As if Birds With the Freaky Eyebrows Weren’t Enough… Now It’s Candy, and I am a SUCKER!

First we had Farmville and all its similar time suck cousins.

Frontierville, Petville, I don’t know what I am Playingville.


I quit those when I started using my debit card to buy Farm Cash.  Yes I know, I am not proud of that but there it is.

Then, came the Angry Birds.

Angry Birds

If you have been with me here for any amount of time you may know if my extreme aversion to those angry birds with the freaky eyebrows.  I had the regular game, Rio and Space all installed on different phones at various times, and inevitably got stuck on one level or another for enough time I finally gave up.

I am pretty persistent, or you may say a glutton for punishment if you know how many weeks, yes sometimes months i would play the same level over and over and over and …  you get what I am putting out there?

I finally got over my Angry Birds thing when, in the grocery store, I felt compelled (I didn’t give in mind you) to throw the stuffed birds they had of the freaky little eyebrows, at the displays to see if I could knock them down.  After putting a few of the stuffed evil pigs underneath.  In other words, make it real and show them I had the skill to get the damn pigs in less than three birds and stop the madness.

No, I don’t know who them is.   I just knew it was time to quit.

My life since then has been much calmer, and I almost forgot about the birds.   The fad of the game didn’t fade as quickly as I had expected, there are still Angry Birds why the hell did they make that items to be found, but I have let it, and my obsession go, also avoiding any requests to play anything on Facebook as well as pretending I don’t even know about the game section on G+.

I hate video games.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for them. People playing them does not bother me.  I will never judge you for spending time shooting birds at pigs or growing cupcakes on a cartoon farm.  That is good clean fun and a great way to kill some time.  Evil pigs too actually.

One of my favorite kid movies at the moment,  I just watched the other day,  is Wreck it Ralph, based on characters in video games and I thought it was fantastic.

I just can’t play them.  From Pong,  to Angry birds, and most of them in-between, there is only so far I can go before I am stuck and then overcome with frustration to the point of obsession.   The point I get stuck at is usually some ridiculously low-level I won’t even say.  My kids usually can double it in half the time.

I am starting to think this is like childbirth.  You just plain forget.  every. single. time.

Or gambling maybe.  The next game will be the one, I just feel it.


Ok, Insanity.  I don’t know and don’t really care at the moment as I have found a new game to hate, after getting suckered into it by my mother.  It was an accident, I don’t blame her at all.  I am just telling you, it was to help her out of the lemonade lake or something, I gave in and started to play the latest.

Recognize this?

candy crush
this is an actual screen shot from my phone. Just saying.

This my friends is Candy Crush.  Play on Facebook, get the app for your smart phone and sync them.

And then be prepared to enter candified sugar rush …hell.  I almost wish for the birds back.

I started a few weeks ago.  I am on level 29.

<<—–  that is level 29.  Notice at the bottom I have 16 moves left.  I started with 60 and the got to add three more thanks to the generosity of Facebook friends.

The object of this level is to clear all the jellies and as you can see I have 7 left with 16 moves and I did not clear them.  Again.  You wanna know how many I had left?

One.  One stupid blob of jelly and I have to start the whole blasted level all over again.

In case I forgot to mention.  I got to level 29 in the first day of playing.  I have been on it for over two weeks now, giving it a go at least once, usually 10 times a day, vowing to delete the damn game if I don’t get past this level today.

When I started, My mom was on level 37, stuck.  My daughter had not begun to play, she started a couple of days after me and is well ahead of me by 10 levels.

So the other day I was lamenting about how I could not get past the stupid level 29 still and my mom says,

wait til you get to level 65 it’s really tough.

If I had one of the stuffed Angry Bird toys I might have thrown it in her general direction.  Not at her of course, just a warning shot, which gets me wondering…

What if the Angry Birds and the candy teamed up?

That might be something I could get into.

For now I am a sucker stuck in a land of candy treats without sticks.  They wouldn’t fit in the blobs of jelly I guess.  Wish me luck.

Lizzie Cracked never broken



Pre posting update..  Guess what?  I am STILL ON LEVEL 29!!!!


16 thoughts on “As if Birds With the Freaky Eyebrows Weren’t Enough… Now It’s Candy, and I am a SUCKER!

  1. This is hilarious. I could never get into games. Remember Pac Man? Couldn’t get interested. Got stuck on Solitaire though forever…until I won about a hundred times. Now I’m out of the game playing.

    1. I never got PacMan.. the ghosts always got me and Solitaire..well different objective, no not really, I have won maybe three 4 times EVER..I like Spider Solitaire though. Couple years ago I had an app that kept track of how many times I played .. it was enlightening. I think I will stick to board games lol. 🙂

  2. I can’t play those games ever since I got addicted to Farmville! The hours it ate up were just too many to be honest about, and I wasn’t socializing anymore. (Not that I’m a big socialite). I got over my addiction and have steered clear of invitations since then, knowing I could spend more hours playing them than I would doing something else I could be productive about. This is a hilarious post, Lizzie, I know just where you’re at!

    1. Thanks Gail. I ALWAYS TOLD MYSELF oops sorry bout the caps.. I was being productive I was growing crops and animals right? Lol. Stupid farm gold or cash .. cant get it with shelling out some real green.. I dunno how anyways..

  3. I am a junkie. All non-social games. I do not ask my friends to play. I play alone to get away from everything else. Most days it works to keep me from being homicidal. Good luck with the blobs.

    1. Jelly..they are well formed jelly..oh I called them blobs didnt I? That is another frustrsting aspect to get on a roll and be stopped short by having to ask friends for unlocking things eh..annoying at the very least.

  4. I only play one game. Love it, it amuses me. It is somewhat social but outside of Facebook. The rest of them? No, can’t be bothered.

    This was funny though, how well I remember this addiction.

    1. I thought I kicked it.. just when I thought I was out…to make matters worse M Magpie went to see her farm amd so many nest ne things I’m not gonna be a farmer I’m not! Or atnleast notnone witu a debit ca d handy. As long as I keep it down to one at a time I can manage.. kinda..

  5. LOL Lizzie! I don’t know what I’m playingville! ahahaha! That’s me. I’m raising my right hand and/or swearing on a stack of bibles (should we really be swearing around the bibles?) that it took me 45 minutes to go around Mario Cart one lap! And my eyes were watering and watering, it’s like they were trying to water the electronic grass I was stuck in for 45 frigging minutes. I have never played anything again. It’s embarrassing for poor ol’ Peanuts! But I’m rooting for you with the candy game! Go Lizzie!!

    1. I dont know uf we use the gregory version ones we could possibly slip a swesr or fivr in? I’m happy to report I am on level.. 40. But its omly gonna get worse and my mom just sente a majohng game which I do like ….sigh

  6. I recognized in myself the obsessive nature you describe early in life, and chose way back when to use the “ignore it and it will go away” method of dealing with the entire games universe… video, digital, phone app, FB, all of them… Strangely enough, I don’t feel cut off from the rest of my culture, or feel as if I’m isolated because I don’t have ANY levels under my belt, in any game…. but, that’s me….

    BTW…. what’s a G+? Anything to do with G-spots?….

    Glad to see ya over on my site, too, milady… I’ve been down with pain a lot recently, unable to surf WP for long enough to get to all my faves for several months now… it’s all I can do to post my daily dose of stuff to maintain my sanity… But, it’s starting to get some better, so, I’ll be around…. Take care, little one…

    1. Good to see you and I hope each day brings you back to feeling better.. I stsy aw y too but sometimes I get impulsive lol. My saving grace is most time the switch goes off almost as suddenly as it went on so once I am “done” I am .

      G-spots? Lmao now now.. G+ is google plus..googles answer to Facebook and I prefer it actually.
      Bright Blessings brother be well.

  7. Ha ha ha your mom loves to throw those doozies! i was addicted to candy crush untill i needed a ticket inorder to play and i still cant get one! i remember my farm .. when i lived with you that was my main concern… making sure my fake sunflowers didnt die!

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