people, as a whole, have only ourselves to blame for the now clear separation of the government from the people and have ourselves given the government the power to completely steam roll us because most of the people …forgot this little fact about being an American.

Back to the ugly American.

In learning this ideal of open-mindedness, tolerance for the cultures and ways of other countries, I am quite tolerant of people who come to reside in America who hold onto their previous ways of their heritage, thinking live and let live and we are all Americans and that’s the other beauty of this country. The melting pot.

Melting pot to emulsion of late. The idealistic melting pot,  anyways.

I realize I am of a minority who can live and let live. The majority get an idea in their heads and feel since most people are doing it, everybody should be doing it (ergo majority) and like sheep, we should all fall into line with whatever, yet fail to realize that sheep need herding and the power is with the herder..which is now it seems the government or social media, or the village idiot.wpid-20140126200041_wm.jpg

I do not like that immigrants come here and refuse to learn the language and integrate with the American way but reading some of the, to me ugly to America, events of late, I suppose I can not blame them as we seem to accommodate their every need and whine, kissing their proverbial ass in the name of political correctness.

In other words somewhere along the way, expecting others who come to this country and call it home to be open-minded tolerant and cooperative with our culture and customs, for example, learning the language maybe,  is now considered offensive and those who believe it should be so, to be the ugly Americans.

Last May school officials in a California school banned the wearing of patriotic apparel, i.e shirts depicting flags and other patriotic things, thereby restricting the rights of students for free expression, on Cinco de Mayo,  to not upset the Latino students and possibly have the flag of the country we all reside in incite violence.

Um…What the hell?

It gets better because the Federal Court of appeals, upheld the ban.

Recently students of a school in Colorado wanted to include a day honoring America in its Winter Spirit Week and were denied on the grounds that it might be offensive to some.

Id like to know to whom, because on our home turf, there is nothing ugly about being patriotic, nothing ugly about honoring our flag and our heritage nor about being proud to be American. Dammit.

Incidentally, the students protested and the school board reversed its decision.

Those students had the right idea and hit the nail on the head of not allowing the authorities to bully them, restrict their freedoms and reminded us, I should hope, even on a small scale, the power of the people.

Maybe next time someone wants to whine about the government taking their rights, they should read that story and try to remember the government is by the people for the people..

Politically Correct ass kissing is ugly. The level of accommodation afforded those who aren’t even born here and refuse to recognize, nevermind have a bit  of respect for the flag of this great country is ugly.

The fact the rights to free speech and freedom of expression of American citizens are being slowly squelched,  as we point fingers and lay blame elsewhere so as not to be accountable for our own fate, is grotesquely ugly.

The fact its being done to not offend immigrants, many not even here legally and to let them have more freedoms, like the freedom to celebrate a holiday of their home country openly and even embraced by Americans, while we pretend we aren’t on supposed to be patriotic.. disgusts me.

I love America, I respect the flag, the foundation, and I am proud to be an American. This is my home soil and I don’t give a monkeys butt if that offends anyone at anytime. If you aren’t proud to be in this country, taking advantage of our privileges, go home.

If the site of my flag makes you mad. GO HOME.

But again how can I blame you when you are only taking the inch we give, even is it is for a country mile.

The problem is more with what’s going on here than what you take advantage of.

How about to the politicians that think we shouldn’t offend anyone on home soil, even if it infringes on the rights of the citizens of this country, or think we should apologize or bow down to, or kiss anyone’s ass? You were put there by the people with the privilege  to vote, not the ones who you coddle and bow to.

If we collectively pull our heads out of our asses before it is too late, you won’t be there long.

Ugly American?  How about Angry!?

Wake the F*ck up America.
We are the people we have the power.
Be American.


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23 thoughts on “Ugly American?

  1. Americans in plaid trousers being very very loud is a memory for many of us growing up in the UK! You are spot on about idiocy over PC ideas of integration when really what governs all of us is a desire to be happy, healthy and with a bit of luck loved. Too many officials with far too much time to be petty methinks!

    1. The trousers were loud or the blokes wearing them? 😉
      Methinks you are right about officials with too much time to be petty..sadly though they have completely lost sight of how petty their ass kissing makes them. Meh.

  2. I endorse this. I have always been proud of being American, yet not at the expense of anyone else’s pride in their own country or heritage. I was raised around many immigrants, legal and illegal. We helped most all become legal or go home. It seems to me this should still be the way.

    The people have stepped back from the screaming mimi which our government has become. The ones we elect claim their jobs are beneath them and their self-appointed and media-blown-completely-out-of-proportion celebrity. They have the audacity to tell constituents, “You just cannot understand the way it is.” That is false. The constituents do know the way it should be and the way the current politicos have corrupted the system into their own personal playground for wealth and privilege while the constituents sit in front of their televisions and computer screens ranting or cowering in quivering fear.

    I can only hope I am gone from this incarnation by the time the war comes home.

    1. Me too. I think though im gonna run for President. I have no earthly idea about half the crap that goes on but maybe thats what blinds the elected officials to the real world. Not that im so great about the real world but I could run this country somewhere else besides straight to hell… as quickly. I dunno ..something has to give im just will be our freedom and foundation. That wasnt was patriotic 😉

  3. 2014 may be our last chance to regain a government of the people.. To paraphrase Einstein, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’.. Change is desperately needed in Washington, D.C. and in our attitudes toward those whom we put into office. They work for us, not for themselves and not for their particular “party”.. Let’s tell them the “party” is over.. VOTE FOR LEGITIMATE CHANGE IN 2014.. Most “systems” need an occasional flush.. The time is now..

    1. I keep is this happening? Of course we will stop it.. but I do not know that we can. While people are busy drawinh lines in the sand about party and privilige..the very foundation of our country is eroding..i used to wonder how Hitler did what he did right under the peoples noses..not so much do I wonder that anymore.

      1. Some will sell their souls for free (stuff).. That includes Congress as well as the Welfare society that we have created.. That is why they, (the Dems) want the illegals to be legitimized, solely for their vote so that they can remain in power, and it has been said that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (This guy in the White House and his cronies are out to prove that theory) Too many people have become “hooked” on the government as much so as the drug addict. If this current group of miscreants can screw up and piss enough people off before the 2014 elections, then maybe, just maybe the electorate will wake up and clean house.. That is what it is going to take to send the message that they work for us and not for themselves.

  4. Lizzie, You have expressed so well what I feel also…. here in Canada. It is the same. I welcome people of other nationalities and religions, BUT I too feel that our politicians bend over backward to recognize their rights of freedom and want so much to ‘not offend’ them by expressing our Canadian culture. We have some schools that allow some to go to a place in the school and say their daily prayers, while we are not allowed to say the Lord’s prayer as a country based on Judeo/Christian heritage… We use to have a class even when I was in school that was ‘religious education’ and received a small New Testament …. But now refrained from having a Christmas pageant because it may offend those of other countries.

    Some may think that I don’t like people of other nationalities and they would be wrong. I just feel like at the time they apply to come to our country they should on their application have to sign that they acknowledge that they need to accept our ways(.but be allowed of course to live according to their own traditions.)… and if any of them offend them… they will not apply…. or to that effect…. Okay I guess I’ve said enough… Diane

  5. Nice post. I’m proud to be an American but I am continually saddened by the masses. Millions of people watch the Kardashians, TMZ and other nonsense instead of maybe reading a book. It’s sad to me. We are a culture lost, although I’m not really sure we were ever really found. Our political leaders are essentially power-hungry trolls who care nothing about real ideas and real solutions.

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