Love is Love..

How many different kinds of love are there?love

You think many from growing up when you were told at every turn, typically after questioning why you felt the same way about your Great Aunt Gertie as you did your favorite stuffed animal? Or why mommy and daddy kissed but you weren’t supposed to kiss your brother/sister/cousin/insert relative here like that because it was love yes, but different and we don’t kiss our relatives like we saw mommy and daddy kiss each other.

Well I love them why not. ?  Not that it occurred to me to ever kiss anyone of the above like that because I didn’t know mom and dad kissed with more than their lips for

  1. 1. a very long time as in older and
  2.  ewwww.  how does that say I love you? from a child’s view.

This has been bothering me greatly of late.  Because I think it’s baloney.  Bullshit, hooeyt , some crap told to us to make sure we showed love appropriately and did not leave out anyone from having love of some sort or other.  Everyone is loved by someone they don’t have to be loved by everyone even a little. wpid-IMG1517-picsay.jpg

I have seriously been stuck in a great vortex of wanting to believe life is all that i thought when i trusted everything and too many people.. to feeling duped, disappointed, sometimes lost in the senseless ness of trying to figure out who they really are.  You know like the THEY that say….  it is what it isn’t but we should believe because they say it is so.  TheY

Where are they anyways ? Is it like the great curtain of Oz?
Or more maddening if you think too long.. the Matrix? We could be in the Matrix you know. It’s a crapshoot and I am gong to let that one lie a while because it could get us lost and i have a point I want to make,

Its important and I think we have been misled. In oh so many ways but today, its love that bothers me. It always has but I repeated what I was told, like we all did,

“there are different kinds of love”

But they feel the same to me. I love you means I love you. It’s that simple to me. Why do I have to explain I love you like a sister or brother or mom or dad. like my child.. my dog, George.. love is love is Love.

The difference is how we express it and are taught what is the right way and the wrong way. according to them. ya know the THEY
Its still love.
Let’s for the sake of keeping it nice not speak  of  and know pediphiles are not included in this discussion because if i do not disclude them it will be taken wrong. I do not condone nor have I ever thought touching a child as if they were adult is acceptable. Ever. It’s not love its sexual and sex and love are different.
But because of the way I am going to put this out there someone will think i am saying its ok and i am nipping that one in the bud..or kicking you in the butt if you really believe after reading my blog for so long or even just today, i would at all stick up for a pedophile. I’ll get more into it later but for now –

we are speaking of adults and relatives and typical love attraction and straight up doinking, Sorry if that word bothers you, I like it, the way it rolls off the tongue. and the look of surprise i get too when I say it.
Anyways, love feels the same as love feels.
I cant kinda love you or sorta a little. I love you or I don’t. it is or it isn;t and it usually happens pretty quick. I can I think honestly say.. love has never grown on me. It has deepened grown and changed but it started out love. I have put a lot of thought into it. Really.

Don;t you wonder where I have been?
Never mind. I know the answer.
It’s ok really cause i have been all over the place. I am mad as hell at them.. but they wont win.
Love is the answer and the key.

we are taught at a young age, proper ways to express love, taught its ok to tell someone

i love you but not like that.

wow that feels better than I don;t love you? Show of hands please? yea it still feels like your mom said you could keep your dead goldfish and pretend he is still swimming happily cause you loved him so much.

Then we are taught about sex and that is what mucks the whole frigging thing right the heck up.PicsArt_1372992655682
I am trying to retrain from f bombing though i feel strongly, I am saving it for some other rage or rant,
or happy bit of conversation about the bullshit we got shoved down our throats for whose benefit? Them? The mysterious They.

While I agree and believe that two people who love each other very much can show their love through ..doinking. Love is not required for the act to be committed and that is where we are all getting messed up with what is right not right and all the different kinds of love there are that boil down to really just love.  Incsidentally for arguments sake I think thats where pedophiles get messed up too. they equate sex and love.. im not an expert nor defending just saying…making sex about love fucked up a lot of people .. i mean confused.

Loving another that you are attracted to naturally leads to thoughts of physically expressing that feeling. I think.
We are, some of us huggy touchy feely kissy a little sometimes over the top, by i dunno whose standards. I would guess the person you are expressing love too sometimes.

Men love men but there is a limit. Like brothers. And you can smack their ass on the football field. But a man who openly proclaims his love and that love includes physical attraction.. oh hell no? Why not? It’s not natural you say? Really? Why cause they said?

Women the same we can love each other but to want a love that is deeper like that of the man and woman who express their love that
way.. or we just think a chick is hot and want to see what its like, more common in women than men, at least openly expressed.. it’s not natural?

Oh but its more accepted then men … why? Does anyone know? Or have the right to say they do?
History tells a different story ya know. No the naysayers can not point and say they were heathens, uneducated degenerates.

Greeks, Romans, civilized nations… but what did they know, we know better. Or they say we do.

Whatever. Love is love.
What made me think like this was the capacity i have to love one person the same as the next.. you think it’s not possible? It is.
I love someone for who they are..not what body or life they are in.. and it confused me for a while but it makes sense. I am capable of feeling emotion from one extreme to another and loving with great capacity.. I can love who and how and when I feel like it. I’m already not on the;  we feell comfortable with you around list...ask if i care what you think about feeling love for someone society says i shouldn’t feel.

Not you as in all you.

You the they – figure who they are.

Love is love, the only thing within it is depth of connection. Sex is just added to make it shameful to want to have sex at all. Again I blame the Catholic Church and I have yet to be stricken down for it. So there. Sorry if you are Catholic I mean no offense to you. It happened a very long time ago.

My little aha moment wasnt some big coming out. It’s just a thought. I am still who i am and feel the way i do. I just know I am capable of love some people will never understand. Just love like it is. Not this kind or that right or wrong. I love and I am. Here’s another secret I know about what they say..PinQuotes_Android_App_423379

You can;t fix me. Because I am not broke.
More on that next time.
I love you. Except the guy who tortured me in grade school then wanted to sleep with me in college. I don’t love you much at all.
Just saying. besides him I’ll kiss every last one of you to prove it.

Let Them just try and stop me.





26 thoughts on “Love is Love..

    1. Thank you. And that is one of the gifts we have. To love completely..and if we accept we. Deserve the same .. we are golden. You know I meant by not. BEing broken.. we arent all. I think we have been duped my friend. Love is the beginning can someone witgh the ability to understand love as it broken?

  1. If you’re talking about love that crosses bounds of gender, or (legal) age, or that kind of thing, then yes! I completely agree with you. People should be allowed to have a relationship with whoever they want, as long as that person agrees to.

    But for love in general, there are definitely some people I love more than others, and none to the same degree I love my wife.

    1. I get that but its love ..just deeper with a greater bond..not really a different type of love is it? You more and deeper but love is love …can u kinda love someone? I love your wife too btw sorry Guap that was a perfect setup. I love you both and the love you two.have is unparalleled by .. I forgot what tbat word meant..its one of the great love stories and it was your post ablut how you love her that I started following you. What diff does that make? I dunno im just feeling it all today. Its nice ive been in the dark and I feel like its gonna be ok.

      1. It’s always great to see you, and it seems like your google+ is also gettingsome traction!

        I think just acknowledging the degrees of love makes them different kinds of love, because love is about the feeling and the strength of the feeling.

      2. I think you are right. Love does grow stronger but it cant be where it isnt ..for me anyways .. I miss you. I havent forgotten and ill be around soon. Been having a hard time . Its alnost over ..

      3. Lol thanks. Im always here too.. hi works and better at it too. Lots of news.. say hi to your girl for me.. ..see how I did that? 😉 your girl my crush lol. Muah! For you.both see I told you id kiss everyone.

  2. Love, I love loving but boy it can get confusing. When you love someone who turns out to be some one you didn’t know he was or what he presented himself to be, but you look at him and he still looks like the person you love. It can really F you up.

    As always Lizzie; you made me think.
    Great post!!

    1. Thanks. I have decided that too much of the angst and caused by feeling something or being someway that we are told early on is wrong. I want to talk to the “theys ” who.think its their place to put us somewhere we wouldnt need to be.. if you see one can you let them.kniw id like a word. I think its time to get the personal.freesom and free will we are born with. I am tired of feeling wrong or less then because of some crap we are told is true. Muah! Theres your kiss too!!

  3. Love is not defined by anyone other than those involved, only them. I love you, is expressed appropriately only when both or all parties involved are comfortable in its expression (not talking about pedophiles here). No outsiders are allowed to condemn the expression. Society has warped badly our definitions and now we are afraid to say, “I love you”, to the ‘wrong’ people and to express our ‘love’ in the ‘wrong’ manner, for fear of rejection by the people we love and by society.

    It is so sad and it stifles our humanity.

    This was so good.

    1. thanks – stifling of our humanity is such a perfect way to say it. it isn’t only here.. and I wonder who decides ? a hurts my head to tell you the truth but deciding to thumb my nose at “them” helps cept im still curious. I have a theory but it isnt all that appropriate here lmao..but i’ll tell ya later. ❤

  4. Love your last words, Lizzie – & love your love 🙂

    I agree love is love. I’ve often thought ‘Imagine after all I’ve lived & experienced, if I loved a woman the way it’s common I “should” love a man…. and then the government said I can’t marry her’. I have often thought that, & totally don’t get it.

  5. Lizzie… beautiful post… I am reminded, for some reason, of a story about John Lennon, who also had some things to say about love (“Love is all you need…”, etc….) He used to tell this story about himself…
    “When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy.” They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

    I think you do… and so do you… 😀 Luv ya, kid… Blessed Be…
    Ned, aka, gigoid…

    1. I have that very quote printed out and glued on my journal.. it is perfect. I think i am waking up to realize.. so many things. Sometimes I have a little wistful thought if only I had figured it out sooner all those years of being lost and feeling damaged..but they are part of why I am happy now.. so I will keep being happy..and the rest will be what it will be. Bright Blessings 🙂

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