Wild as the wind on a winter’s day
Sweet as the flowers blooming in May
Looking at life through eyes filled with wonder.
Child, she was grown
Innocent woman given
To him
her body to own
In him belief
Safety always
For him, relief
She was love

Laughter, life
A bubbling brook
Time, attention, touch
All it took
His, she was loyal
He saw
But did not look
The bloom of a rare bud
Innocent joy
Her heart in his hands
Faith was the fire
The light in her eyes
The deep passion burning
The life force sparked
The love felt and given
Forever left their mark

You see her now
Broken by the lies
Tamed by the pain
To suddenly realize
The wind stopped blowing
Passion silently reined
Woman child stopped growing
Faith is no more her knowing
Heart in pieces
Love withers and rots
He gave her forever
Then denied her together
That girl he is wanting
With passion, faith, a child of wonder
He kills her
Locked her away
Watched her wither and shrink
He wants her, she’s gone
And what did he think?
On the bridge by the rail
Damaged cracked empty
Woman telling the child
No such thing as fairy tales
Love asked him
To guard a special heart
Nurture and keep safe
Feed the fire, life force burning
Slowly dying
Near 1000 days been apart
Fuck to love
He wants money
She wants no money
Only love
Maybe without the other
Fabric of fate falls apart
And each most want
is what drives them apart
He an addict wants only false truth to believe
She a lunatic mind wasting
Lost soul, broken heart
No reprieve.


26 thoughts on “Innocent

    1. I love you too. the words are the way my heart has been trampled and kicked (like you dont know.) – but the one side – i found a replacement part and its shiny on that little spot and it will grow..seeing my friends happy and loving and being loved – being with my kids..and my family. its all gonna be ok.. (the truth is in the words and they need to come out. kinda like when sad and starting to tear up.. and you feel as if you start crying the tears will never stop -but they do and its cleansing – the words – are coming.. and i am going to listen. phone is back on. ijs ♥

    1. thanks Diane – had to get away from it for awhile – i am trying to figure out why it is different then other pain before – why i am so..affected – effected ( or both) it is somewhere in grief like stages of the back and forth but the things that trigger it are weirder as the years go by.. maybe ther is such thing as happily ever after – but its like getting pregnant – not a easy as it seems – a crapshoot surely if you don;t get the timeing right – two pwople can be right at the wrong time – then the right time comes and they are with the wrong people – then it is up to the strength of their hearts wehre it will go.. and if one is not strong enough.. both suffer so much.

      or that could be complete crap. i dunno. Any thoughts?

      1. I think when two people get together and plan a life…. it ought to be worth fighting for…. hanging in for…..For the one who is abandoned it’s got to leave feelings of betrayal… (I’m trying to put myself there) ….If two people are right at the beginning… damn it all …they both should invest in staying together…. (this is not taking into account the extreme reasons that it isn’t possible… like abuse etc. of course)

        The pain I’m feeling right now fluctuates back and forth in intensity…relating to our daughter…. not a marriage but some days I can handle it okay and other days like today I was a mess…

        Hope you have some better days my friend…Diane.

    1. good and bad – self revelatory (<<<<—————–i don;t think that word means what i think it means but i am feeling rebellious and am not looking it up – just relying on your abilities to read women or some such ok?) – self knowing – which provides some manner of armor – but still fucking hurts.

    1. like sliding down a razor blade naked into a bowl of salt? oh ouch not that raw i hope –
      thank you – sometimes there is even more to be taken in the healing process of words when we are told our words were effective in whatever way –
      I am not sure yet if i am more tickled i said what an idiot the he is in a fairly intelligent and powerful way – without resorting to name calling lol – or if the reaction helps me feel the weight of the words – and i probably should just …go with it and stop the overthink bus right here… thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. thanks – and im sorry (i think ) you relate – although in a way its good that you know yourself that well.. i dont realize the amount of pain I put in the forming sometimes – sometimes think its a silly little rhyme – don;t see it til I come back later.. and I totally just forgot where I was going with that – ill come back if i remember lol – but thank you for your kind words ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. they are soothing balm to my heart – and I have found that if I use them sparingly they have more weight – on all accounts – power pain – peace..
      Good to see you Frank – Hope you and your family are well.. I was listening tothe handbells the other day – I thought of you.

  1. Hauntingly powerful, and sad, sad, sad… I hope the writing of this pulled out some of what drove you to write it, thus banishing it from you soul…. I really do hope that…. Beautifully done, m’dear….

    1. Hi Ned..I dont know ..I suopose it pulls it out for the time being..I have found it seems to be a bit like pouring off the top..the process is cathartic..relief granted for a while ..but never doez it go away. Neither tho does my joy..
      Im always surprised at how and when things change..ive learned when they chamge to not fight it feel it and when im ready joy or sorrow the words or the art will come and take the pain or bliss..allowing rest from the intensity of the feelings. And that they always return but its like the ebb and flow if the ocean. ..curse are the words I write. Ive been remiss in acknowleding comments but ive noticed your presence. Thank you for the kind words friendship, support and understanding ๐Ÿ™‚ hope you are well ..bright blessings brother. โค

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