The Time has Come the Walrus Said…

To Stand Up and to  Make a Difference.

I thought that time was a long time ago and  isn’t that what we should be doing all the time?

Eh.. well we could go there or we can go on and I think the time has come to move on from things we have not accomplished in the past.

After I dissertate anyways.butterflyquote

Oh, like you didn’t know that was coming?  On you really, but you are here now and I say pull up a chair get comfy and open your mind.  Or don’t.

The choice is yours as always, but I say you are better off staying.  Just my thought.

Let’s move on though because I have finally realized, it is time to say it.  That which I have tried to figure out and formulate for quite some time is finally, at least , comprehensible to me in a way I can not imagine why it wasn;t before, and can only hope I am able to put forth my thoughts in a way that has you saying…

Well .. .. duhhhh.

As if you already thought of that and I am last to know.

Then I know I have started the ball rolling, greased the wheels and there is a chance, we can make a difference for real.

Lately I have been watching things and people and I am filled with an overwhelming sense of… doom.walk away

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I got it now, and while I could enlighten you to the whole damn thing, that’s a lot to expect for one post.

Either in me writing it, expecting you to have the same kind of Holy Enlightening Batman!, kinda moment I couldn’t quite get in months, or in the expectation I will feel like making this a dissertation worthy of some big college degree.


I am tired and do not feel the energy upon me to write that much, although I suspect many of you will have no trouble picking up what I put forth to you, I will start smallish.

It is, as you may have noticed by the banner on my spot here in the blogoshere, Mental Illness Awareness Week, one of my favorite awareness weeks because of my love of words and their meanings and because that is what I think I am supposed to be doing.  Making people aware, educating the ignorant, advocating for those who do not have the same gift as I to put into words what it is like and what it means to try living everyday meaningfully with a serious mental illness

Except I was spinning my wheels and finally got stuck.  Not just me, I think the whole thing has just ground to a halt, and I really hate beating my head against a wall, optimistic or insane, whichever you choose, it just has worn me out.

The ignorant are not paying a bit of attention – that is part of the problem with ignorance.  It is the only state where the need to be right is so much the goal and you cannot help someone see the forest if they only believe there is one tree.

Besides they are too busy sharing crap they don’t understand about life in general or making up crap about life that makes not a bit of sense on Facebook and other social media platforms.

I will get to that later …

not later in a few minutes, later next week or never possibly because I am not sure it is worth wasting anymore time, trying to stop that train wreck.  It is gonna happen.

In other words, my words are nothing but air to the ones who would benefit greatly from their reading.  If they aren’t;t paying attention then how will we ever change the prevalent attitudes of the ignorant and stop the stigma that is so painful and so debilitating, to the mentally ill (among so very many others, groups deemed “different”  – I think picking a cause is starting small but this really applies across the board)

Consider this:

Those of us trying to change the world for the mentally ill. or any group really, are preaching to the wrong choir.

We have been going about it the wrong way.  Even if we could enlighten the ignorant, the thing I see as more of a problem is, especially in the case of those who have bipolar disorder, how the hell can we expect acceptance and understanding, how can we fight for rights and for treatment, when we don’t understand and accept ourselves with the dysfunction and disorder we are told we have, and deep down because of that don;t feel lke we deserve the same rights as those who are “normal”

The key is still education and showing we are the same just different in not so scary ways, the key is still finding the positive and living it, but the lock those keys will open goes to a door not too many have crossed through.

The one of changing ourselves,

That is all we can do, and if we want to be treated better, and want to have things and stop others from belittling and mistreating us, we have to really truly understand ourselves and change our inner beliefs and values…

that bipolar disorder, and smi, any one thing or bunch of things which separate us from the norms of society, have us doubting and feeling terrible about ourselves, our abilities and our future or make us bad people.20130924131633

You can;t let someone love you if you don’t love yourself.

You can;t help someone understand and accept you if you don’t understand and accept yourself.

That is where it is going to change, how to make a difference.

I am done preaching to the ignorant, and trying to change the views of society at large, and going to help those who are so lost and afraid, in the dark of their disorder, find their gifts and live lives with meaning and purpose as we all are intended to do. ‘

We are stopped by being told we can’t , I say we can, maybe not the same way but who the hell cares.  Whoever decided this group of people were, dysfunctional, only looked through the scope of  what is expected of the mentally healthy.  The things that are destructive and undesirable with bipolar disorder, are also amazing if instead of being given a diagnosis and a bottle of pills, someone took the time to show them, you, us, how to harness the power and energy that are absolutely positive..

If you understand them and know how to use them.   bipolar power

It can be done, it is truth and the only way to change the beliefs held for so long that we are less then, is to know within ourselves we are not,   We are more.

We teach people how to treat us, we can;t teach them to treat us better, until we know we are worthy of it.  We won’t see we are if no one will show us that what they shove down our throats about bipolar disorder, is crap.  There is truth to what they say, no doubt but there is also light they deny exists.

I think the slogan for the week should be..

It Starts in Me..

Just an idea.

Maybe that ought to be the motto for life.  Because everything, when we remember that we can not change others, and we teach others how tp treat us, everything we want, no matter what our circumstances, starts within.   That’s where if we make a difference, we will see the effects around us.

What do you say?

I say, to your Mental State, whatever it may be..  because this was indeed a moment worthy of it, no?


19 thoughts on “The Time has Come the Walrus Said…

  1. I don’t know why some people choose to be horrible to any given illness, and it doesn’t always follow that the persons being funny are any different to those that are deemed mentally healthy; they are just rotten to the core, and rather sad individuals. What is the reason why positivity cannot be harnessed for everyone, instead of that horrid and ugly negativity creeping in where ignorance lives?

    We should all step back from our high pedestals and see everybody, treat everyone the same, no injustices, no discrimination, and you are right Lizzie this train of thought has to begin with us, and I quote you on this one because in reality ‘It Starts In Me’ and that my sweet friend is a truism.

    Have a lovely day today Lizzie 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  2. Hi Lizzy! 🙂

    I agree very much with your thoughts on the matter.

    People assume I am delusional or a fantasist when I mention my mental health issues because they see ‘Paranoid Schizophrenia’ and assume we’re all knife wielding maniacs out to slaughter everyone in sight!!! 😦

    They then assume everything I say is a fantasy and you can see the door in their mind slamming shut… 😦

    I have friends who are bipolar and they get on with life, usually medicated and stable, but I have lost count of the number of times I’ve had to provide them with tea and sympathy because they have suffered at the hands of others ignorance.

    Sometimes talking works, but sometimes the best thing for them is to know that they are not alone! 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!


  3. OH Lizzie!
    Love your Blog! Thank you for stopping by Little Recovery Blog and the Link share on your blog. I will add your blog link to my Post 🙂
    Thanks for a very Powerful & candid post. God Bless
    Author, Catherine Lyon

  4. People living with mental illness are so very often so hard on themselves… I think at least for me I felt guilty and there are those that let us feel like that ….somehow that we are less of a worthy person because of our condition…. You’re just at a place right now where you’re just so tired of it… Be kind to yourself Lizzie … You are so much very more than your illness. A sensitive caring and right now feeling very vulnerable I think… take care.. Diane xoxo

    1. I do think much of the inner turmoil comes from.the fact we are different ans within the general population..we.atick out glaringly as.the things needed to be “normal” are.where our disfunction lies many times.. the problem is we are told.we.are.less.than for.not.being a standard we are hold to and not recognized for the things.that are special and ..failure is the warm.fuzzies.of.succeeding elsewhere.. I once told someone.. I ha e bipolar.disorder and.ehen they gave me.sympathy I said ya know its not all bad.. therr are gifts and light.. he asked me what I cohld be thinking..there is nothing good about it..

      I think what is.hardedt is not the ignorant.opinion.. I know I am not a monster I kbow I am better then they think..I know I have a light brighter then most to shine on the world
      I no.longer care how they say it or what specifically they say..I know myself ok with things..

      What is so hard to swallow is ..the fact I do noy judge peolke by their afflictuons or anything much exfeot their humaness..I do not discoubt anyone withut oersonal exoerience with them..not hearsay

      And all I want for me..the others who are mentally ill..sick..differebt race culture rekigion sexual preferences whatever isnt acceptable to siciety at large is to be treated in return with the humanity and tolerance I allow to others. I no lomger suffer so badly from feeling down on myself becauwe the things u cant do..I looked at and found what I can. I rarely have situational depression anymore..mostly just organic and it has made a differnce in how I perceive life.. we are all worthy and I resoct my fellow man from the get go til they show me they arent up to having it.. I am tired of bei bf discoubted and blown off for no other reasi. Then so many people hear bipolar and think that is synonomyous with subhuman. Thats.what hurts and we are all gifts..and no one has thw righ to decide we arent worthy of politeness or regard.

      Off.the soap box.

      Thanks Diane. 🙂

  5. Beautiful Moment, m’dear…. clear as the air after a rain, an excellent lead-in for the week, and asking the right questions to get the “normals”, (whoever they are… 😉 ) thinking, or at least give them a new perspective…. Blessed Be, milady…. BTW, how goes the Empressing of the Universe business?…. I’m certainly glad to be well clear of it…

    1. ahhh I had to shout OFF WITH THEIR HEADS – too many times because it is back to that who their? Ginger is keeping it together – i just go to the parties..sit and look pretty for pictures 🙂 occasionally pull the crazy card to divert attention away from the hot issues -i have become quite skilled at head spinning from 0 – 15 revolutions per second in 2 seconds flat.. just for fun.

  6. Yay Lizzie! Yes it does start with each one of us. I know I understand and am so much more enlightened about bi-polar than I ever was before I met you. Your words are making a huge difference, they really are!

    1. I am glad – I started to wonder..i feel like I am supposed to be here but not how to do what i think i want to do..and i am a little that a word? by the way my voice has i have changed – losing some of the happy optimism – and looking for my funnies hahah.. People surprised me with their support and kindness..and I needed that to have the strength to go on because they also shocked me – not the same people – for the most part anyways with their cruelty nd lack of concern for anyone else… i had to see it …experience it to believe it..and much as i know the opionion of the small minded and scared little .um..(pick a noun) does not mean a hill of beans in the big picture of my self worth – i was not ready for how ignorant and hateful some people are based on wrong information you think it would out them as fools that someone would set them straight – but it doesn’t happen. so I was disillusioned and didn’t want to write, then had to write or lose my mind ,now I say what i want for the most part.. i had to think for awhile before turning it around because at first i was mad as hell and i wanted to say thing in a way that clearly said to the irgnoramus – your are mud under the slug smeared on the bottom of my shoe… but see that made me no better.. so.. its been a process of the Mental Moments of love and warm fuzzies to bitter cynicil crap..and i think i am maturing (DONT tell lol) just enough to know I have to be cautious but I can still with rules – if you know what the consequences are – the possible outcomes then you make a conscious choice and are able to accept the outcome – going in blind is when people get hurt.. bsck to the point – thanks for saying i make a difference. you helped me by caring – its huge. Thank YOU 🙂 Lots of Love

    1. thanks Val – really .. 🙂
      i think there is a reason i left my comments for awhile – i am all sappy happy and feeling warm and fuzzy – maybe i didnt even know i knew i needed some encouragement but instinctively headed here.. been thinking bout ya. arent we like one state apart? we should travel east together lol.. I won’t act crazy unless you are bored.

  7. I know it starts with me. You change the world one moment at a time. You changed me by bringing butterflies back into my world. This is a terrific moment. Not to mention the fabbo reference to one of my favorite stories. (Shoes and ships and ceiling wax and cabbages and kings).

    My voice may be awful, but I am definitely in the right choir.

    I love you. xxx

    1. 🙂 I am a bit verklempt today – thought i was solid but I am trying to catch up on my comments..and i am here and i think i will stay here for awhile – sometimes i forget that I have something to bring to the table – other times i am all that and a bag of chips i know.. lol..ok not so much but one reason i keep to myself a lot is because i think somewhere deep down it is hard to get rid of the ..feeling of being the less than, the burden, and also cause i can’t get the then and thans right sometimes but you know that lol..the —its stupidity actually -i have come to the place i still have a gazillion things to say but no real need to say them to anyone but a few i want to share my joy and sorrow and theirs as well. .maybe its just recently since i am discovering all my peculiar little habits.and .maybe i dunno but or just something i havent looked at for awhile – and we have talked about it too..but – i know you wrote this a while ago – eons i think..but i needed to read it today. I love you …thank you for reminding me ..that i am adored in kind..and not as much the pain in the ass i think sometimes i must be…I am so much bigger 😀 31 days left in this year.. I have big plans for next year. What were we doing a year ago this month ???- we have come a long way – if you turn it over and look at it from just the right angle lol.. i am starting to feel a little nauseous don;t know why i am so fingers are flying on their own – have you seen my brain i may have accidentally flung it your way and i don;t know my own strength -til you showed me.
      <weepy puddle of sappy … love and …stuff. ♥

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